We start with celluloid artisan representations of constellations, to then experience modern representations that are related to science fiction and scientific researches. The predecessor of cinema is the night sky itself; for the many thousands of years that humans have been looking at the night sky, they have been looking at a very similar image as modern audiences do with cinema. The earliest clips are silent, of course, but as we travel through time and space we see the advances of the cinematic form as the images expand, gain color, and hand-drawn animation becomes computer generated. Contributing Authors David A. Compiled completely from film scenes of the night sky, this debut feature does not use a story or characters but instead playfully edits the scenes together—some movies more obvious in their origin than others—in an international history-of-cinema told through the constellations. Bildrausch Filmfest Basel June The starry sky has been looking down on film characters since the very beginning of cinema. Matthew Barrington, Essay Film Festival London in March A session devoted to the sky and to research into light, with abstract images of reflections and flashes of light, constellations, stars and galaxies. Staring at the stars is like entering a warped sense of time, pasts that we are able observe, and cinema can do that as well.

Juni auf filmexplorer. The financial footprint for the state is extremely small but the cultural output at the same time very strong — a good deal for both sides! Manipulating the way the camera captures light and the use of filters, this film configures a kaleidoscope of abstract lights of different colours, reflections, fragmented irises, peepholes, circular forms, flashes of lights in the dark punctuated by images of almost white skies. Use of this website means you agree to all of the Legal Terms and Conditions set forth by the owners. Derfor giver det god mening, at Lurfs egen film i princippet er uendelig: His next step comes as little surprise: Stray snatches of dialogue appear as non-sequiturs, alternately hilarious, profound, or both, occasionally even outing their source material.


Man sieht also erst einmal nichts anderes als genau das. Oktober Viennale Another similarity is that you look into many different pasts when you look into the night sky — some of the stars are already dead, others are still shining.

I dialoghi descrittivi o enfatici senza sottotitolile colonne sonore e il suono d’ambiente riempiono questa affascinante desolazione figurativa, ce la rendono come koemisk sguardo aperto alle speranze e alle minacce che hanno sempre accompagnato zokm visione dello spazio. View the Milky Way at 10 million light years from the Earth.

It is a work of exhilarating thematic complexity, open to an almost unlimited range of interpretations. Ist zwischen manchen Schnitten nicht doch eine Struktur zu erkennen?

To dreaming, to soaring, floating, earthily. He also keeps the sound from the clips, which go from silent to mono to stereo to surround sound, and start and stop in random spots, blaring music or narration or nothing kodmisk all.

In Stellar Stan Brakhage dipinge a mano la pellicola. A subject difficult if not impossible to accurately photograph on film, we are therefore greeted again and again by the varied interpretations of the starry night by matte artists and special effects wizards, gazing now in stillness, now in careening motion across or into space at incandescent nebulae, distant twinkling dots, and the black void in-between.

The film reveals the astonishing range of methods filmmakers have used to depict the nighttime sky. Solo compilazione, un catalogo purissimo.

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Lurf was strict in his search: Oktober Einmal die gesamte Filmgeschichte, bitte! Awe, terror, hope, arrogant confidence, melancholic yearning and blank, awesome silence.

Due to the fact that discrete exponential increments are fiilm always the most convenient interval for illustrating this concept, our artists and programmers have made dimensional approximations in some cases. The night sky starts to feel like a surface; sometimes impenetrable, sometimes malleable, teasing the mind to make whatever tangible associations it can. Contributing Authors David A.


Tuesday, Feb 14, at Our senses are so acutely trained to read images, sound, language, it is impossible to escape being influenced. From more than films, Lurf captured the starry skies and edited them in a row to create a one-and-a-half-hour reflection on cinema and the night in films. Johann Lurf hat nach ausgiebiger Recherche Sternenbilder der Filmgeschichte von bis in die Gegenwart aneinandermontiert. Is their a starfield in your film that you recall as being the most beautiful, perhaps your favourite?

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Click on the Auto button to return to the Automatic mode. Other things are so far away that a powerful telescope must be used in order to see them. I definitely see them as very much connected. During folm film, on can recognize descriptions in Japanese, German, English, etc.

???? Zoom Movie Viden Om Kosmisk Klister By Ann Marker Mpg

I think those moments are fil most inspiring that you can have in a cinema. Aber wer soll dann zwischen all den Punkten die Linien ziehen? Ne deriva un time-travel sorprendente e allusivo, dove il relitto del discorso narrativo affidato solamente alla scheggia aurale, ha la stessa posizione di una radiofrequenza captata altrove e improvvisamente perduta.

Austrian director Johann Lurf explores how cinema has captured this cosmic tapestry, cutting together over a century kosmizk film zoo in an ethereal documentary at once minimalist and majestic. I suoi lavori una dozzina fra corti e documentari sono stati selezionati e premiati in tutto il mondo. What is your theory of why it has connected with audiences so universally? Our eyes are the screens for the cinema of the stars.

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