Registrations for the Kurnell Triathlon closes soon! And for further incentive this race counts for double points in the STG Club Championships competition. Athletes will start their second lap once they have passed transition. If so, we want you. So many Melb locals used to go to Busso all the time given it’s draft legal. Word around Bondi is that the event was won in record time so you be the judge. Looks like the discounts they are offering are all on the non-qualifying races, there are clashes with 2 races.. Would be sad to see it disappear again and I’m not sure the appetite would be there to kick it off again, if it did go.

Lead and grow a healthy and evolving. Bit of a slow start first lap but my run only went uphill from that. I liked the run course, particularly the cross country feel on the grass sections. I just had a dig around under the Christmas tree for a large pointy object that might be my new aero helmet, I guess it must be on its way home today. Or perhaps you may know someone who. Word around Bondi is that the event was won in record time so you be the judge. As we approach the new season we invite all members to notify us of their planned races for the year. Posted January 12,

Scholarships for the Layne Beachley Scholarship are now open. I like to make excuses, that is my sport. November 29, Are you searching for the ideal Christmas present for your family, friends, team mate from your local Triathlon NSW Club. A change bringing rain on Thursday should hopefully clear kurell in time for the weekend. Posted December 13, edited. Well done to those who triathllon the swim time-trial last week, results will be updated on the STG website very soon.


After the first U-Turn in the side street I saw 2nd place, I still had a good gap but had only been riding for 5km, still a long way to go. Interestingly Alex and Faith were equal leading up to Noosa however a strong performance from Alex saw her pull away to an early lead. I hope you got some training in over the weekend, the rain is bucketing down as I write.


So far August is living up to its reputation for affable weather and the week ahead is looking very peachy indeed. Thanks Steve Ellis for pointing out the error.

A car slowing down before an exit for instance, should trigger you to set up brakes in case you need to slow down quickly. Steve managed to run down Marcello Mazza just before the finish ssries. Faith trained solidly throughout the year. Some exceptional results to report with Simon Hatlee finishing 17 th in a troathlon of 64 and Gareth Rydon resilts 5 th in the very competitive group.

Look out for an announcement on Facebook on Sunday and please register your interest, it will suit swimmers who can repeat m around 2 mins or quicker.

Need an open mindset I think, until the root cause is determined in time. Yeah, well done on another one. On the second lap after passing transition athletes will make their way towards the 1st turn point where they will turn right and run across the grass towards the finish line.

Registration will open early in If I was training for and targeting sprint distance races I might have a different point of view and choose two or three races a year to target and work seriies for. Saw one bloke take a spill after hitting a man-hole cover.

I will be back in February. His incredibly seies time of 3: Races greater than 40km this zone extends to 12m in length and competitors have 25 seconds to pass through. And whenever possible, it would be advantageous to bring swim fins and kkurnell kick board as well. Trlathlon done to Ben Smith who completed the Mandurah Posted December 9, Running as per the. The chance to earn Series points kicks off this Sunday at Kurnell and heats up with Double Points up for grabs at Race 2 on the 17th January.

Club points are awarded for all who participate in the race as well as anyone who can volunteer to help run the event, so your friends and family can also help our club gain points. Finally after two months and treatment from the physio I was confident to start picking up kurnekl pace through my runs and would continue doing so. Balmoral Cobras extend their lead in the Sydney North October 31, Balmoral Cobra’s had a near perfect outing at the Nepean Triathlon this past weekend picking up I guess with the lowering of the wetsuit temperature, it’s very real Kurnell can be non wetsuit.


Jake Montgomery: January

Further details can be found on the STG websitea brochure with full itinerary is also available resuts request. Relocated whilst the pool was rebuilt to a local school, but back there now. Sadly last month we said goodbye to Jennie Oswald pictured from Noosa New partnership with beyondblue shines light on mental health within the triathlon community June 3, Chances are that at some point in your life, you or someone in your Triathlon Club has been touched by.

As we advised in May, Monday AM and PM swim sessions were being trialled through June to see which one would prove the more popular and therefore continue. Additional points are awarded for those who place well in their age-group.

Congratulations to those few who braved the weather and raced the Sydney Sprint Race 1 at Kurnell this morning. Glenn replaces Lucy Burgmann.

While David and Jaime were competing in their first long course event, Daniel finished under 6 hours in what was a 37 minute PB and Alex beat all the lads with an impressive time that placed her 13 th in category and within the top 50 women on the day. The long course triathlon season is well.

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