I was not in a mood to fight but there was no way I was going to let another girl dance on my dance. I greeted the uncles and they told me I have grown. I am naughty but smoking weed has never been my favourite hobby. Only two or three if not four. You are still alive? We know our mothers opened legs and fathers inserted their mrengerenges and dicklets and we were the end products. How often do you see fat guys crying?

I called JT to tell her what happened at the cemetery. Obakeng punched JT so hard I felt my saliva go dry. My mom was addicted to vaginal friction. How often do you see fat guys crying? They were taking videos of that guy talking. Tears started flowing on my cheeks. The timing was bad but I would have done the same.

Those who tried to help him were also beaten. I heard rumours of doctors chowing nurses during night shift. She was behaving like a high school kid who just broke virginity by a popular boy at school. That is why our funerals have so much drama.

He managed to put a smile on my face. He left the flat without saying bye. There were two cars with the registration numbers of North West province at the gate. I wondered which relative gave away the secret. I took a zoomed look at them and my little brother was a carbon copy of that guy. The rest come back with unfathered kids and phuza faces.

I was getting tired of the Maite bitch getting compliments left right and centre. We choose not to follow the prescription because we feel we owe those people something because of what they have done for us. I gave her directions to the nearest church. But coming to think of it, Maite was never normal. There was no way I was going to tell her Joseph gave me a lift to Limpopo.


She ran to me and blocked my way. Did your parents bribe God to keep you alive?

I stood up and showed them the door. We both know you want it. They could see the PK was on a war path.

I decided to put on earphones and listen to beautiful music.

Ja neh, if you want to see how angry a mother can be mess with her children. We know we insulted your family and we are here to apologise. Recent Post by Page.

I smiled and laughed at the same time. She mqkhwapheni messing with the wrong person. Your miscarriage was probably triggered makhwpaheni stress. See more of Team-Richy on Facebook. Girls with low self-esteem are funny.

He was pointing at a new PlayStation 4 that his father….

Diary of a Side Chick – Makhwapheni Episode – Lesego Maake

I had a mild pain between my legs but it was better than the one I was feeling in my heart. Your email address will not be published. That pastor guy was going to spoil things for you.

All I wanted to do was to thank him personally for amkhwapheni there for me when people who were supposed to help me chose to ignore my calls. The dreadlocks guys laughed again. Primary Menu Skip to content.

Diary of a Side Chick – Makhwapheni Episode 423

Imagine you are busy getting chowed by a delicious Venda dick and someone throws themselves in without knocking… Nxa. The sangoma started making those scary noises that Nkabinde does on Isibaya. Mpho came back with drinks. The way she rpisode it…She made it obvious she was a regular. I felt like he was literally insulting me. I am the sexually naughty type lol. The minute we got in the car I asked him about the girl.


One thing men must learn about us women is we love attention and a man who pays attention.

Diary of a Side Chick – Makhwapheni Episode 453

As if losing a husband was not enough, I lost the only thing that would be my connection to Mpho. I felt like those wives who are left behind while the husband travels the world with a side chick. My mom carried my bag and we headed to her car. When he went in and out I squirted again and found myself pinching him all over his body. Family members will keep a secret for years and only ejaculate it the day the owner of the secret dies.

It was a sob of joy. She kinda had some lesboness in her. People were acting without thinking. I directed him to my bedroom. Ka zwakala kaosane to support you. I wanted to fix myself before heading to OR Tambo. There is a kid behind me.

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