The bad Momoka escapes the mansion looking for Fuyuki. Keroro and Fuyuki spend an afternoon at Grandma’s house. When Giroro hears that, he realizes what interests him the most and what he really wants to do After doing that, they finally find out none of the burgers have been sold, but only the smiles have been selling, so the plan fails. Kogoro decides to stay in Earth but it’s hard for him to find a job because of his weird actions and speeches. Keroro decides to attempt to grow his army by turning animals into soldiers to join the platoon. Keroro and Tamama laugh at what Pekoponians think is scary so Natsumi challenge them back to a scary story telling competition of Humans against Keronians, with Giroro as the forced referee. The three of them are saved by a strange woman that rings a bell.

Frog by Mine Yoshizaki. The true culprit is later revealed to be Giroro, another member of Keroro’s platoon. However, Koyuki is invited instead. In part A, the platoon snoops through the Tanabata wishes of the town. Episode Natsumi, Is it a Love Triangle? How the West Was Run! The fleet abandons Keroro instead of rescuing him, leaving him to perform chores around the Hinata family household. Jerseyman Fuyuki ” Japanese:

A battle between Keronians, humans and Mois starts for the control of the Lucifer Spear that would grant the destruction, conquer or safety of the planet. They’re no match for Momoka’s gunsoj personality though, and later, when Momoka has called the rescue squad, they find out that it was Kururu’s island.

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Spoiler Some users flagged this comment as containing a spoiler. The title for each episode of the series always starts with the name of a character that becomes the episode’s focus. Once there Keroro challenges Natsumi to a swimming race which she losses. Things don’t go as planned when Karara ends up destroying Keroro’s, Giroro’s, Kululu’s, and Dororo’s possessions by accident. Fuyuki takes the Keroball Keroro’s weapon and fiddles around with it, accidentally sending a signal to the Keronian invasion fleet alerting them of Keroro’s capture.


The Red String Theory!

Giroro trains the brother while Keroro, Tamama and Mois search for epixode kids’ target. Summer Training Camp” Transcription: The Keroro platoon sets out to find a dangerous alien responsible for destroying hundreds of planets so Keroro can gain prizes and recognition. How to add a video: Night of the Living Room! Natsumi, Is it a Love Triangle? Meanwhile, Momoka will stop at nothing to make a virtual love connection with Fuyuki.

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However, Pekoponians are illegal in Alien street! Luckily he’s saved by the girl he met. Episode Natsumi, Is it a Love Triangle?

In part B, The Keroro platoon make a test from the Keron Army, asking for their hobbies, interests, etc. At the end, when Natsumi wins, their find kind of ends, when they find out Fuyuki wasn’t mad about the health examination accident, but that Natsumi threw away an occult magazine he left in the hallway. Keroro discovers the persuasive powers of the radio and decides kegoro host a show that would brainwash humans to hand over the planet.

Giroro suspects that the reason behind Keroro’s lost interest in the Pekoponian invasion comes from a difference in humidity between Earth and Keron.

Mecha Nyororo ” Transcription: Giroro feels the call of nature but falls off a cliff, Tamama finds someone with who to train and ends up injured and Keroro ends lost in the woods with a dog.

The platoon runs for it, with Natsumi chasing them. Okaruto Taikai de Arimasu ” Japanese: In part A, an unsure assassin-in-training has trouble finding the nerve to challenge Dororo. Episode Keroro, Uru Has Come! When things were looking good a tiger horse attacked them, when Keroro looked at a childhood toy, his tramua turned on.

The Hinatas visit Grandma in her house at the mountain and the 2208 tag along. Momoka tries to confess her feelings for Fuyuki, but is interrupted when Tamama farts while hidden inside her schoolbag. In part A, gknsou platoon once again let their copy robots take care of the house while they plan for fun activities, but things once again spiral out of hand.


Keroro takes vengeance on Natsumi by turning her into a dog.

How the West Was Run! That Delusion is Mine! With Keroro realizing and telling it was actually him telling Giroro it was okay to burn it, they get tied to pieces of wood on a campfire and get punished.

Keroro Gunsou AFGS: Keroro Gunsou the cell phone episode is out!

To date, the first 78 episodes have been released in English by FUNimation. Ku Ku Kachoo Mr. Parent’s Classroom Visit” Transcription: In a prequel to the first segment, the Hinata family first discovers and captures Sgt. Optional, please keep it short.

They follow Natsumi to the Hinata’s house looking for aliens that threaten the peace of Pekopon. In part A, Keroro takes Fuyuki and Natsumi on a trip to the moon, while also hoping to quietly ditch his invasion deadline countdown. Keroro realizes that if they get in a fight, Keroro might get all the blame. Outburst of Laughter, Sengoku Comedian War! Manatsu no Owarai Batoru de Arimasu ” Japanese: Keroro, Build A Company!

However, Keroro is worried that Santa Clause will be first to conquer the planet. The Platoon decides to help the girl and discovers the reason behind her violence. Keroro and Fuyuki spend an afternoon at Grandma’s house. Keronian of the Hidden Fortress. Since nobody shows up, Keroro decides to have Dororo teach the platoon the ways of the ninja, however they struggle to pay attention.

Natsu Gasshuku de Arimasu ” Japanese: Kululu shows all of them a video of Mois’ activities which was supposed to be secret and a gift to her father. Meanwhile, Fuyuki is stalked by Momoka, a girl who had come across Private Tamama, one of Keroro’s platoon members.

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