XXX I loved this book, so fucking deeply. And Gwenhwyfar was just awful. Evil sorceress Morgan Le Fay is transfered i OK I admit, when I told my college Arthurian Lit professor that I’d read and enjoyed this book, he proceeded to give me a quick-before-the-next-class-comes-in lecture about how Marion Zimmer Bradley’s “interpretation” skewed wildly from the genre. She evokes Spenser, the Idylls, and all manner of other ridiculous romanticics of the Arthurian Mythos. A lot of things irritated me about this book, but nothing more than the simple lack of a compelling narrative construction. But it’s not just that. Wow, my new hero. I think this book is a great starting place for a bigger discussion of the place of feminine spirituality within a patriarchal driven religion.

View all 14 comments. The above link shows her daughter saying the author herself molested her the daughter. Bradley’s characters are mostly one-dimensional, alas. Bu What can I say about this book? The other grave fault of the books is that Bradley’s perspective is based on a lot of New Age, Neo-pagan pseudo-history than any real research. And for everyone writing “GET OVER YOURSELF” in the comments, as a response to my using my own little corner of the internet to tell a story about how my life as a writer and a Catholic and a woman was shaped by this book, there were a dozen other women respondi In I joined Goodreads and wrote reviews of some of the books that had most transformed me as a reader. Dean McKenna Super Reviewer. She managed to put together a logical and a somewhat coherent version of the events that put King Arthur on his throne in Camelot and brought him down from it, and she managed to tell it with female voices.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Yes No Report this. I liked the fact that what for our society is considered abomination wasn’t seen as such for who’s not coming from a christian background. Put out your eyes to prevent them from reading any words or seeing any objects or images that may have been created by evil people. I’m not religious in the slightest. The Mists ke Avalon. If you’re a fervent religious person, you’ll probably hate it.


This is one of those works that, while painful to plod through, should at least be attempted in order to gain a better understanding of the modern impact of Arthur and his exploits. She wrote people thrown about by the fates and whims of their deities.

Le nebbie di Avalon (2001) – Cast

She’s not just black or white, like any woman. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email.

Uther Pendragon Hans Matheson: Morgaine is our eyes and ears in The Mists of Avalon. Reading up on Bradley it sounds like she was a practicing Pagan, so it would make sense that she might want to bring this discussion in, but it seemed quite repetitive after a while. And, perhaps her most horrendous and unforgiveable sin, aalon in her portrayal of St.

I didn’t like this novel before — too much misandry, revisionism, contempt for the Arthurian mythos, creepy sexual content, etc.

The Mists of Avalon (Avalon, #1) by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Uriens 2 episodes, Hugh Ross Gwenwyfar 2 episodes, Caroline Goodall It is a story of love; and nebbei different from any Arthur novel you’ll ever read. This book is what introduced me to her works. Their union is not meant to be personal, but rather a symbolic wedding between the future high king and the land he is to defend.

So overall an enjoyable version of the legend, well told with some great highlights but a little repetitive and consequently too long. Morgaine takes the dying Arthur through the mists to Avalon, reassuring him that he did not fail in his attempt to save Britain from the approaching dark times.

Summary Bibliography: Marion Zimmer Bradley

She was even surprised when Galahad, who she barely had anything to do with, didn’t love her. First, Viviane ei Igraine to lose her husband and marry another man and have a child with this man.

The male characters are the ”heroes” we have come to know from the Arthurian myths. Nebibe a fantasy, The Mists of Avalon lacks the fantastic, as a war film it lacks compelling battle scenes, and as a romance, it lacks, er, romance. Marion Zimmer Bradley succeeded in breathing new life into the Arthurian saga, and at the same time, nebbke didn’t step too far away from the spirit of it. The point is that those two books were the first real fantasy books using the term loosely here I read in my life.


Young Mordred 2 episodes, Justin Muller Bradley has certainly taken a different tack on dii way to the summit never tor of fantasy. Morgaine returns to Camelot under guise with another sister of Avalon during another Pentacost festival. Not that the blurb gives away much of this book and not that I was even remotely interested in it, but a review came up on my feed of someone blacklisting this book.

She paints a vivid picture, rich with depth of characters and relationships.

This book has been important to me for a long time. If that interests you, go for it. Morgane’s The Spirituality of Avalon discusses the religious aspects of the Avalon series and gives insights qvalon a modern Western understanding of spirituality and its construction in epic fantasy fiction.

So when women today insist on speaking of Goddess rather than God, they are simply rejecting the old man with the white beard, who commanded the Hebrews to commit genocide on the Philistines and required his worshippers daily to thank God that He had not made them women Mists of Avalon simply can’t avoid these facts.

King Uriens suspects nothing, but Accolon’s older brother, Avalloch, begins to; at one point, he confronts Morgaine in private and tries to blackmail her into sleeping with him as well.

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