Which side does it favour? Yeah right, sedangkan engko selaku pengarah yang cast awek muda dalam scene ni, bagi diorang pakai baju ketat dan mendedahkan kulit, dan suruh diorang menari seksi seseksi-seksinya. It’s the Ash blog!!! The Wan And Only. It has its fair share of plot holes – why does Hu keep pressing Lim for money he knows the penniless cabbie doesn’t have? I was in awe of the special effects in the film where it binds together the elements of a movie and comics. So toksahlah ko bagi alasan yang ko buat filem untuk orang desa dan kampung, when all you’ve done is made a laughably bad movie.

One of the many dumb things this movie does is replace her with not-at-all-promising newcomer Shiqin Kamal midway through the movie; fortunately, around the same time we get Nur Fazura. From The House of Pinkrabbit. You can do it. Hu’s accomplice Mrs Sng Phyllis Quek , the stepmother of the intended victim, begins to regret her involvement; but not even her revelation that her daughter Jia Wei Regene Lim is also Hu’s child deters him. Views from the 4th floor.. Hell, you’ve got Afdlin Shauki and Harun Salim Bachik, two genuinely funny comedians, and you completely wasted both of them. When Atoi realises his mistakes, it is a case of too little too late as he has lost his powers and the evil force, Alakazambo, has kidnapped his family. Malaysian Hi Tea and a book!

With decent visual effects, an established cast plus jokes that will keep the audience entertained throughout the film, this is a must watch for all ages and for those who are hungry for a ,apoww local superhero film!

Its characters are thoroughly dislikable idiots whom we are expected to sympathize with; the first we see of our hero Kasyah is in a football match in which he beats up the referee and puts the guy in a hospital for a week. Qjaib Smith is great for a year-old kid, and he looks set to rival his dad for sheer screen presence in a few more years, but here he’s still a little raw.

I have had occasion to be accused synopsid being biased against local films in favour of Hollywood ones. I am making none of this up. He has super-hearing and super-speed, and we see him use both abilities only once and never again. Oh, and Que Haidar? It just had some vague scene directions into which the actors are thrown into, then told to ad-lib their own dialogue and buat lawak sendiri.


Which makes this Farid Kamil’s second movie in a synnopsis with a gay subtext. Posted by TMBF at However, unlike Cicak Man I use this example because it was a superhero movie just like this one where I was so put off by the romantic scenes synopsid what’s supposed to be a comedy, this one scores well because the touchy scenes didn’t come from anything romantic.

Soon, they too turn their backs on Atoi. Kemunculan kembali yang terlampau tidak menjadi. Re; 5 4 years ago. Wednesday, June 30, Superhero ala Melayu ala bangang.

But, after a long-winded touchy-feely act, we were all brought back to laughing hard, and I totally applaud the smart efforts of the Director, Azizi ‘Chunk’ Adnan. This particular one was executed terrifically well inand it’s done pretty well too here. Is he desperate for cash?

Subscribe To Me Posts Atom. After less than 10 minutes, I heard a voice asking me if the seats on my table were taken and I couldn’t have been more than happy. In the intervening years since Toy Story 2a great many of Andy’s toys have been sold off at yard sales – one of which, sadly, is Bo Peep, Woody’s paramour.

But just like the zynopsis Pixar film I reviewed, I just might change my mind after another viewing.

It is that the loss of Daisy’s love has made him turn his back on the companionship of his fellow toys, making him cruel and callous to another toy’s fate. One day, he gets struck jaaib lightning and he gets his wish – he can now move as fast as a speeding bullet and he has extraordinary vision.

Kapoww!! () – IMDb

But, I can’t say anything negative about it either because I truly enjoyed it and not just because it was a free preview. Raising a minority personality 4 days ago. A spurious lie, of course – I have given plenty of unfavourable ratings to the latter as well as favourable ones to the former. Miyagi and John Kreese roles. Toy Story 3 Expectations: See, I sjnopsis there’s te a thing as “low comedy”.


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And yes, I said Malay movies and Malay audiences. There’s a wealth of superhero movies, both parodies as well as serious entries, from which to draw inspiration – and hell, there’s no reason not to check out the original comic books while you’re at it. It’s the Ash blog!!! It’s easy to assume that the film is similar to the “Cicak-Man” franchise, but contrary to syhopsis, this graphic comic film has a superhero unlike any other.

Kapoww!! – Not Quite A Movie Review

Um, good luck with that. To which my reply would be: I haven’t seen it yet; probably never will What the fuck are you guys doing making movies? And does Dato’ Rahim Razali have financial problems? Lim Seng Huat Christopher Lee is a ne’er-do-well cab driver raising his son Wei Siang Jerald Tan on his own whilst fighting a custody case against his ex-wife.

Posted by TMBF at 9: But they’re still total bums who can’t make their rent, so they get kicked out, but then they find rooms to let from Salmah Sheila Mambowho is being wooed by her neighbour Pak Ajis Dato’ Aziz Sattar. Toy Story 3 My rating: Ko sedar tak, inilah yang membuatkan bangsa Melayu dipandang rendah, tau?

Kate will return to Kasyah, but Azmi will show up again, kidnap her and demand Kasyah’s baby as ransom. This is one advantage it has over The Loserswhose action was mostly pedestrian. Am I Talking Alone? But we’ve already seen him at his best.

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