Does it clear from the map when you get the best possible score? Moreover, there will be bears on checkpoint on gates 4 and 7, as well as Yaks on checkpoint There are slight differences between Racing and Survival. They are stuck on the map for good. That is another ridiculous thing about this. TooManyHours TooManyHours 4 years ago 10 I’m just not impressed with how many times I’ve had to repeat some of the challenges not because of bad driving mechanics slowing me down but because they like to spawn elephants or other animals right in the middle of some of the gates or have cars driving through them towards you while you’re trying to pass through them at the same time. Kyrati Film locations Go to the indicated location to find the corresponding race or survival film activity.

I don’t think they’re the best “missions” but they’re not terrible. Infinite Karma and money. Outposts – Three alarms. This one is as simple as it gets in Far Cry 4; all you need to do is beat the timer by passing through given checkpoints in a race. Far Cry 4 – E3 Trailer Added on: Log In Sign Up. The rulers here are nearly identical so , try to drive fast but, do not worry about losing time, while slowing down on turns. The initial checkpoints will be marred with rhinos and elephants other than that, the last half is going to get a couple of trees on the path at gate 9, traffic on the pavement and pedestrians as you close in on the finish line.

Kyra Tea Weigh Station: The first one has no enemies so you just have to be time efficient about it. Moreover, there will be bears on checkpoint on gates 4 and oocations, as well as Yaks on checkpoint Copyright – ChapterCheats.


If I go up to a table of one I completed it shows my time. Go to the indicated location to find the corresponding race or survival film activity. I’ve learned to just ignore the “time trial” missions in games like this because the only reason I do all side missions is to clear them from my to do list. Welcome to GameFAQs, where having an opinion is a declaration of war. They are stuck on the map for good. Eye For An Eye quest locations.

Kyrati Film locations for Far Cry 4

How to figure out which Kyrati Films: Also remember, you will be met with an off-roader from the front around the time you are going to make the switch. This is not actually a race location but you will have to visit this locztions in order to start racing.

You will get trees, elephants around checkpoints 6 and 9, boulders on 9, bears between 15 and 18, and finally a second elephant around checkpoint Lost Letters and Propaganda Posters.

Nov 18, ESRB: If you’re having trouble, have the grenade launcher as a sidearm and use it to clear out anything in your way. Survival I am missing So I tried to remember to do all of the racing things as I took outposts but apparently I missed one of the survival ones along the way. Firstly, you are not counting down but adding seconds to the timer for every checkpoint.

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The first time I did that race, I ate quite a few fillms before I figured it out, but once I knew to give it a moment to inflate, it was not too hard. Jet Ski, Pickup Truck.

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Khilana Bazaar Rochan Brick Co. Clearing the grounds Hunting: Carpetfluff Carpetfluff 4 years ago 2 Only had two I didn’t finish first time – both ATV based, which are the most likely to wig out from a bad bump or jump – I just cleared them as I took each outpost and they were mostly sudvival a bother.


Far Cry 4 Kyrati Films Racing and Survival Activities Guide

That’s probably why they’re replayable. If I still get that little icon after getting the gold I won’t even try. There is a guard suvrival the buzzer; you can take him out or avoid wasting time on that and get out of range quickly using the buzzer. Keo Logging Camp Map Coordinates x: There are tons of activities that you can take part in when playing Far Cry 4 and kyrqti most of them, we can map out the tricky pints for you. Each checkpoint adds 5 seconds. Not the best system I know, but it works.

For some of them, you get 5 seconds added to your time for every checkpoint you pass, so it’s entirely possible. In fact, you might have to fight one of the bears sometime.

You can avoid the guard here, take the hovercraft and leave.

Kyrati Film locations – Far Cry 4 Hints for Playstation 3

Tried that and all it did was blow up the boat I was supposed to take. Outposts – Three alarms. Sign up for free! Here, you will often be harassed by opponents so, it is a good thing to have a weapon of high firerate on you.

Please read and follow the instructions provided to complete this process. Khilana Bazar Map Coordinates x: Supply drop quest locations.

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