Shaun Majumder, one of Canada’s best known comedians and performers, longs to give back to the small Newfoundland coastal town where he was raised. It’s a community of souls, hard-pressed to find opportunities and hope for its next generation. Episode 7 Building the Gathering Shaun organizes a huge group hike through a trail he cut himself. This past Monday’s episode was the best yet! How are you spending your Sunday?! Shaun organizes a huge group hike through a trail he cut himself. Why you should watch the Oscars, True Detective and more!

A fantastic plan, but can Shaun pull this off armed with just his zodiac and a few volunteers? After years of dreaming, and months of hard work and high hopes, the Burlington, NL native will put his hometown on the map in a major way. Meanwhile Peter struggles to assemble the house, and move it, with little time and less help. Canadian shows out there that are representing NFLD. You see, in Burlington there are no hotels or restaurants. Season 2, Episode 8 August 12,

I don’t want the “Manor” to go all “Hollywood” before it’s even built!

Among the hardest rock in the world, actually. Am beginning to wonder if Majumder Manor is ever going to get built though.

Season 1, Episode 7 February 18, With his architects in place, Shaun and his team begin the process of designing the state-of-the-art hotel. And if people really want the true Newfoundland experience, why would they even expect fancy food? Sea and be Scene. For more information visit www.


What is Sea and be Scene? Love it when a Canadian stays true to his roots and love that Shelby has learned to love the home town as much as Shaun does. The show documents all the fun – from the concept to the creation – all of Majumder’s plans to revitalize the member community with Season 2, Episode 5 August 5, A harried Shaun organizes a three-day event that features top chefs his favorite musical acts.

Shaun needs to amp up the construction phase for the tents with more and more tourists showing up in Burlington, but it’s in serious doubt whether the ragtag crew that dub themselves Team Awesome are up for the job. Why is no one else commenting on this little show? Design and build a guest lodging in his hometown of Burlington, Newfoundland pop.

Shaun decides to build a greenhouse and puts his hospitality expert in charge. Will Shaun have to take Sarah off the project?

MAJUMDER MANOR to Premiere January 7th « Sea and be Scene

Why not break ground on the Manor first? Shelby sets her sights on becoming a Burlington brewmaster after deciding she wants to serve homemade beer at her wedding reception. Majumder Manor 2 Seasons A comedian attempts to build an eco-friendly inn in his hometown in a remote area of Newfoundland. Nice write up by our good friend Greg David!

Episode 7 Building the Gathering Shaun organizes a huge group hike through a trail he cut himself. My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. I feel as if I discovered it and am trying to spread the word. Rudy and the clown. Question is, what’s your favourite microbrewery? Season 2, Episode 2 July 22, Shaun has decided to build a greenhouse in Burlington and he puts his hospitality expert, Sarah in charge of it.


Season 2, Episode 1 July 22, Similar Popular with similar viewers. After hearing of a similar, albeit much grander project, Shaun travels to Fogo Island to meet Zita Cobb. Account Options Sign in.

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Seson the river clay in Burlington hold medicinal, even magical powers? A Star Is Born 4. Will Shelby be able to work with her mother to get the rooms done? Sections of this page. Snow threatens to keep Shaun from getting the pod built in time for his wedding night. A Star Is Born 4. Nuthin’ wrong with baked beans and poutine. Manpr Bachelor, Season Majumder Manor shared W Network ‘s photo.

How authentic is the experience going to be if they get fancy food in rural Newfoundland? Season 2, Episode 10 August 19,

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