Do better reading the manga…. Ladies vs Butlers Ep. Dying to try to find dat feel again in an anime series which is why I asked you pros. Coyle February 4, at 1: If your a sports anime guy, then you will love it. May 21 Tasogare Otome Ep. If you are too kind and cheerful, does misfortune and sadness come to restore balance?

Not the predictable stuff that hogs so much time. And maybe TV networks will see how much we want it and make it come back. The final arc is going great in the manga and there have already been so many twists in it. This bites the big one. Sunite June 27, at 4: If you miss Bleach you can always read the manga from Bleach onwards! I starting because a girl I was interested in said I reminded her of Yuki.

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One piece needs more action. I gotta recommend Toaru Majutsu no Index to you guys, its just way too funny in some parts and I’ve actually gotten pretty pumped throughout it ws. I apologise if this has already been mentioned Think to the media you see and hear about, how many people have got things done by creating a FB page???? Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Ep.

Fellow Aniblogger Justin at Anti-Social Aimeratio has brought to my attention my need to network better with other bloggers. I wouldn’t be surprised at all. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia.

One Piece, I was kinda expecting a deus ex machina within the plot to turn things around, I still have no friggin clue what’s going down. Although I do like a few of the ones for children they are cute and bring a smile to my face. I am with you too! What about alternative loans: I just watched the last episode and im pissed to see thst the anime is over. Michelle April 4, at She was a very active member at St.


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Hopefully it will be coming in a few years for the final arc! Fillers, individually, were good.

Please someone, is there anyway to get the Bleach anime keep on going? Bleach needs to be finished in its entirety. Romeo April 17, at 4: Koee an anime catches up to the manga, it forces the anime to put out filler episodes. Otherwise bring back Bleach already and throw the fillers out….

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Absolute power corrupts absolutely, but it rocks absolutely, too. He won’t be writing a Animeratoo Yu Hakusho sequel anytime time soon. Until that time comes I will wait in anticipation and continue reading an absolutely superb story Like Like. Bleach Anime will be Back! May 16 Sankarea Ep. There are probably millions of fans just waiting for Ichigo and his gang to come back to the TV!

Many animerztio sucks and bleach is one of them in my opinion.

Which reminded me of bleach at times. Sunite March 31, at This Final Arc will last like 6 to 9 years. June 15 Sankarea Ep. Michelle July 6, at 2: I kind of think this a way to create a gap between the two arcs without having to make fillers lets just hope it comes back soon. The anime will definitely come back. May 12 Accel World Ep. I was Listening to One piece opening 14 fandub and there is this shitty bastard saying bleach is trash and rest r okay.


Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! Yamato Lightsaber Scene |

There are so many things left to answer. Learn how your comment data is processed. June 16 Accel World Ep.

There is soooo much to explain is such a small amount of time! With the male lead taking care of his female childhood friend which is typically the other way around and his disdain for pursuing a relationship that might distract him from his studies, this series has shown it wants to do things differently. It’s the vampire kids arc, and it’s hands-down the best arc of the envlish series. It could also be true that deesu author has just run out of steam for the show, which renders this whole ddsu kind of pointless.

I’m all caught up on Sakamichi ep May 18 Sankarea Ep. There is so much this author can still do. Sunite May 6, at Clannad AS had one of the most effective time-skips after episode

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