But idk he could be trying to cover his tracks I’m watching it right now Angela Bassett is back, but hasn’t been announced yet. They kind of screwed up by including this in Asylum, but maybe they could find a way to explore it, by maybe mentioning Asylum, idk. It was the perfect balance of arc and shock-and-awe. TheDarkPoet Honey, ever since Ms. Delia declines, and asks her mother why she was so awful to her, was it because Fiona knew that Delia would take her power one day?

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your Twitter account. I see Jennifer Lynch is returning to direct an episode. Hopefully this won’t totally suck near the end of the season as all do: Last season sucked because it just sucked. Who’s the father March or Valentino? I actually kinda liked the pilot.

Either that, or the show is trying to make us believe real hard that he is in order to break out one heck of a surprise. She is also the editor of powderroom. Lana Winters character was amazing. Too bad it was for the wrong season, she really should’ve gotten that nomination for Roanoke. But I kind of think it was something related to the hell loop.

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I hope Lange bring some short dramatic element in the show with her one episode appearance. I like what they did.

The obsession he has with the case, the fact that he chose to stay at the Cortez, he was invited to Marchs seriel killer dinner, he passes out a lot, loses time, the fact that he hasn’t died yet, when it seems like every single person who stays at the hotel dies horribly, the vampire girl was very open and friendly with him, even though he was just some strange guy who came into her room and started asking her questions.


Queenie and Zoe are her salt-and-pepper shaker second-in-commands, and harmony among all peoples has been achieved at last. And as for telekinesis, Delia sees your candlestick, Undead Madison Montgomery, and raises you a piano. Sister Jude’s last moments of life in the Asylum finale is still the best thing that happened in AHS She ain’t gon die.

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He was freaking 50 in Murder house and he looked: But somehow the 1st ep made me want to watch more. Okay the whole John storyline was confusing as hell, I know it’s meant to be, because we don’t have all the answers yet and so on but wtf is going on?

She was seen on the set. Is it just me, or is Johns story getting a little Remember, in both Murder House and Coven, death doesn’t mean you’re gone for goode And, I feel that this season represents a return to greatness for the AHS franchise after the last 2 seasons, that had been jumping the shark.

I feel like it’s getting overblown. This was series about a group of women who, through their own innate power, represented a threat to the patriarchal status quo. As for the rest Well, the Countess did say that Hodror reminded her of a past love, “one even more beautiful” than him.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a stkry. What was the point of that? All hail the new Supreme, Sarah Paulson.

Growing up, I had an irrational fear of clowns. One of two things happened here: Highly doubt about Delphine since he talked about how they’ll show this yin and yang to her character which even the most vile humans haveI never even for a second doubted that they’d show her true side that she was trying to hide to get her way in the house.


And nobody thinks Glenn Close is more brilliant than I. Kathy Bates so deserved to win for Roanoke. Are they ever gonna show the vampire kids that attacked the school a couple episodes back? I can’t imagine her not doing it.

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No where america as good as the other seasons! Skip to content American Horror Story: John is on some Dr. But then so is staging a Last Supper with a bunch of witches, so. Oh like i said, last season had MANY problems and Finn wittrock was one of them – i agree about the fact that killing Sfory was a problem for the season. It really appeals to the complexity of a person’s issues and how dealing with those issues is a lifelong effort of unlocking the right and wrong “rooms” within.

When will these sad little children learn? Probably even better than his work in season 1 as Tate. SaveSarahPoor Sarah, stuck with the man who made her career and keeps giving her leading complex characters and Emmy nominations year after year. Why did they ban ha?? But this is AHS, he will eventually serve a very important purpose.

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