Yuna focuses her attention on Kazuki hoping to show his parents that she’s the one for him. However, a group of monks also participated but surprisingly won the race, causing Nakamaru and Matsuda’s scheme to fail. The magatama is tied to a girl who was cursed with bad luck in the past. While Yuna goes around thinking of ways to save Kazuki, Dark Yuna wreaks havoc in the school. Rin, Yuna, and Kazuki, due to misunderstanding, almost mess this up, which Kuriko was quite infuriated about. Rin’s master shows up, trying to make her go back to the head family since Kazuki is dead. Rin has a crush on the biology club president, who is transferring out of the school.

This page was last edited on 4 February , at As it turns out, the three girls and Kazuki must play and beat a baseball team from hell. As it turns out, there was another behemoth being raised by Nakamaru. However, Yuna reminds him of his past, where she promised Kazuki that she would become his wife someday. Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor. The three girls end up reminiscing about their previous times with Kazuki. Kuriko tries to return her share of Kazuki’s ashes to him, but she fails every time.

In another effort to increase Kazuki’s magic count, Kuriko and the girls search for a mysterious a blue magatama that could help Kazuki with his low magic problem. Yuna ended up inadvertently releasing a pathogen from the vials that takes on her form but with a completely opposite personality. The three girls end up reminiscing about their previous times with Kazuki.

Shino will be watching Kazuki and the girls from now on. At the end of the fight, Rin and Sayumi were to race around the track to predict the winner of the fight.

To save her, Kazuki ends up using his magic. By strange twist of fate, it is revealed that Nakamaru also has some powerful genes himself. While they are talking, Shino manages to capture Kazuki and Yamase, then proceeds to try to make Kazuki a complete ghost. Kazuki’s parents are coming for a visit and the girls all attempt to make a good first impression.

Rin’s master later told Kazuki a bit about Rin’s past and how he was forced to become cruel to Rin instead of the kind “big brother” when he was named her master. Yamase is finally convinced and gives Kazuki’s ashes back. The women compare breasts in the shower and feel each other up, there is nudity. Akai, the school doctor, was keeping a behemoth sealed in a forbidden room since he is not powerful enough to abolish it.


It gave Kazuki the hope to struggle on and the girls some hope to bring Kazuki back to life. Kuriko and Rin realize that Kazuki really has some magnificent magical capability, despite the low number of times he can use magic, commenting that it is almost impossible to create snow during summer.

Kazuki uses his second last magic attempt to fix her, but that doesn’t fix Yuna. Rin Kamishiro is still worrying about what will happen to Kazuki if she returns his ashes, things are made more complicated when Engish decides that Kazuki will take Rin on a date for the day in an attempt to restore Kazuki’s ashes.

Instead of turning to ash, however, Kazuki becomes a ghost.

Kuriko confessed her love for Kazuki and said that this is the last time she will ever see him and they almost kissed, but then Kuriko’s ashes finally passed on into Kazuki, making him a step closer to duv human again.

Starting with this episode, the focus of the girls shifts from trying to increase Kazuki’s magic count to attempting to collect all of Kazuki’s ashes in order to get his body back. During the chaos of the festival, Class B summons a beast that goes out of control, and Kazuki is left to save Yamase from it. Akai informs them that the news about Nakamaru was a mistake.

Kazuki talks with the Ghost Collector, named Shino, trying to decide between being a human versus being a ghost. Yuna wishes to return her remaining ashes to Kazuki, but Yamase does not. With a magic count of only three, the girls start thinking of ways to help Kazuki increase his magic count.

Karei Hirosaki, Kazuki’s dorm manager, is attempting to return a lunch box to Yuna. Throughout the story the main characters retell their interactions with Kazuki since they first met him. These events force the Kazetsubaki Family and the Kamishiro Clan to change their plans in respect to Kazuki’s genes. Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor.

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Yamase and Yuna engish then restrained again, when Kuriko and Rin arrive. Yamase then runs dhb and Yuna, Kuriko, and Rin chase her to convince Yamase to give back Kazuki’s ashes. Then Yamase, an old childhood friend of Kazuki who is in class F, appears to make him an offer that would solve both their classes problems for the Festival: Kazuki and the girls end up winning the game, but only after Kazuki had to resort to using his magic, so, while he did gain an extra use of magic from the game, it had gone to waste.


Fearful that once his ashes return, Kazuki will lose all memory of the girls; Rin resolves to leave, with Kazuki’s ashes and never return, but she repents after episoce the lengths he will go to keep a promise. After Kazuki collapses while trying to protect the boy, the three girls attempt to find out the mystery behind the necklaces and the little boy while at the same time trying protect him dbu Nakamaru’s revenge.

His magic count remains at three by the end of the episode. In the night, it is revealed that the magic circle was created by Shino. Rin decides to give the meal to Kazuki instead of her senior, and she is impressed with him mabraho he eats the whole epizode, despite its terrible taste.

Episode list [ edit ] Title Original airdate 1 “They Came He can only use his magic 8 times before he turns to ash and disappears. This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat The Japanese titles for Episode 18 and 19 ends in the typical Kyoto dialect ending “Dosue”, which corresponds to “Desu” in standard Japanese.

As a result of the previous two episodes, Yuna has contracted a magical sickness that threatens to turn her into ash by depleting her magic count.

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Kazuki meets with Ghost Collector at her house. Meanwhile, Rin Kamishiro and Kuriko Kazetsubaki are instructed by their families to meet Kazuki and obtain his genes, as they may create the most powerful magician in the world. Rin has a crush on the biology club president, who is transferring out of the school. However, the three girls encounter many traps within the house.

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