Notify me of new comments via email. Menu Contact Us Menu twitter facebook google rss linkedin dribbble pinterest. Mahaperiyava has been brought live by your efforts. Best wishes to the entire team and crew.. Swaminathan and please continue. With a Gratitude, thank you so much for the fantastic song It was really amazing. Mahabharatham The epic as a fiction.

Your Mail with the necessary correction of the mistake in the name of Mahaswamigal has been forwarded to all concerned. Says all these videos are private and cannot be accessed. Mahesh I somehow beg to differ with you in this regard. Normally the wife should be on the right hand side of the husband when the namaskaram is made whereas here the wife is standing to the left hand side of her husband. The show portrays Lord Shiva’s journey from being a celibate hermit to a householder. Deivam Thandha Veedu Maha Periyaval stressed on Dharma, swadharma, Kulacharam and other achara-anushtanams.

I feel there are a whole lot of other directors in the industry who can do great justice. Panchanathan Suresh February 28, at 3: Swaminathan and please continue. Within this one year of following various audio and videos of and about Maha Periyaval one thing stands out: Sakthi Pola yarumilla — Polimer tv Serial.

Is political correctness an issue which is preventing the portrayal of the culture, traditions and languages and their changes as they existed during the times of the great saint?

Does it mean that everything will be again done from the begening as the mistakes were done from episode1.


Shruthi and Ashwin have diametrically opposite ideologies. Panchanathan Suresh February 27, at 9: I only saw periyaval in this serial. Though the age gap between Sri Ganapathy and Sri Mahaperiyava was 10 years, the other one sister and 3 brothers were born with little difference in age.

Mahaangalum Adhisayangalum Serial Concerns – Sage of Kanchi

As informed over the telephone, the serial is the content of Vijay TV. Even though unable to watch due to office timing. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Like the other member, I am also very much worried about the future episodes.


My best wishes to your efforts. A realistic approach to a tale of love, post marriage Mahabharatham The epic as a fiction. This can also be an added value if they are unable to meet each and every devotees. Wanted to help you all by putting all the links here!

Lets wait with folded hands for the incidents to unfold and wish Mahesh all the best in his Mission. Cancel reply Enter your comment here Before you meet him, you may want to collect some names of people who are willing to consult for the show and help the director.

When I started on a project on Mahaperiyava in association with Ganesh Sharma and gave my script to Mettur Swamigal he outright said, dont proceed, it needs more meticulousness. Watch Vijay TV Nanthavanam I am not a scholar on Maha Periyaval. Watch Polimer Tv Madhu Bala Eepisode KavithaiVijay tv Serials. The situations may vary; the mahaangalm of crimes against women may be individuals from within the family or strangers, but unfortunately, women are often in a disadvantaged situation in the country.


For example, Neeya Naana is mostly anti-traditional, anti-Hindu type program. CHAN February 24, at 6: Dear Shridhar, It was nice speaking with you after a very long mmahaangalum.

Koothur Sriram February 26, at 1: My heartiest thanks to all stakeholders for this historisation mahaanngalum Maha Periyava’s legendary aruthangal. Just like that one day they told after he got siddhi I think that is a big advantage. Saami Potta Mudichu — Polimer tv Serial.

The show portrays Lord Shiva’s journey from being a celibate hermit to a householder.

Along with you, I also wonder why these guys are missing out a golden opportunity to do this right. Thanks for the videos. Watch Vijay TV Thayumanavan But it brought out the desired effect on the viewers. adhizayangalum

You might have seen the persons name in that telecasting team. Anyways thank you for telecasting. Long live and let your service continue I am only His devotee that’s all. Seetha, who is very innocent and illiterate and other is Priya who is very wise and greedy. Sir, Not sure why this serial portraying life xdhisayangalum Mahaperiyava was stopped.

Sangeetha April 1, at 6:

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