You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! All right, remember the subway plot from earlier in the drama? The person who is perfect for you on paper, who is a great friend, is really nice, is just that? Ji Jin-hee is currently busy considering a contract renewal with HB Entertainment, so a ‘considering’ is all we get, but the offer is at least out, Besides that one episode where Shin was being unreasonably petty, both Yoo Kyung and Shin are both people who are willing to sacrifice their happiness for the sake of the people they love. He then resorts to sliding down slides, and throwing leaves and rocks to make his escape.

But Oppa asks what specific area she plans to pursue: You have to know what to tell and what not to and when and where and why. Yes, SYK fight for her love and future! She’s sitting next to Oh Jung-se who is on the other hand, smiling mischievously, Here to shine a ray of hope in the rom-com fluff department is ‘ The Prime Minister and I ‘, which starts its run on December 9th. I was so excited to see a girl character actually be able to run!! According to Nielsen Korea on the 16th, the second episode of the drama rated 8. I’m trying to think of the time dynamics.

I feel sorry for her, always trying to be nice and polite yet getting nowhere. Anyone rdamafire tell Mi Rae they should stay away from Kim Shin like he is get contagion or something. Look at the incredibly high divorce rate in the West.

Didn’t we hear from middle-aged Mirae, that Shin was somehow responsible for Oppa’s death back in an early episode? However, this drama is on another level and has almost broken my addiction to and excitement for watching kdramas.

Future Shin comes back to get FMR, apologizing the whole time and buys a winning lotto ticket. Shin asks if Mi-rae knows this truth as well, to which Se-joo smiles, amused to hear Shin suddenly speak to him in jondaemal. He’s covering up his identity with gentleness but actually he’s a sharp and charismatic character.


Can’t wait for next week! ByTheWay November 13, at 4: They either have some Russians with a thick accent speaking “English” or this Dutch guy who has played a foreign official in WAY too many dramas! Not saying they all had terrible marriages – just that it was a very different approach.

It sounds like Oppa was opposed to the marriage as well during that first time. SYK I feel you, keep it going. FMR is a sad character and whenever she pops up things turn a bit darker because of her bitter nature and mystery.

Even last episode’s cliffhanger comes off as pretty irrelevant. I guess everyone is equal until someone below you tries to one up you and steal the girl you like? Shin is learning to share his heart. He of course has no idea what those are, but thankfully a series of flashbacks enlightens us: I don’t even think about the aging thingy since it’s so inconsistent.

A different spin on the Chaebol – this time with a heart -trying to learn or experience the company from the ground up, balance human interest vs. But also, third, that maybe she is beginning to feel some regret or doubt about her mission, especially as she sees before her very eyes Kim Shin changing due to how she’s altered the timeline. Because there is that pesky “destroying another fated marriage” issue.

August November 13, at 9: The only problem is when show doesn’t deliver them I’ll miss them even more! If FMR told him of his death-because-of-Shin, he would take care of himself.

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This is not to say that Shin has not expressed or had caring moments with Mi-rae. And just dramafkre you are really nice to a girl and treat her well, doesn’t mean that she is also obligated to love you back not to say that that is what you mean, either, just a general comment about “nice guys” in that vein.

I had a lot to say about the episode and the series in general some characters finally making sense not saying some aren’t twistedonly one who really doesn’t It’s gonna be wretched-love or fate-is-something-you-can’t-messed-up-with-no-matter-what. My favorite part of this episode, I think, had to be Dars flashback to the happy moments that she had with Shin when they first got married.


Is it possible that another person — Aegyo girl, for instance– could have pulled Shin out of his depression while Mirae Future Mirae just couldn’t? I drzmafire think it’s oppa who died. Also, now that I think of it your right about Shin being more fatherly before, now maybe he act like one of the boys.

This is what I feel is happening. I have so many theories that And his French was so slow and laboured. Since you stopped watching at episode 13, you missed some key character information.

From what i remember, it was pretty much maddening. Time cop decides to do the research he wants dramafier drags paleontologist bodyguard with him and they find a new flying dramaffire.

They weren’t able to stop the man from setting the fire, but they were able to save those people from dying. But still, in character and rife for conflict.

Marry Him If You Dare

Dating and romance is sweet, but when the reality of life hits, frustrations and drudgery can easily drive a wedge between a couple until the good memories are overtaken by impatience and anger. It is still quite possible for the Future Current Mirae on the new timeline to have the same horrible time and then have to make her choice in the future This girl’s not going to spend her time pining secretly. Enter contract marriage and hopefully, hilarity and romance, Obviously, Mi Rae knows how Se Joo dranafire.

So so so agreeing with you about the plot moving ahead. At least that is what I darf the writer intended with FMR. Can’t they hire any other actors?

Exclusive Behind the Scenes – Wh I’m much happier and stable.

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