She dies and Hikaru swears to avenge her. She wakes up in a room full of fire, then, out of the flames appears a wolf made of fire. The plot is full of action, adventure, fantasy, mind games, romance and a strange twist at the end. Alcyone is confident of beating them, but Hikaru’s anger only makes her stronger. What they did not know is that the monster was not killed, and it comes for them again. Clef begins to fall off the cliff.

Soon after the light is after Hikaru, but Mokona pushes Hikaru out of the way and in he goes into the light, while Hikaru falls into a ravine. Share this Rating Title: Promising she would give power to one of his monsters so it would be strong enough to kill the Magic Knights. Although the girls cannot hurt the monster, the monsters can hurt them. Inside the mountain holds the castle were Princess Emeraude is being held. It then reassembles itself, and Fuu tells them it is probably made of mud. Search for ” Magic Knight Rayearth ” on Amazon.

Alcyone starts having doubts about Zagato’s reason for his “kidnapping” of the princess. It’s up to the Inner Sailor Scouts along with the Outers With everyone gone, Alcyone begs Zagato to let her try and kill the girls one last time, but he just leaves her begging. She then explains that for them to become true Magic Knights, they need to go to the Spring of Eterna to pick up the legendary ore, Escudo.

Caldina is shocked by this, she takes the money and runs off. The girls are attacked by their loved ones, and would not fight back. Princess Emeraude and her two guards then turn into monsters, and proceed to attack them. One of the villagers then takes a knife and stabs him. In the middle of the fight, Umi slowly wakes up, and sees Hikaru battling for her sake. The girls reach a lake, and Mokona reveals that a Rune God rests within it. Clef explains that their world was never like this before, that it is stable with Princess Emeraude’s prayers holding everything together.


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Windam, the Lord of the Skies” Transcription: As the images disappear, each girl has a piece of Escudo appear in front of her. When the princess of a land ruled by the power of one’s will is kidnapped by a traitorous priest, she summons three young girls from Japan to potentially fulfill the legends of the Magic Knights.

Umi and Fuu does so and Hikaru throws the cloth over the monster’s head. Lists of anime episodes Magic Knight Rayearth. She appears before Alcyone, and the pair face off in ryaearth sword fight. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Fuu explains, even though they do not know each other well enough, she cares for them.

The girls are only one step closer on saving Cephiro.

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Vd wishes to win, and her sword grows in the process. The monsters slowly disappear, but Umi is taken off guard, as she opens her eye.

The monster soon finds them and starts to attack them. They say no, and try to lose him, but he still follows them. Umi is happy, and suggests hurrying to get to Eterna to get Escudo, but is suddenly attacked out of nowhere and falls to the ground.

The monster wakes up, and starts to go berserk on them. She then casts a “Wind of Healing” spell that heals Umi. Meanwhile, in her prison, Princess Emeraude screams in horror as she realizes that Zagato has died. They are excited, but they get an unexpected visitor When the kingdom of Cephiro invades Earth, three girls Hikaru, Umi and Fuu are chosen to awake mythical spirits to protect jnight planet.


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She then captures Ferio, and holds him hostage in the cave. The monster then breaks through the door. They do not injure it much, but Fuu points out the glowing jewel on its head, and Hikaru breaks it. rauearth

Back with the girls, epiode rush off to find the other Rune Gods, as they exit the village. After thinking they had to pay for them, Presea reveals she is just “loaning” the weapons to them Learn more More Like This.

The sword manages to break the ice storm, as well as killing the monster. Hikaru collapses, and Umi is crushed. Hikaru runs to Umi, only to be challenge by Alcyone, who was the one who injured Umi with her Ice Arrows. Ferio meets the girls, and lure them into the desert. In fact, I’m watching it now. Knigth setting the magical cards loose, raearth now up to Sakura to catch them all with her best friend Tomoyo, and Kerberos, the guardian of the cards.

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The monster attacks them, accidentally setting them free and Hikaru defeats it with her magic. She is then transported back to the shrine grounds, only to see Hikaru and Umi falling as they try to defend themselves. He then tells then to become a Magic Knight, kniyht would need to awaken the Rune God. Nova no Shinjitsu ” Japanese: Hikaru asks if she can use the table cloth as they pass through the kitchen. Fuu then holds it, noting it is as light as a feather to her.

She tells him to put them down.

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