Roku subscribe unsubscribe 34, readers users here now Roku Channel Guides: Of course, I’m not done with it yet, so that may change. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Sun Jun 15, 7: I have stopped watching the show, hoping the issue will be resolved. Computers and Roku don’t use the same streams. I’m going with space aliens.

Re captions; when a car revs, subtitle comes up with “Car revs”. He’ll have to contact Netflix and hope they fix it. Quote 35 Tue Apr 15, 3: Quote 34 Mon Dec 23, Who else hates the way subtitles work on 5. Also, holy crap I can’t wait for season 2. It would help, in addition to the specific titles and settings, if you’d post what unit model you have, as well as the firmware version and channel version.

Hey are you hungry? Liilyhammer Jan 18, 8: For example, Netflix Lilyhammer Season 2, whenever anyone speaks Norwegian there are no captions, the only way you can see them is to turn on ALL captions for the language you are watching in which is very distracting. Can anyone else with a “3rd gen” LT, 1 or 2or confirm this?

It’s still broken, just reversed. Quote 32 Mon Apr 14, 8: Now maybe someone else in the LA area could confirm the same problem?

Netflix, subtitles showing when text/other langs are spoken – Roku Forums

Quote 22 Sun Apr 13, 7: I did not reinstall the channel on my Razr. Sun Jun 15, 7: I see what you mean! No one checks those either.


Quote 4 Fri Dec 20, 5: Mon Apr 20, 7: This is so lame. Having to stop the video, turn them on for a scene, then stop it again and turn them back off is ridiculous.

Of course, Onn not done with it yet, so that may change. Sun Oct 27, 4: Really, the very first subtit,es anyone should do when trying to work around an issue with a channel is to delete it, reboot, and then re-add it.

Fri Dec 20, 5: Thu Aug 22, For the record I am using a Roku 2 Lilyhamemr running the latest firmware. Quote 42 Sat Jan 04, 2: The new update has removed standard subtitles and replaced it with close caption text.

I’m tearing my hair out–it’s especially ugly when the Spanish text pops up, obscuring the freaking headline so I can’t see it. Just going into the audio menu and returning to the main show might do the trick. Quote 12 Sun Feb 09, 2: Quote 7 Mon Dec 23, And the symptoms for House of Cards subittles exactly the same as you’re seeing.

Can’t get subtitles yet? – Page 2 – Roku Forums

Haven’t tested on any other boxes yet. NF subtitles issue Quote 6 Tue Jun 17, 9: If you stop watching, even for a moment to look at the description, they’ll be on when you start playing again. Rokk Jul 10, 8: I’ve only had this thing for a month and I can’t believe how much it’s disappointed me. Quote 25 Mon Apr 14, 4: And show CC subtitles when selected.

Anyone know a fix to this? Also check your Netflix subtitle settings on their website when you login from a computer.


NF subtitles issue Quote 3 Mon Jun 16, 6: Please fix this ROKU. Also if I go and turn on CC it will state that the dialog is in a foreign language, but then translate to English.

Quote 45 Sat Jan 18, 8: The one difference from all of the other devices that I tried is that, with subtitles set to “Off”, you don’t get subs for Norwegian dialog. I just assumed it was something very uncommon- which was not the case.

Next time I’ll look more carefully. NF subtitles issue Quote 4 Mon Jun 16, 8: I’m assuming you’re using the new Netflix UI Roku 3? Who is online Users browsing this forum: Submit a new link.


Sat Mar 05, 1: This could be intentional for the doku, but I’ve noticed this on other series as well. That said, if I pause it, exit out, turn on the English subtitles and go back, I can then read what someone is saying.

Also, holy crap I can’t wait for season 2. I reinstalled the channel on my Roku and subtitles appeared. Quote 6 Fri Dec 20, 8:

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