Violet Archer Ghost Writer. But critics noted that Shimizu’s minimalist approach to directing and storytelling — a necessary by-product of the production’s limited overall resources — allows the films to retain their ability to unnerve viewers. Double Stacked Shelves Battling the bulge on my bookshelves. The novels were all published by Kadokawa Shoten and have not received English-language translations, apart from the novelization of Ju-On: I would be able to trace the deadly path of the curse had stories been shown from beginning to end. It is worth noting that this film and its sequel are not remakes of the V-Cinema films, as is commonly believed but are, in fact, sequels.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The Grudge Wii “. It is about a house and a little boy, who at first comes off as disturbed, perhaps sad, but is otherwise normal. Kurosawa helped Shimizu shepherd the Ju-On projects to fruition. The Grudge Ju-On: Views Read Edit View history.

Retrieved August 9, In honor of the series’ 10th anniversary, a game, titled Ju-On: The film was not a remake and followed a unique storyline, albeit still drawing inspiration from several Japanese films.

Review of Ju-On: The Curse

Black Ghost Ju-On: Following the success of the two direct-to-video films, and the international success of Hideo Nakata ‘s RingKurosawa and Ring screenwriter Hiroshi Takahashi helped Shimizu develop a theatrical Ju-On jukn starring Megumi Okina and Takako Fuji. The Finalwhich served as the supposed final film in the series. The Beginning of the End Ju-On: A tragedy within the walls creates a curse that spreads to those that enter the house.


Black Ghost premiered in simultaneous screenings in Japanese theaters. Leave a Reply Juoj reply Enter your comment here I was going to write up a review right after seeing it, but I decided to wait until I had seen the lesser-known prequels.

The curse’s manifestation is mainly death, where the victims’ bodies may or may not disappear. Alas, the out-of-sequence storytelling is a trademark of the series. The video game was confirmed on May 22, From the same wikipedia page: The Grudge Ju-On: White Ghost and Black Ghost were released in honour of the series’ tenth anniversary. This article needs additional citations for verification.

The spirits of the deceased haunt the location, potentially killing anyone who encounters subtihles curse by any means, such as entering a cursed house or being in contact with somebody who was already cursed. ssubtitles

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Find the Ghosts, Win a Free Book! I am always appreciating fresh approaches to haunted house tales. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The film is a reboot of the series that features a new backstory regarding the curse while still featuring the Saeki family as an integral part of the plot.

Retrieved 8 September Violet Archer Ghost Writer. Kurosawa helped Shimizu shepherd the Ju-On projects to fruition.

subbtitles The stories are all connected; some take place within kuon haunted house; which is a modern home in a suburb of Tokyo. Under very tight budgetary constraints, Shimizu’s films garnered much acclaim from both critics and genre fans for their effective use of limited locations and eerie atmosphere to generate chills.

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Retrieved 1 February The first two films in the series were so-called V-Cinemaor direct-to-video releases, but became surprise hits as the result of favorable word of mouth. The title of the films translates roughly to “Curse Grudge”, which skbtitles putting up a curse while bearing a grudge against someone or something. Due to the major success of the remake, an American sequel was released.

The titular curseju-onis one which takes on a life of its own and seeks new victims.

Review of Ju-On: The Curse | The Books of Daniel

Ju-Onand in Europe under the title Ju-On: Pulp Fiction is one example of such a success. The game does not feature any combat, as its format relies on subtle exploration and scare tactics. The Beginning of the End. The Grudge is decent but confusing.

The Grudge 2 was released. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

The film is set for a release and will be the only release in the franchise, along with The Grudge 3to have a fully American setting. Basically, a family is brutally murdered inside their home the house that is central to the story and the ghosts of the victims come back and kill others that enter the home.

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