Celia refuses to accept Caroline’s relationship with Kate; her homophobic views shock Alan, who implores her to give Kate a chance. Caroline’s birthday evening with Kate and her two sons is ruined by the arrival of an extremely drunk Judith, who ends up in accident and emergency. Ten years ago she gave up her fast-tracked police career to marry and devote her life to her family. Meanwhile, Gillian is contacted by John, who claims to have fallen in love with her. Prior to the closing credits, a dedication to Alec Walker — , who inspired the character of Alan Buttershaw, is shown. Caroline and Celia have a blazing row, trading insults and expletives. She is convinced that Alan and Celia think less of her than Caroline’s family because of their differing social class. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

Alan tells Celia that Gillian had actually killed Eddie with a block of wood following Eddie’s apparent suicide attempt. The series was re-commissioned for a third series on 24 December , ahead of the final episode of the second series. Mon 11 Apr Original multi-stranded crime drama Marcella, written by internationally renowned screenwriter and novelist Hans Rosenfeldt stars Anna Friel in the lead role. This tension between artistry and business underlies a mounting row in the TV industry over the escalating popularity of the digital box set, which makes complete series of shows available for self-scheduled viewing. But the BBC, which sees the streamers as a threat to its historical dominance in drama and documentary, is retaliating with the same weapon.

Archived from the original on 13 January Reunited via Facebookthey meet, fall in love, and plan to marry. Raff is delighted that Gillian and Robbie are getting married, though Gillian is anxious for Caroline to keep her secret.

Laet Gillian, meanwhile, continues a reckless sexual relationship with Paul Sacha Dhawana man half her age. But the corporation can be prone, in such negotiations, to present itself as a sort of broadcasting charity. At Alan’s stag party, Alan and Raff encourage Robbie to pursue Gillian, as they believe they are right for each other. Has the killer re-appeared or is a copycat murderer responsible for these recent deaths?

As so often in the medium, creativity hlaifax commerce pull in opposite directions. Caroline is worried her affair with Kate may become public knowledge as she considers taking back her adulterous husband John. With encouragement from Caroline, Gillian marries Robbie, not wishing to cause a scene or stand him up. Later, Celia helps Alan and Gary make peace, Gary having apologised for his behaviour. Meanwhile, Celia is furious when she catches Alan sneaking a cigarette, in spite of his heart condition.


Mon 11 Apr Due to the electronic box-set phenomenon, two battles are now overlapping — between the BBC and the streaming networks, and the BBC and ij producers. Retrieved 17 April Lqst new home in Huddersfield is a ramshackle farmhouse. Mon 11 Apr Streaming has also crucially given a second chance to shows that were overlooked or undervalued when first released.

BBC One – Last Tango in Halifax – Episode guide

Alan and Celia meet in Skipton and immediately rekindle their friendship. As she prepares seies visit Kate’s mother in New York, Gary upgrades Alan and Celia’s tickets for their belated honeymoon to New Zealand and Australia, whilst Gillian and Robbie are to have use of his apartment in Mallorca for their own honeymoon. Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board. Caroline promises Gillian she will keep her secret.

serie Caroline finally reveals to Gillian the truth about her acceptance of her new position. The next day, Gillian tells John he is a bad influence on her, and she cannot be with him, opting instead to accept Robbie’s proposal.

Gillian volunteers her and Caroline’s services to plan Alan and Celia’s second wedding. After a day out together researching the wedding, a drunken Gillian tells Caroline she deliberately killed her husband and staged his suicide, as she could take no more of his abuse and feared he’d one day kill her.

After John drives Alan back to the farm, he gets drunk with Gillian, and they sleep together. Kate reveals she is twelve weeks pregnant; though Caroline is restrained in her presence, she is later overcome with emotion. Alan must face his fears on the night of Celia’s play. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Caroline and Celia have a blazing row, trading insults and expletives. Celia’s car is later damaged in pursuit of a epjsode man who stole Alan’s vehicle. Celia is devastated after Alan reveals his secret child, infuriated by his dishonesty and unsure of how to progress in their marriage. But later in the episode, we see Guy haalifax out with Peter and leave him to his own devices.

With Robbie absent, and Raff and Ellie neglecting the baby, Gillian is left to look after her granddaughter. Retrieved 2 February However, Celia’s bigotry and hostility towards Kate ruins the evening, leading Alan to call off the wedding and driving a wedge between Caroline and Kate.


Matthew turns to his best friend Henry for financial support whilst Yann reports on the murder of a member of his AA group Caroline warns her mother that this may irrevocably damage their relationship. Under the influence of alcohol, Gillian sleeps with the troubled John. Such download drops drive the popularity of on-demand services, led by Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Alan and Celia arrive to provide support, and after Ellie goes into labour, Alan welcomes a great-granddaughter. Gary offers to pay for Gillian’s wedding and to put Raff through an accountancy apprenticeship in his iin, though she is unhappy with both suggestions.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Has the killer re-appeared or is a seies murderer responsible for these recent deaths? T elevision production is always a balance between putting bums on sofas and the bottom line, with the ultimate goal of making shows that audiences want at budgets that reward the makers.

She instantly becomes involved with a serial killer case she first worked on in Alan and Celia get married, persuading two passersby to act as witnesses. Or lead her dangerously into territory she must avoid at all cost? Celia’s daughter Caroline Sarah Lancashire is surprised by the revelation, though distracted by her own romantic problems involving her adulterous husband Tony Gardner and her own affair with a female colleague, Kate Nina Sosanya.

Lawrence’s behaviour at school becomes disruptive, leading Caroline to suspend him. John’s infatuation and one night stand with Gillian is revealed in front of Robbie, inciting Robbie to punch John and walk out again.

The Split on the BBC streaming: How to watch The Split online and stream

Marcella is shocked to the core when her husband Jason Nicholas Pinnock leaves her unexpectedly, confessing he no longer loves her. At the end of the episode Gillian discovers Alan and Celia’s appointment card for the register office on the morning of their wedding.

Peter Cullen continues his prison work placement at the bakery and is delighted by his budding friendship with a young postgraduate student called Maddy.

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