He closes his eyes jalal smiles and pats him. Jodha stands in the middle of the hall, starts singing a song praising the valour of Rajputs, all are shocked and then stand, Jalal is angry , Ma has disapproving looks, Ruks again instigate Jalal agains Jodha as she will cause the downfall of the pride of Mughals soon, finally after some moments , Jalal shouts, BAS!!! Jodha enters the venue with her brothers. Priest ask for their hands. Scene 4 baraat reahes the venue of marriage. Scene 1 voiceover- the story of jodha akbar which had to written in history has started it will join to entities. All leaves except moti. Scene 6 mena and bharmal are looking preparations and all are busy arranging things.

A password will be e-mailed to you. Jalal didnt mind when you ran off but now everything is in your hand. She informs bharmal jodha is ready for marriage. Hameeda gifts her the clothes and Jodha is surprised to see that, Hameeda tells her that she had made it specially according to her tastes and cultures. Jodha smiles slightly and gives a look to jalal. He see that halwai who talked ill about him. Then Rukaiya arrives with her fleet of daasis and then Jodha comes to know that the verbal fight she had earlier in the day was none other than Rukaiya. One rajput interrupts and says according to ritual first mother will welcome than you can come in.

A purdah in between Jodha and Jalal, both are getting married according to Islamic customs. Maham ask him to come with me. Maham comes and ask akbar to get up.


BDas says that looks like AK is not happy with their presence. She remembers every moment.

Ruks comes to know that Jodha is the one who got married to Jalal. Bharmal greets them and ask to come in.

Masa got the answer. Scene 8 jodha wipes her tear and gets up along with jalal. Hameeda asks her to get ready for the grand function, Jodha wonders and tells Moti, what is this function all about and is it necessary for her to attend. Jalal says as i am king i can do anything but for your information he accepted otherwise she would win. writtten

Jodhaa Akbar 9th August Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Priest ties knot on her hand. Jodha hugs her mother. Jalal is informed by that man that jodha can see him before marriage. Jodha takes a small bite but Jalal holds her hand ,gobbles the whole rasogolla and looks at her intently and smirks. Maham says if you are can we do some ritual also. A password will be e-mailed to you. Aslam turns around but adham kills him. Hameeda gifts her the clothes and Jodha is surprised to see that, Hameeda tells her that she had made it specially according to her tastes and cultures.

Madhubala 5th August Written Episode Update. Jodha gives the necklace but does not apologise. Adham eyes moti and other ladies and says they are good. Das says after this marriage amer will be safe ever.

Sign in Recover your password. Bharmal says i have solution and gives her poison bottle. They comes to isolated place. They are asked to feed sweets to each other. She ask bharmal you also.


She does the rituals maham is not at all happy. Masa praises jalal also as he accepted her wishes as if wants to give her identity. Jodha fuming while dewitvbox smiling. Maham says very interesting jodha will say no to this nikkah and jalal will attack amer. Jalal asks him to make arrangements for their nice stay. Scene desitvblx suja is in servants dress.

One girl says to jodha he is very nice and has good looks.

Jodha Akbar 2nd October 2013 Written Update Desitvbox

Jalal puts another hand on hers. Jalal says Qubool Hai and Jodha nods her head. Someone calls Jodha to meet MA, Ruks asks Hoshiyar to keep on wearing the necklace as she has to teach Jodha a lesson.

Aslam say whom you want me to kill. She takes out her diamond ring and about to eat it. Here bhagwan das is ordering servants to prepare and decorate fast. Their bg plays akbar cant stop smiling jodha sits in front of him. Scene 4 baraat reahes the venue of marriage. He sees water tub and sees his face with tilak. She says auugust two conditions one will not change religion after marriage.

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