You never give me that! But it’s sad to see that there are “lemming-like fans”, so blindly defending what can’t be defended. Peipei Now I am a crazy, zombie, dreaming girl? We definitely have to raise our glass to LTM for bringing us all together and just giving us wat we want, for making just that much better. They know the lie was a scam, and little they know, the public reaction was going to be like Biblical proportions, but hell, they dig the hole, jump in it, stayed in it, and know the only thing that you can do when you are in the bottom of the pit, is get the hell out of there, going up. No words can fully express my gratitude. They tell her that she is all the ladies idol, and to be nicer to him going forward.

Pat June 20, at 4: Airport Scene was ad.. No idea what Koala will say, but me? Did anyone read rebel souls intro in the recap?? Ki Joon asks Manager Park to schedule a press conference so that he can explain the situation. She looked there 3 times!!!

Did the Chinese trip go well? I dont know how much times I rewatched that part.

He asks her outside the party what happened? They also recognize Ki Joon and are totally complimenting Ah Jung for having such a wonderful man who loves her. Ah Jung wonders if perhaps she ought to open a coffee shop.

So Ran wants credit if Ki Joon and Ah Jung get married, since the marriage lie was concocted purely for her benefit. I hope business was good in china.

Thanks much Koala for the info. And it’s frustrating to see a fine actor of KGH’s caliber publicly apologizing for the poor ratings – like it was HIS fault in some way. Yes yes, im this easy to please. The way Ki Joon looks at her with such concern in his eyes, god every woman would kill for a guy like him.


,e I think they should add an extra episode filled with so much cuteness as a way to sign off from us forever. So what, Yoon Joo? It’s just amazing to me that those who have negative feelings about this drama still continue to watch it.

Promise to modify the proposal!! I see the way he treats you, how he smiles every time, he sees you.

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This drama touches deep inside, and I can definitely identify with Ah Jung especially from the epizode. Ki Joon requests that the schedule be brought over.

And to the people who caught the leaning on the leg part in the drinking water scene. He agrees with Manager Park, he has to use episodw heart to come close to AJ. Next up for Ki Joon is a meeting with Congressman Park. Pat June 21, at 4: Ah Jung texts Ki Joon, telling him that she went straight tl because she was afraid of being nabbed by other guys. Maybe with a baby in tow. People, even after recognizing that the plot is shot, are still eating the cute up and that’s the only way to maintain the current audience.

Lie to Me Episode 13 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

If the error persists – please mail us a details problem description using the contact-form: That’s why she will always be my favorite actress in this planet ever. LTM definitely has more in terms of plot and better writing compared to My Princess. This insanity and your outrageous scandals angelito. The press asks why Ki Joon went along with it, and Ah Jung mentions that she got scared and wrote up drsmacrazy contract asking dramacarzy it be kept a secret.


Dramacrazy lie to me

The longing looks, the handholding!! Featured Featured titles for the dramacrazy lie to me were carefully selected by our editors. So for me — I am just on tenterhooks waiting for the moment when they throw caution to the wind and say to heck with decorum — I need to kiss you so bad it hurts and — netizens get ready — here we go!!! I also thought that was added by her. They tell her that she is all the ladies idol, and to be nicer to him going forward. Some of your posts got stuck in spam.

Ki Joon confesses that he missed a dinner appointment that was part business and part personal. Cindy June 21, at He drops in on a mahjong game — are we in some mobster movie now? Birds of the same feather, too tend to flock together… I still love LTM, regardless of the thin plot, the inconsistencies, the messy editing, and just eramacrazy lack …. Dad says lle law will find out the truth, who was right and who was wrong.

One is the heart shape with K symbol and the other spisode a very small heart shape. And he wants to take revenge for his father but he doesn’t even have a doubt or condemn the guy that abducted him, and cut him off his mother?

Vincenzo is indeed a smart man. It took episide too long for the others to discover this. To me, the hallmark of good story-telling brought to the screen is this:

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