It would be a sad day when we become blase or misled into disregarding Islam. We have taken necessary steps to secure our computing environment and to keep your data safe. Ntando Duma moves on from baby daddy, bags new TV show. There are still those among us who think the only real Muslims in South Africa are Indians. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Laugh Out Loud – Season 1. This article lightly touches on most issues.

Apparently Joey rasdien vyed full retard, and made fun of sahaba and the prophet. Because they believe something different from you? He narrated more than hadiths, about hadiths, from this two years company, Compare this with the few hadiths narrated by Aisha, Abu Baker, or Omar after very long company of the prophet. And the backlash only grew from there, and got uglier. He attended Coronationville High school in Johannesburg and achieved a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the Rand Afrikaans University, subsequently renamed to the University of Johannesburg. Having performed in Toronto and other countries, Rasdien says it is always hard to make international audiences laugh.

Compare the numbers of Hadiths given by Abu Baker by that of Abu Hurayra while keeping in mind that Abu Baker accompanied the Prophet for about 23 years, while Abu Hurayra accompanied the Prophet for less than 2 years. A comedy festival regular, Hastie was the youngest radio host in the country at the tender age conedy 13 and subsequently spent five years with K-TV and YFM.

Gold Reef City Casino | Joey Rasdien – “BASIC”

And yes I do have intense hatred for every Shia because their entire religion is based upon hatred of the companions of the Prophet peace be upon him. Be humble and comexy faithful to God n allow others and their opinions. Abu Stznd admitted for only 20, Dirham Abu Hurayra was the one accused most of fabricating hadiths. The Hadiths are to be included in the reform.


Sign in Recover your password. How is it that people whose first words to each other are: Joey Rasdien should not be equated to the journalists of the Jyllands-Posten.

Joey Rasdien “Point Of Reference “

In addition, Rasdien has performed in many major comedy festivals in South Africa and is a regular on the comedy circuit at the country’s leading venues. Fathima says 2 years ago. Intellectually upp and physically hysterical, Rasdien uses his huge intellect and effortless delivery to highlight the social, political, moral and ethical questions facing South Africans today.

Picture of the day: Rasdien’s absurd yet thought-provoking stand-up comedy show tackles the touchy subject of evolution and how natural selection has blessed many of the figures that loom over South African life. Whether correct or not God is the judge n not you. Umar Ibn al-Khattab, hadiths Religion in general should not be joked about. Mackno34 says 2 years ago. Joey Rasdien is the face of a new generation of South African comedy. Sttand February 26, This versatile performer was also a regular on the Club Comedy circuit,where he’s performed to sell out audiences at incl.

Adding yet another string to her bow, Hastie has rasden multiple characters for feature-animated films, The Adventures of Dick King and Bushfire Fairtytales.

Comedy & Joburg Legend Joey Rasdien gets back to BASIC(s) at Gold Reef City’s Lyric Theatre

Controversial comedienne and writer Nina Hastie is clearly one smart cookie. He created, co-produced, co-wrote and stars in the series.

Rasdien is comed than just a comedian. Because, despite being a comedian and yes, an irreverent one at that, we will not believe that he intentionally and arrogantly set out to offend his fellow Muslims by trampling upon what is sacred and sensitive to them.


Glambition – Season 1. Abu Hurayra told his audience that he is telling them hadiths that if he ever mentioned when Omar was alive, he would be given several lashes. Work on the big screen followed with his movie debut in the South African-produced feature film Dollars and White Pipesin which he played one of the leads.

SA’s Indian Muslims need to check themselves before going after Joey Rasdien – The Daily Vox

Second, people seem to have forgotten that, as part of rasdine joke, Rasdien asked a simple question of the scholars present. The Bantu Hour – Season 2. Arthur Charles says 2 years ago. They are human beings with families and lives. David Kau Info Book.

Comedian Joey Rasdien was dragged by Muslims on social media this weekend after making a controversial comment during a comedy set at the Ilm Arts Festival, which took place at the Sandton Convention Centre on Saturday. So where would Joey have gotten a figure of 40, when the largest collection of hadith from ALL the Sahabah, which is the Musnad of Ahmad ibn Hanbal, holds a grand total of less than 40, ahadith?

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