Love’s Stray in New York!? Hiroto and Seiji both ask Kirari out on a date. After having gone out with Hiroto to the beach, Kirari seems to have found inspiration, feelings of love. Of course Erina wants to get all the credit and tries to trick Kirari again. With the live show about to begin, Kirari desperately searches for Na-san. Meanwhile, Kirari’s mother in the Tsukishima family portrait looks very familiar, like a certain actress Kirari naturally chooses Seiji, but she doesn’t know why her heart pounds for Hiroto. However, since there will be a kiss, the director has to choose between Seiji, Hiroto, or Arashi.

Hiroto o Mamore Daisakusen!! Kirari’s Quiz Showdown with a Genius!! With a slim chance of Kirari debuting her first CD, Seiji finds a perfect method to succeed Kirari’s singing debut. Papa is Against It!? Hikaru will be performing on stage, but has a nervous case of stage fright. After the premiere of the drama starring her, will she have second thoughts? After having gone out with Hiroto to the beach, Kirari seems to have found inspiration, feelings of love.

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Higashiyama, angry at Akane’s withdrawal, decides to take revenge on Kirari by cancelling one of her concerts. Of course Erina wants to get all the credit and tries to trick Kirari again. Aoi says she is retiring as an idol, and receives an explosive goodbye from her idol peisode.

Naomi to Sakurako Kiseki no Deai ” Japanese: Hiroto and Izumi ‘Declaration of Lover!? But they can’t go alonebecause rumors can start Emotionally damaged from Luna’s confession, Kirari holds reevolution last concert.


This article needs additional citations for verification. Erina Falls in Love! Hiroto tells Kirari that she express her feelings for Seiji.

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She needs every help she can to bring her next manga to completion. Izumi, recently hired by Higashiyama, suddenly kisses Hiroto in front of episde big crowd during a relay competition. Although Kirari was able to make a new submission, both Izumi and Kirari’s entry becomes overshadowed by Fubuki’s entry. Hiroto is out in the streets of Kirari’s hometown!

At the celebration, Fubuki soon recalls how Kirari had technically given her Mya-san. Although Kirari’s identity is discovered while saving Na-san, her confidence and persistence allowed her to become an idol. Determined, Kirari sneaks into the concert and discovers that Seiji and Hiroto are part iirarin Ships.

Mushroom in Manga Training!?

Episodw Kirari can progress as an idol, Kumoi asks for permission from Kirari’s father. Na-san, with some background on singing, teaches her how to become a better singer. Goin to school also became a problem because of Kirari’s work schedule.

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To make matters worse, the media about this kissing event spreads very quickly. Tevolution to Tensai Kirafin Batoru!! However, Kirari finds herself in a predicament, she loves Seiji, but she always gets nervous around Hiroto. Kirari Tsukishima saves a turtle stuck in a tree, and its owner, Seiji Hiwatari, gives her a ticket to a Ships concert.

He claims to hold the 1 title for best magicians. Kirari and Luna film a movie on an island. Kirari’s older brother, Subaru, has come from America.


Erina makes the task harder by telling, whining, and making direct lies at Tomy, the person who runs Kirari’s 1st job. Izumi, rivaling Kirari, will enter the competition as well. With Akane rfvolution from the idol queen, Aoi and Kirari are working to win that title through concerts.

Bacharugemu de Daibouken Nano Resu ” Japanese: Kirari is from Higashiyama Co. Specter-Buster is at Work! Kirari and Erina have to do a joint segment where they will solve a mystery in a deserted hotel.

Of course, Erina secretly tries to make Kirari lose. InViz Media ‘s European branch licensed the anime for European release under the title Kilari! In the week of December, the Kirarin Revolution anime series had an average viewership rating of 2. Erina, also in her new class, tries to make Kirari’s first day a nightmare. Na-san finds his route back and reunites with Kirari just in time for the live show.

Seiji asks her to a date?

Episode will start the series in 3D avatar figures. Hiroto sees this as the perfect time for Kirari to confess to him!

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