You will earn Fancy credits when they complete a purchase. Reset Password Enter your email address to reset your password. The seconds hand is a simple black stick that is fairly discreet against the dark backdrop. B utilizes this to create some interesting finishing. Measuring 38 x 42 x The surface of the dial is dark gunmetal grey with a sunburst texture that plays with light.

This makes it a bit annoying for finding replacement or alternate straps, though 20mm ones will likely fit. The geometry is fairly complex as there are many facets and curves all around. While a totally superfluous addition, save that green is the brand color, it simply makes things more unique and memorable. Sign up now Interested in selling? From the textured crown to the green display back crystal, there is something that catches the eye at every turn. Rather than the typical coining one finds on crowns, they machined in a texture of rectangles with small lines running off at angles, which is a motif of the brand. Before diving headfirst into the world of watches, he spent his days as a product and graphic designer.

That said, the lume is pretty insignificant. The mach slide out in a drawer that has a rigid, green felt lined insert that contains each item in a separate space, as well as a pamphlet with some brand details. Look sharp and sophisticated in a grey suit, cool and carefree in black jeans and boots.

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The green line in their logo, and green color through out, is meant to symbolize life, and their commitment to this cause. Though it is a fairly common movement, March LA. The gap acts as a pointer, which is particularly noticeable on the minute hand, as the white marker underneath appears through the aperture.

Your browser is out of date To get the best possible experience using Fancy we recommend that you upgrade watcj the latest version of Internet Explorer or other web browser. By using and further navigating this website you agree that we use cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. The surface of the dial is dark gunmetal grey with a sunburst texture that plays with light. This creates a decorative pattern that distinguishes the crown from the case as well as provides a nice tactile surface to grab.


Join Fancy Fancy is the place to discover and buy amazing things curated by our global community. Zach views watches as the perfect synergy of 2D and 3D design: The strap is also beautifully made and detailed. The sheer scale of the markers makes them very bold, giving the watch a touch of an industrial vibe that speaks to the cars that inspired its design. Share This thing was successfully sent. Additionally, in front of each of the applied markers are thin white, lumed lines that are as wide as the markers.

Inside is a green felt cradle for the watch, which is kept in place with elastic bands, a felt divider and a typical set of sleeves for credit cards, ids, cash, etc… As an extra that is included with the cost of the watch, its pretty great. The sides of the case, from the flat vertical portion to the angled shoulder are fully polished, while the top surface and the angled plane above the lugs are brushed. More social networks New to Fancy?

Reset Password Back to Login. It has a tapering design, starting at 19 and going to 16 at the buckle. However, on the 3rd of each month the date is green.

As expected, it features a date, hacking seconds, hand winding, a power reserve of 44hrs and a frequency of 28, It also has more weight than one expects, or feels as though it does since it is top heavy.

The color is dark and smoky, contrasting the steel case nicely while not being as sharp as black, which is also available. Though 9 is atypical for logo placement, it works on this dial.


March LA.B AM3 Review

By Sean Lorentzen Few other watches in this price range have this level of care and detail put into every facet of their design. B has done a great job at dressing theirs up. By mixing the luxuriousness of gator with the sportiness of a rally strap, the dark, masculine aesthetic of the watch is 337mm.

They also added some aggressive lines and mass to the classic shape in the form of angular shoulders just past the lugs. The dial is simple, yet breathtaking. Log In Interested in selling?

Keeping with the vintage vibe, though perhaps at the sacrifice of practicality, the AM3 features a 19mm lug width. Nothing is haphazard and everything seems to be taken to a logical level of finish.

Fancy – March Lab AM1 37MM Watch

The outer box, which has a black outer sleeve, is made of a black, gloss, lizard skin embossed cardboard that oa surprisingly sexy for a cardboard box. Add this to your website by copying the code below. They are subtle, and easy to look past, but are there should you want a reference.

These provide a bit more emphasis to the hour markers and also glow for low light. B utilizes this to create some interesting finishing. While authentic style gets you a long way, design, finishing and value complete a quality watch. narch

Well-thought out throughout and much praise to its originality. Contact Us General Advertise. While the size is a personal preference, I am confident the watch would work on larger and smaller wrists as well.

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