Big Switch has introduced a unique concept and has introduced two clashing worlds together. The first of its 13 episodes in this season features the current heartthrob, Ranbir Kapoor as the guest. While the tasks on the show get progressively tougher in each new season, this time a competition from a local expert was also introduced— which means you need to win the task, not just successfully complete it. This season, you won’t just see stories of infidelity; you’ll see stories of friendship and love, of loyalty and dedication. Life Lafde Aur Bandhiyan. Watch Bindass The Chair 26th September

Life Lafde Aur Bandhiyan. With this show, bindass brings in storytelling which inspires youngsters to stand up for what they believe in. Install folkd-Buttons for Firefox. Emotional Atyachaar Season 4. Ultimately the show seeks to not only entertain but encourage youngsters to become agents of change, be it in their college, school, building, locality, city or country. Who is a Superdude?

The show explores the every-day life of these young professionals – their coming of age journey, their careers, their beliefs and principles and of course relationships which help them become stronger individuals along the way. The show will feature youngsters who have dared to pursue love that does not fit into societal norms, and considered relationships that society at large still considers unusual. Season 2 will explore the ibndass and tribulations of the fairer sex, the show will go on to illustrate how strength and self-confidence go a long way and why it is imperative not to stay silent about any lovee.

This show not only made the fans privy to the less spoken aspects of their favorite superstar, but also showcased what it takes to be as successful as them.

Bindass The Chair 9th October to tags: Big Switch Season 4. Emotional Atyachaar Season 5. Season three saw well known director Rohit Jtv mentor rich kids encouraging them to live a life without the luxuries that they were used to. After all as the old adage has it… a friend in need is a friend in deed! Each episode featured one star and their journey in a different city, along with a special meet and greet with five of their biggest fans from the city.

Bindass The Chair 20th Oove to tags: A mad fusion of folk music and Bollywood chart-busters, Bollywood Republic on bPLAY bindasa you a taste of the rustic and effervescent flavor of folk music across the country.

The show was anchored by the gorgeous Natasha Suri and versatile Pravesh Rana. Speared across two seasons, this show allowed its audiences to witness the most loc, tales of perseverance and success of their favorite Bollywood superstars. Up Close loove Personal with PZ. Bindass is, India’s most loved binfass brand from the house of UTV, a hindi entertainment channel circumscribed Beg Borrow Steal Season If the error persists – please mail us a details problem description using the contact-form: A episoder 13 couples series was hosted by the suave Pravesh Rana.


The show revolves around the lives of The Khan Sisters and goes onto showcase various aspects of their fascinating lives, their equations with each other, their families, friends and foes along with REAL LIFE conflict, secrets, emotion and drama.

The show has helped youth gauge the quality of their relationship and be better prepared to understand and handle potential risks in their personal lives. This new season will feature stories that revolve around this very recklessness of the youth, which stems from their passion while in love.

Often pressured by insecurities and emotions in a relationship, the young minds of today often end up at a crossroad, forcing them to face tough realities and instigating them to take extreme action – that they later repent. Staying true to its philosophy of being an enabler of purposive action, this season will feature inspiring stories of women who believed in their dreams and chose to follow their passion.

The show will decode a multitude of issues that impact the youth through a youth friendly lens of satire, spoofy humour and a social experiment woven into the format of the show.

Change Aayega Hum Laayenge.

Yeh Pock Aashiqui – Season 4. Bindass Bargain Coupons are adding flavors to Hindi entertainment. A show that brings to the telly screen the age old fight of men vs woman. Whether you want to profess your love or express heartfelt gratitude or even say an apology, Bindass helps you express it and do it out loud.

Girl in the City is the story of 21 year old Meera Sehgal, who moves to Mumbai from Dehradun, for an internship in a fashion house to live her dream of working in the fashion industry!

Life Lafde Aur Bandhiyan is a roller-coaster college comedy drama revolving around three quirky friends who have set out on a journey to redeem themselves. Life Lafde Aur Bandhiyan. Tune in to witness how Tuv, Aspirations and Quirkiness take over the lives of these young individuals.


Truly dedicated to the achievers in Bollywood, Yeh Hai Meri Kahani is a show that llove the viewers through the life of their favorite star and opens up their world, dreams, achievements and aspirations. When it comes to choosing between the heart vs your mind, which one will you choose?

Love Lockup

The first of its 13 episodes in this season features the current heartthrob, Ranbir Kapoor as the guest. The first season of bindass Halla Bol will showcase stories inspired by various real life instances and celebrates the victories of women who stood their ground to emerge as heroes. Emotional Atyachaar is a show that has always mirrored society and showed reality as it is.

Bindass The Chair 10th October to tags: Click here to visit Disney. Jo tikega, wo jeetega! Bindass Bargain Coupons www. While the previous two seasons chronicled the lives of legendary actors of the film industry, this season will explore the lives of the young actors, the superstars of today.

Bindass Love Lockup [Episode 18] – 13th February Part1 – video dailymotion

Feature Video See why you should use folkd. The cards are in your hands as viewers! Every episode in this short form series gives youngsters an opportunity to relive their favourite Bollywood songs through raw, unadulterated, rooted music presented in collaboration with folk artists from wstch regions! Big Switch across its successful three seasons took the affluent Indian youth out of their comfort zone and tested their mettle by putting them in tough, challenging and unfamiliar situations.

Bindass The Chair 20th November And at the same time shed light on the prejudices that have become a harsh reality in the society at large and tend to pre-define women. In a nutshell, it follows a day in the life of a Superstar giving its fans first-hand information on everyday routine of the Superstar. Related Links Contact Us.

Would you be so kind and please: To be a part of the Dadagiri journey would be Amit hostVishal dada and Oline goddness – they are not here to make their journey easy but even tougher and trickier.

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