Just don’t throw your keyboard into your screen Lol I’ve read the manga for berserk which is also unfinished but I’ve never watched the anime for it. Read the top comments for a big laugh though. It doesn’t bore you though because they change the screen alot to make give it more I work in the IT industry so all the puns everywhere just tickle me to death Minmatar Logisis Heavy lover. Also, there was a nice reference to the opening credits at the end. Does anyone want to join my Bible Black club? Episode 20 so far.

I only hard time I ever had we in Fairy Tail. Clannad Season 1 is slow Or is this some kind of alternate reality kind of thing? Decisions Decisions Fate Stay Night is pretty good. This ones animation quality is higher though, but no one can fault The World Only God Knows on animation quality. Where you trying to dunk me or him? You may hate it by the end, but the ride was amazing, and it is a must see. B is excellent, and I still think you would like it.

Well, as far as I can see, this new season will be pretty decent, yesterday I watched D-Frag and I have to say that it’s fun!

I’m still wondering what are they going to do with the ero-scenes, I bet the fanbase would like to see something like that, even if it’s something short and covered like the sex scene between Yuki and Yuno in Mirai Nikki Can you link me a site with the manga?

Galaxy Express – movie Tokyo babylon X – the forever. She then asks for help. General John Ripper wrote: Defiantly watch the first season though. Coolness maybe, Awesomeness no that is my realm.

Dengru Royal Uhlans Amarr Empire Indeed, and don’t forget to also watch Umineko no Naku Koro ni! Mysterious Girlfriend X is a year old – so it’s basically new.


Currently On Toonami Saturdays: I just finished up Mashorioro Symphony – another show with loads of cute girls. Any fan of anime is a friend of mine. Had PC all weekend: I loved Oriemo Q. They had censors on swears I hate you Adult Swim.

Kuroko’s Basketball

Like Accell World I’m waiting for, certain black hair girl is nude in it ; Is she naked in the dub one? True anime fans love the underrated ones: I enjoyed it lol.

In Rust we trust. If on a computer i use this and if your trying to watch on a mobile device im using an android i use an app called animania its free. Dragon ball Z not really the hardcore anime, but still one of the greatest series out there. They will be VERY similar for awhile, but then the storylines change for the better. Ouran is another personal favorite of mine for it’s amazing character development.

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People who have seen it know what I am talking about. It’s just awesome and magical Just a bunch of school girls with PSY Powers that kick the crap animewafffles people.

Crunchyroll picked up all the good ones and Hulu got the other that seemed great. In fact, he is the opposite.

The only problem is every time I try to get one of my friends to watch kill la kill they immediately pass it off as hentai. Also I’m adding usagi drop to the list.

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epiaode Ghost Kaisar Titans of Phoenix I found another that shared the same reaction as before: Sweet Chii O’ mine! Especially Grave of the Fireflies. Why would they make those changes? I love those two anime. Soul Eater is pretty good, but the plot fluctuates way too much to keep you concerned for the characters.


Guys are tied up. Pay no attention to the shelf with subbed DVDs in my living room uhhhh okay? It’s a bit weird and kinda strange but it is really, really good.

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Just making my way through epizode list “All war is deception. Especially the Rin x Riki hook up. And I watch all my anime through streaming. I work in the IT industry so all the puns everywhere just tickle me to death Minmatar Logisis Heavy lover.

I need a new anime: She always voices a loli – and she’s passionate about it.

Samurai Girls Hyakka Ryouran: SAO 2 is confirmed Here is animwaffles hoping it does not suck nearly as bad as season 2 It was clear that they were going to cover that arc from the novels, I know it’s going to be awesome and like before, overrated as hell.

If you want hentai I’ll show you hentai. Try Spice and Wolf – It’s one of my favorite for Dubs and as a show itself it’s my number 1. The volumes I find just keep up with the anime. The legend Imperfects Negative-Feedback D I seqson the feeling animewafflew Little Busters is one of those shows whose episode 3 left off at a great cliff-hanger. Is that the same moment when you realize, it’s time for round 2? It’s the burner I see the most.

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