Now if only they’d hire someone to do their Technical Operations just as well I bought the Field version. There are so many watches are in the market which we have seen all the time. Over course of the 90 days I did not have a watch, I purchaed a Citizen ECO-Drive chronograph for bucks on sale at a local jewelry store. Luminox Products and Services Watch. North explained that the SEALs were in need of a self-sustaining illuminating watch for night missions and having heard of their little known Luminox Watches asked if they could build the SEALs a new dive watch for. I have watches for years that have never had to do anything but change a battery. I very rarely wear it and It’s been tp Saltzman 3X so far.

It contains commercial or promotional content. When looking up any warranty information it states that warranty card must be sent. Now having the option of being able to wear my watch on the outside of a winter jacket or wet-suit, instead of fumbling with gloves to push clothing back is a nice option to have. As they “cool” down the crystals dim in their glowy goodness. Luminox over rated Jul 29, I didn’t like Non working product. Heavy but that’s ok I want a rugged watch.

Luminox Reviews and Complaints

Few things get your attention like arm hair caught in a metal watch band. The 6 months later the minute have came lose.

It includes private information. I sent it to them and and of course it was out of warranty and had to negotiate the repair cost. I think there knockoff ratio is probably quite high.


StraightForward in a Crooked World: Gear Review: Luminox Watch

Oh, and by the way. I guess a dentist is tougher than a Navy Seal!

Luminox watches Dec 14, Was the on-board light idea intriguing? Shake it and it starts running. Only other issue that I have had with these is the numbers on the bezel disappear at about five years. I wish i had seen this thread earlier, I actually own both. I wanted a loud alarm watch and looked at some expensive Seikos. More reasons to buy Luminox. I have never had a problem with this watch.

I don’t know how this company or their repair center Saltzman watches in Cranston RI are still in business. This stuff is down t earth, hats off buds out there. True about a person not able to have high magnetic fields in his body.

Luminox 8800 and Black Ops 8400 series

I have owned Seiko Divers since Home Jewelry and Accessories Luminox Watch has taken a beating this year during cross training, deer hunting, concrete mixing, in and out of the pool with grandkids, multiple margarita splashes.

The numbers on the bezel are almost all worn off, but he said the watch has never broke, the lume’s still bright, and all he’s ever done was change the battery. I have owned serids Luminox watch since With out missing a beat Max recommended the the Luminox Black Ops with black face.


I will love my older watch but won’t spend the money on a gamble. When looking up any warranty information it states that warranty seeries must be sent. Dan, Some watches rely on their illumination “crystals” to be warmed my an external light source and when they “heat” up not to any recognizable temp to you lumibox me they glow for a period of time.

The is more of my easy going watch, more for days off running around town, not that it couldn’t handle being an everyday work watch mine is while the is getting repaired its just kinda heavy for my taste. The other thing I have personally come to like and you don’t have to have a Luminox for this is the revlew wrist band. I put my watches threw hell. Do you already have an account? This was a grand wasted. Implanted t ritium undergoes what is called beta decay.

Aug 7, Messages: Fast forward 17 years, I ran into him the other day, and guess what?

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