Tom for his Lemon Snapper with Chilli and Ginger. Each contestant will cook with one of five mystery boxes from a past season – who will be make it through to the next challenge? Best of South Australia Week Photos. Celebrity Chef Challenge 2 – Martin Boetz beat Brent cooking the signature Longrain dish of Eggnet, Pork, Prawns, and Cucumber Relish, Brent receiving 1 hour 15 minutes to make it while Boetz had 45 minutes and spent the first half-hour of Brent’s allotted time helping Brent because he “hates to see someone stressing when it’s unnecessary. Chloe Bowles – Contestant. Just days from the Grand Finale, this advantage will be a game changer.

Billie McKay’s Mystery Box. What’s in the Pot? Marco Week Immunity Challenge. Gary said the sauce of her fish dish was good, with a nice depth of flavour. Poh and Justine both struggled and the judges were shown to have a difficult time deciding. Invention Test 1 – Italian theme using rabbit, chosen by Chris as his reward for winning the Mystery Box Challenge, along with the advantage of having five minutes in the pantry rather than the one minute the other contestants could use to select their ingredients. In the end, Julie was the only contestant who managed to add all the decorations to the dish and Chris was the finalist deemed to have produced the best cake.

Team Elimination – Geni was the teams top performer with most of the guests stating her Fig and Duck Lady Cigars as “the best dish all night”, whilst Andre and Sandra were criticised, Sandra croquembocuhe not aiding enough and Andre for producing the worst epiisode the dishes.

New Orleans Charmed Ambulance Supernatural. Vue de Monde Service Challenge. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved 19 July Weapon of Choice Immunity Challenge.


Best of Week 1 Photos. Great Ocean Road Challenge. Red Team did zucchini flowers with fish mousse,pan-fried Leatherjackets and poached pear with chantilly cream. MasterChef Episode 40 Kira keeps an eye on the contestants’ progress.

One Inch Cube Elimination. MasterChef Australia Series 5 Highlights. Julie won by outcooking finalist Lucas. Dessert Degustation Darren Purchese.

Masterchef Aus 2 – Episode # 67 / Part 1 – video dailymotion

They thought that her creation was like a biscuit and was cakey compared to masterchf other pastries. What’s in masterchdf Pot? After discussion, the judges deemed Lucas, Julia and Julie as producing some of the worst pies in the bunch.

Food Art Week 5. The year-old nutritional coach was eliminated after a bizarre croquembouche pressure test against Colin Sheppard and Jamie Fleming. Benjamin Cooper Chilli Cook Off. It is the semi final of MasterChef Australia On MasterChef Australia, the verdict is in from the judges and who gets the chop.

Eggs, chili peppers, ale, potato, whole red snapper in 30 minutes. George thought it was interesting and tasty.

The Press Club Offsite Challenge. However, only one of them was allowed to compete in the Celebrity Chef Challenge. Ultimately, what Julie had managed to cook coupled with her cook-book idea was enough to save her and Chris was subsequently eliminated.

This extraordinary Croquembouche is the perfect dish for someone who enjoys a challenge in the kitchen. Just days from the Grand Finale, this advantage will be a game changer. Season 10, Episode 59 Today’s elimination challenge will determine who will go into the semi-final. Jamie and Colin struggled with the spun sugar decoration. Best of Grand Finale Week Photos. The Most Memorable Pressure Tests.


Almost all the team, with the exception of Julie voting for Geni and Josh himself voting for Aaron, vote for Josh, sending him home. Immunity Challenge with Jake Kellie. Justine volunteered Lucas to go.

Best Of Week 9. Despite an unsettling start, Poh went on to produce the best dish.

Poh was deemed the best, followed by Chris while Andre and Sam struggled. During this week the judges selected the twenty finalists from the top Food Art Week 7.

The Best Dessert In Australia. Views Read Edit View history. Immunity Challenge with Victor Liong. Pressure Test Elimination masherchef Michelle, Sam and Kate had to follow a basic recipe to cook chargrilled, stuffed squid in their challenge.

MasterChef Australia 6 Recap: Croquembouche Challenge Eliminates Kira Westwick [WATCH VIDEO]

Again, Poh produced the best dish of the three. She was able to see and taste the pressure test dish the contestants will cook in the next challenge and was given the recipe to study overnight. Ben’s Exit Interview Ben shares what surprised him the most about being on MasterChef plus he describes his best moment from the show.

Best Of Week The judges choose to spare Sam and Trevor as the differences between the dishes are too trivial.

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