Tape decks Tuners View All Analog. No need to configure an OSD, bass management, etc. Marantz claims these are designed for optimum connectivity with a wide variety of speaker cable terminations but I think the real reason they use them is they look so cool. Only top shelf parts are used throughout the design including an oversized VA toroidal transformer wound with OFC Oxygen Free Copper , thick extruded aluminum heatsinks to cool the output devices, huge power supply capacitors hand wired with thick twisted pair cabling rather than soldered into a PCB board and trace routed, 5mm thick solid aluminum top panel for increased rigidity. Yes, my password is: It features an honestly rated amplifier section capable of doubling power into a halving load impedance as you will see in my test results.

There is a preamp out feature which activates the analog pre-outs of the PMS3 in case you decide to hook up a more powerful dedicated amplifier to use the 11S3 as a dedicated preamp only. Front panel cosmetics are as advanced as the circuitry behind them. And aural capability beyond your expectations. According to Marantz, the dual structure of a voltage amplifier and power-buffer amplifier is derived straight from its powerhouse MA-9S2 amp. Of course, one person’s neutral treble is another person’s bright, dark, hot, rolled off etc. But the strongest initial impression I had with the PMS2 was an imposing sense of weight and control.

Some amps just know how to make an entrance. A styling exercise worthy of Saul Marantz himself, the PMs2 Reference Series integrated amplifier’s beauty is far more than skin deep.

Marantz PM-11S2

McGruderDec 22, Can Bi-amp Transformer Type: Now you can have your audiophile two-channel and multi-channel cake and eat it too! With performance directly traceable to the cost-no-object SC-7s2 Reference Series preamplifier and MA-9s2 monoblock power amplifier, this stunningly functional component combines advanced circuitry and hand-selected parts to virtually define sonic truth. Additionally, there are dedicated input buffers on all line inputs. I think the Marantz reference sound is more body in the midrange, and a more delicate, grainless and eeference sounding treble.

Signal traces, the copper “roads” that carry current, are far wider than convention dictates. Even when Kissin begins hammering the keys in the upper octaves the concert grand seems to back off dynamically, reducing integgated explosiveness of the performance. Marantz has been an audiophile favorite for more than half a century. How much does that integrated cost?


I would definitely listen to the KI Pearl before buying the Ampilfier 11 s – not only is that amp more than 1 grand cheaper, it is also due to it’s limited edition character the better investment – and some say the Pearl sounds even a bit nicer than the S 11, but that is nitpicking and depends also on your speakers and the synergie between all components.

Acoustic and electric bass were tight and controlled—perhaps not down to the subterranean levels that some higher-powered amps can reach, but awfully impressive for an integrated that clocks in at a hundred watts. The bass is detailed, effortless and authoritative, which was a very evident improvement once I introduced MA-9S1 monoblocks.

MARANTZ Model PMS2 Integrated Amplifier | Solid state | Audiogon

It features a good rrference fashion Class AB amplifier design with a linear power supply. McGruderDec amplifierr, Pros Looks that could kill Excellent fidelity Unparalleled build quality.

Acting collectively, they block the electrical maraantz returning from the speakers. The chassis also features a dual layer bottom panel for additional strengthening, while all internal chassis surfaces are copper plated for maximum resistance to RF and electrically induced interference. The phono input, ready for both MM and MC phono cartridges, boasts full constant current feedback topology implemented with discrete device. One thing for sure – they are very marangz – I kust came across a group test of 4 great amps in the 4 to 6 Grand range with in depth electronic testings in a special lab and the Marantz was not among the strongest but among those 2 amps that were perfectly stable all the way down to 2 Ohm loads, so you can drive any speakers ever build incl.

Subsequently, it looks Brand New. I was interested to see how the 11S3 behaved in this regard.

Tape decks Tuners View All Analog. I am interested in this integrated amplifier, but will not have a chance to audition it amolifier a few weeks. Solid state Tube View All Integrateds.


Marantz US | PMS2

You’ll also be happy to note that the display is a low noise LCD that exacts no performance penalty as it keeps you informed about the PMS2’s operation. SamSDec 21, I hope this helps you somewhat as to what you can expect. Schottky barrier diodes in the rectifier section provide high instantaneous current capability and quicker response than conventional circuit elements.

I don’t think any of my 3 sources with balanced outputs are true balanced design well, my phono pre-amp maybebut my amp definitely is.

Rererence is just a plain two-channel analog integrated amp meant to do one thing, deliver pristine analog audio. You may like one of these similar items: Sorry, this listing has ended. P-m11s2 covered by an aluminum case, and mounted to the chassis on its own 10mm-thick aluminum base, this multiple-secondary device weighs The Marantz PMS3, like its predecessors, is as much of a work of art as it is a high-end component.

The build quality is first rate, and the input selectors and volume attenuators have a very heavy, but silky feel.

The PMS2 sounds authoritative and is able to reconstruct lower-pitched instruments with ease. I would agree that the Marantz Reference sound is “warm” in the context of typical solid state. No need to configure an OSD, bass serifs, etc. The technology of keeping balanced the whole signal chain sounds appealing, but I’m not certain what the audible benefits sound like. With the ability to “double down” power into low impedances, the PMS2 often surpasses the speaker control capability of so-called “super amps”.

Pm-1s2 aural capability beyond your expectations. Baron Von TalbotDec 21, A system seems to come to attention in its presence; loose bass firms up into authentic timbres and impactful pulses and resonances.

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