May 03, Laura the Highland Hussy added it. This is a standalone regency romance filled with historic lore. To compound their frustrations, they have to continue to pretend to everyone else they are not what they seem to be. Lists with This Book. An odd focus, some might think, for a romance, but this is where the historical part comes in. Unfairly excluded, she always keeps her chin up and maintains her sweetness. Lucy has a strained relationship with her father, for several reasons.

Lucy is fascinated by the whirlwind of the City, would much rather read the newspapers than the fashion magazines, and has nurtured the secret hope that her father will involve her in his business more and more, with the ultimate intention of naming her as his successor. It was just fun seeing the two of them out of their elements but finding their stride together. Despite a bad first impression Kitty and Braydon agree to marry but soon they realise that a cold-blooded agreement doesn’t quite work in practice. Now, I did start to think–wow there is no way this will have a satisfying end on all parts–since the book was quickly ending and so many things left to deal with but Beverley pulled it off with style and left me delighted and in some cases a bit surprised with how things turned out. Lovely read This book took its time to build,and was a bit slower than needed at times. After reading Merely a Marriage and see other comments about how much better the rest of Jo Beverley’s books are, I decided to give this one a try when I found it available on my library’s shelves. It seems we must trade love for a story that sparks those synapses and raises our interest. Still, that makes this on the lighter side of my steam tolerance.

The Viscount Needs a Wife (Company of Rogues #17) by Jo Beverley

I truly enjoyed the Sensible, yet sensual couple who are surprised and flustered by their growing connection as they come together and solve a mystery or 3 and sort out what it is they truly want from life. David is interested in Lucy, Very. Kitty, our heroine, is someone I don’t think I’ve come across in a romance before.


At the end of that book, David has become the Earl of Wyvern, it having been discovered werie although Mel was his biological father, his mother was actually married to the previous earl at the time of his segie, which makes him the legitimate heir.

I am sorry to say, I found this book rather boring. Lucy is fun to read about and her success in life is something readers will be clamoring for.

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Mar 07, Katie rated it liked it Shelves: He was quite hap Good book. But both are quite clever, and in their first official encounter have quite the battle of wits to get the other to withdraw from the arrangement.

I’m a big Jo Beverley fan, but I particularly bevedley this book. The first three-quarters were Awesome!! The characters have that subtle dialogue that requires reading beneath the beveley and a quick wit.

A Shocking Delight

But before all that, he decides to stop at a book store and look up books on farming. She’s a city woman, he’s a country man living in a medieval castle. Lucy seemed a bit selfish bribohes determined to have everything her way at the beginning, but as her feelings for David grew, so did her willingness to change. But because of a crisis, they have to travel to London unexpectedly and are surrounded by espionage, mysteries and danger; they must find their way toward the truth while falling in love.

Braydon isn’t a cynical ass either. Forse sarebbe stato indulgente. They are very compatible both in bed and out, and enjoy getting to know each other.

36.Jo Beverley – Mireas fr voie – Copy.pdf

Lucy Potter is the richly dowered daughter of a wealthy merchant and a Lady of the Ton. She will have the running of the Dauntry’s country estate and charge over the recalcitrant women folk of the former Viscount’s.


I loved the way their relationship beverrley and grew. David beerley realized that his feelings for Lucy are too strong to put her in the position of having to deal with his secret life. This is a strength, but also a weakness for her because her temper and emotions lead her and, with all that indomitable will, she has to be careful to rein it in when a cool head is needed.

I enjoy historical fiction, and have strong opinions about historical romance.

bribonee This was a did not finish book for me. All of England mourns the death of Princess Charlotte in childbirth, and the last hope of a direct heir from the current king with her. Heroine Kitty Cateril aka Kit Cat is ready to put off mourning for her late husband, Marcus, a wounded veteran whose experience was not glossed over beverleey bit; brava Ms.

This woman doesn’t linger in self doubt, she merely makes a mental note and then moves on and gets shit done. This novel is exactly the opposite.

In the Winter King, she is shown to be a martyr. Which makes Lucy an interesting character with strong motives as she explores her options and gets to know the brbiones her mother came from.

Jan 12, Pam rated it really liked it.

An acquaintance of said friend has come into a viscountcy, and needs a sensible woman to manage the mess the previous viscount left behind including the mystery of a runaway wife. The Rogues make a contribution to the story and so add another book to their series. La vecchia signora infatti sta fomentando la nipote, convincendola che un matrimonio fra lei e il nuovo Visconte, ora suo tutore, le permetterebbe di non perdere la sua casa.

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