He smirks and ask servant to bring jodha out of house arrest. She tries to leave he says i didnt order but she cuts him off saying nothing is left and leaves. Scene 3 bharmal comes in court and greets jalal and maham who are not so happy bharmal says got your letter so came to give the news and presents some gifts and sweets. Jalal finds it very unbelievable to digest the fact that Salima can go to such a level. Scene 6 The chief minister asks Jalal if he had invited Bharmal and Jalal answers in positive as he wanted to have a word with Bharmal just like the way he did with his sons. Sign in Recover your password.

Jalal looks here and there. Maham tries to say something jalal says i know you want to ask that why i didnt tell him about house arrest. Join or Log Into Facebook. Jodha says it was last night of my loneliness, it was a long night, the night before storm as that storm changed everything. Bharmal comes forward she ask how you can make them go on a war where sukaniya is getting married he says for a new relation i cant neglect the relation which is already created i cant destroy your life for sukanya. Scene 4 Pandit asks her to give him best wishes, she hands over sword to him, puts tilak on him, does aarti,both shooting looks as if they will eat each other alive She does aarti and tilak on all her brothers, Jodha is emotionally charged.

He ask soldiers to beat him. Meet September 11, One brother thinks whether he know about house arrest septembre says jalal is clever before i hodha anything he allowed me to meet you all das thinks whether jalal want to arrest him also bharmal ask for jodha all panics when jodha comes from behind and greets him and says got to know that you are here so took permission to meet you bharmal ask permission for a single thing you are taking permissions and high alert security whats the problem tell me all are silent when das says we are under house arrest bharmal says but why and ask jodha that you are queen here then why arrested das informs that ruks had a miscarriage by dathura and doubt is on us then we see flashbacks of jodha feeding kesar to ruks, dathura was from amer proved, jodha getting 10 days to prove innocence.

Like 0 Dislike 0. SCENE 5 jalal says by now bharmal would have knowmn the truth wanted to see his changing color. Jalal comes to hamida and informs i am going on a war she says i want you to go after jodha puts tilak on your sword he ask whats this she says its hindu tradition.

Ruks asks him who wanted that. Jodha retorts that he has been playing a game since the time she came from Amer and asks him can there be a bigger insult than a husband ordering a wife house arrest.

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He leave hamida prays for him. Outside priest prays to God and thanks him for the victory akar jalal saying you are very generous. Bharmal says that his daughter is going to get married in that kingdom, Jalal asks him to choose from the option—the relation which already exists Jodha or the relation which is yet to be established Sukanya. Jalal is all to go jodha comes and looks at heq brothers.


So you hate me? He comes to her and says do you know why i called you here, if i come to you every time then you might think that i am behind or interested in you so i called you out even under house arrest.

Jodhaa Akbar 6th September Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Log In Welcome, Login to your account. A messenger comes and calls Jodha and her brothers to have an audience with Jalal. Here das is being treated, jodha comes running to him and cries looking at his injury and ask how why for whom you beared this wound he says the one whose security was my responsibility.

Scene 2 Bharmal is being dragged by soldiers in court jodha is with him concerned for him, Jalal says I am not all grieved in arresting you maham smirks jalal says you should not be said as your childern are culprits And as your designation big as you are a king then your punishment will be big too, till the time everything is proved your kids will be under house arrest and you will be arrested jodha says this is injustice jalal shouts stop disobedient, it turns out to be a scary dream of jodha who wakes up afraid shouting NO.

I was jst surfing abt jodha akbar.

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He says bharmal will feel pain when see from his own eyes his childern in such condition will come back to me in minutes with pain in his eyes that will be real fun. Scene 2 minister says to maham that heard bharmal is coming want to know how jalal will behave with him.

Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Jalal says thats not all i want bhagwan das to kill that prince whom your sister is getting married with his own hands.

Ruks couldnt believe that Salima did such an act. Jodha gives a look to benazir who think that you will save him from evil eye but not from my poison. I didnt fulfill my duties as daughter suddenly jalal comes and says septeber know i get peace when i see my enemy crying and wipes her tears and says stop crying because now i will the news that spisode shock that much that you will not wriitten able to cry jodha ask did you do something with papu jalal says no he is resting and getting luxury welcome here but he will not be in peace because his kids are in problem, this pain will hurt him that much that he will not be able to bare it.

Its impossible jalal says you are clever and the news i wanted to tell you is that i am going to free your brothers from house arrest for some days she says i am sure you must have planned something fishy behind this also jalal laughs and says have to admit you think of far future, khan baba used to say its better to have a writren enemy instead of a dumb friend.


Adham on the other hand says this much big conspiracy maham says not conspiracy but a big sin killing unborn child of a king adham says want to kill that amer people maham says i also want culprit to be killed but maybe amer family is not culprit.

Scene 5 Jalal leaves, gets FB of Jodha confessing the crime, Jodha gets FB of Ruks and wonders why she saved her and if she knows about the real culprit. He comes to her room where theqe is strict security he again thinks this much security.

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Sharif says my news is confirmed that benazir gonna episoxe jalal before marriage then abul mali will get the throne and benazir will marry mali not jalal. On Sep 9, Some wife says she has lost her child dont know whether she is in senses. Hamida comes to jalal who is in thoughts, hamida ask what are you thinking?

Scene 4 Jodha comes in jail, sharif says you didnt believe me thats why you didnt do anything, jodha says i was sitting idle, i tried but benazir proved herself innocent, what should i do. Ruks after getting info from Hoshiyaarcomes and meets a person who tells her that he made a particular kind of box few months back for someone in the harem and sepember that it was used for Miscarriage.

On Sep 5, Scene 2 jalal comes outside where all wgitten gathered, they ask whether to first attack baaruk he denies and says attack sujaanpur writtten they had gone against our rule so they need punishment jodha comes there, episod says we will set example of good rule and those who go against my rule he will get severe punishment.

Abbhay91 September 12, There will haldi ceremony in coming days jalal say a happy news bharmal ask to eat sweets then jalal nods and take one piece and ask bharmal to eat first when somebody says i have arranged these sptember and can taste bharmal ask for epksode order jalal gives him a piece and says maybe you felt bad but there is poison spread all over agra bharmal says didnt got jalal says will get it and orders will eat these sweets in leisure hour maham thinks what is he doing not telling him the truth bharmal ask for permission jalal allows without listening and says you came from far so definitely wanna meet your daughter and orders to take him to jodha he leaves.

Welcome, Login to your account. Scene 3 bharmal comes in court and greets jalal and maham who are not so happy bharmal says septembsr your letter so came to give the news and presents some gifts and sweets.

Both give each other a super furious look. Jalal finds it very unbelievable to digest the fact that Salima can go to such a level.

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