Life before the war. A declaration of the peace-support- ers. In the film he performed all dangerous stunts himself. To carry out a great work. The film is set in , time of changes, time of waiting for something big to happen. A good appe- tite. This man is a riddle to me.

To meet with difficulties. To wait for a friend. To have an opportunity. G MopH Ayer Berep. A man in a black suit. To go to a ballet.

An outburst of laughter. To overtake a fugitive.

To come off unscathed. She nearly fell asleep. To prepare pupils for an exami- nation. G MopH Ayer Berep. Yes, that’s necessary indeed. You come to see me just the same.

A thing one needs. To go on a visit. Life before the war.

Ancient monuments of architecture. The weight of a body. You must get fresh air.

The Edge ( film) – Wikipedia

H roBopHji oxny 06 axoM. I’ve nothing to do. To stroke the child’s head. He is always ready to help a friend. Recollection of one’s child- russuan. The house in which I live was built this year. To achieve great success. To do something at odd moments. Oh npncAex e anpeJie.


To write with a fountain-pen. Mocie will see this face again. KyAa bcaSx 3xa Aopo- ra? H noroBopHJi c oxhom na 3xy xeMy. Care for a friend. The leaves are quivering on the tree. To live in Moscow. To win respect and love.

Samogo languages

The coat is hanging on a hanger. The upbring- ing of a child. There are many people in the bus. A palace of culture. There are many theatres in Moscow. Let’s go by the underground! On the battle- field. To achieve splendid results. This is his sore spot.

To do one’s duty. An in- teresting report. These are followed by the names of the countries and the corresponding adjec- tives, e. A woman meets a man who isn’t the right man for her – but she hasn’t realised it yet He climbed in through the window. The world is infinite. Moscow State Univer- sity. The sun is scorching. He knows more than I do.

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