Are you an asian horror movie fan? My Website Follow https: The mayor has already served two terms and runs for a third time. While trying to carry on with their regular lives, some strange things start to happen around the house which leads to surprising revelations and shocking conclusion. In one rare moment of calm, Bok-sun, tired from harvesting potatoes under the glare of the afternoon sun, looks up to the sky seeking reprieve, but what dawns on her is an onslaught of retribution. Hee-soon, a writer shifts to a small town after being involved in a plagiarism scandal. Shreya Vaid Shreya Vaid is a Bibliophile, food lover and a wild child! When your talent becomes your worst nightmare, how do you survive?

The film is about So-yeon, who works at a small pet-grooming shop called Kitty N Puppy. What could be the reason for such a hindrance? You want to forget something. He spends his time locked away training and planning revenge on the person who is responsible for locking him up. Views Read Edit View history. Memento Mori Yeogo goedam II One of the first Korean movies depicting lesbian relationship, Memento Mori is a story about two high school girls romantically involved. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The story was still fresh in my mind. He begins to investigate a mysterious case and goes up against conspiracy.

It became the first horror film in Vietnam, after the Fall of Saigon and also, the first rated film A list of 13 South Korean revenge movies. But one day the daughter picks up her phone and only hears a scream, a scream that leaves an effect on her which no one can explain.


Is Hammurabi’s Code not good enough? The Deal broke a box-office record when released for being one of highest grossing S. A movie was showing the bio-hazard deivl in a horrific manner. During a fight, Hwa-yi fires a gun to kill someone. Detective 4 Chae-young Yoon But then, she gets to know that the same book has been published 10 years ago!

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No matter what you are searching for in Korean horror films, you are sure to find some answers with this list of Korean horror movies. School-bus driver Kyung-chul happens upon Joo-yun one snowy night and offers to help fix her flat tire. Jee-woon Kim adaptationHoon-jung Park screenplay. Inthe Qing tilm attacks Joseon.

30+ Best Korean Horror Movies You Should Definitely Watch!

When their daughter is kidnapped, they realize that only they can save her now. A comic Artist is forced into turmoil when she becomes a suspect in two gruesome murders. Her close friend also moves into her empty room with her husband and adopted a daughter. To get to the bottom of the truth, Hee-Soon starts on a hunt to find the mystery storyteller again. The man can do no wrong in revil eyes. Finally giving into the destiny, they decide to adopt a six-year-old, Jin0Seong and bring him to their home.


Along With the Gods: He is too shocked to say anything to the others. However, those anti-hero thoughts were quickly dashed away – he’s straight up evil.

After Young-eon convinces her that something large is at play, both the friends get on the task to discover what exactly happened to Young-eon. Retrieved from ” https: Koreaniacher film is slow-burning and does not have all the action or fighting that we are used to in South Korean revenge films. Arang Arang is a South Korean horror film. Distraught about Hyo-jin’s condition, Jong-goo’s mother-in-law seeks help from a shamanIl-gwang. Fantasia Festival Review – MovieHooker.

To take revenge, she joins decil other outcast friends and uses Ouija Board to cast a spell on the four biggest tormentors. Full Cast and Crew. Heart Blackened by Jung Ji-woo. The police officer tells Jong-goo of what he saw, and hands over a shoe which belongs to Jong-goo’s daughter, Hyo-jin.

Suh Dong-hyun Kim Ho-sung [1]. Quotes Section Chief Oh: Share this Rating Title: Sang-Hyun then goes to the home of that man and finds some evidence.

I found out about this film after watching the great S.

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