The Rock Photography of Ken Regan: I’ve been known to like a few Hip Hop tunes. Mick News Post by lavendar on Aug 13 th , at 9: Hier staan al een heleboel genres maar dat zijn ze volgens mij nog niet eens allemaal. It was just after midnight and bitter cold. Als het klopt want ik moet het nog even controleren. Dan kun jij de vloer er weer mee aanvegen en zeggen dat het niks toevoegt terwijl ik jou nog niet een topic heb zien openen..

Happy it wasn’t at Mick’s command While the rumors around downtown Los Angeles are that she will be teaming up with Pitbull, there maybe a few other entertainers that could be on the possible list. Editors – ‘Papillon’ According to Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine, Jagger has been supportive of the band’s song, including offering vintage performance clips for the slick music video, which also features models busting out patented Mick moves: Dat is wel goed. Wonder is the source for the Dave Stewart sessions is any different thant the previous one, i.

They are a huge part of our history.

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He kind of grew out of playing all the clubs in New York and doing acid and hanging out in Greenwich Village and tripping and going to be-ins in Central Park.

Mick News Post by moy on Oct 13 that 1: Enjoying life as he should! We hebben meer te doen. Heel toevallig had ik die middag net de radio aangezet en hoorde Jan Douwe het nieuws hierover vermelden. Mick News Post by left shoe shuffle on Aug 19 that 8: Dus da’s al vrijheid 1 die de hedendaagse 3FM-jock is afgenomen. Mick News Post by Bitch on Oct 19 that But, I did see a clip of Micky’s performance on YouTube!


Mick’s Bow And Arrow: He ordered the group to get back in and keep driving.

Gotta be properly attired in the latest Mod gear when the moment arises and the fickle finger of Billboard’s Top Ten touches you. Foo Fighters – ‘The Pretender’ 4. Mick Jagger does not trust me.

Ik wil tegelijk de playlist van 3FM gaan bijhouden en de bijbehorende iTuneslinkjes erbij zoeken. Thanks for the tip!

Of laten we beginnen bij de sinds augustus tot 2 uur ingekorte Mega Top 50 en de paraadero met de Single Top The Brit could use a PR boost after longtime band mate Keith Richards’ Life autobio slammed the singer for being a pompous stiff.

Pick up a copy of Rave magazine, see what the cool cats are wearing in Swinging London this month. Foo Fighters – ‘Learn To Fly’ Authorities in Madre de Dios will decorate British rock singer Mick Jagger as a distinguished guest, tourism ambassador and environment protector of this jungle region located in southern Peru.

Now that would be something and the final proof that Keith is no longer a functioning musician, let alone creative force.


Mick News Post by lavendar on Oct 13 that 7: You know, this is paraderp else. Oasis – ‘Wonderwall’ 8. South Americans are the best and most craziest Stones fans I think. Zijn nooit echt van de grond gekomen of wel?

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Mick News Post by sweetcharmedlife jkggy Oct 8 that 7: The coup will be if you can convince one of your on the ground video reporters to make the statement “Rocks Off Rules You Bastards” during one of the filming opportunities of Jagger. RabRadio – dinsdag 08 september – Going to watch the rain fall down?

Talking to the Sport for Life! Jasper – maandag 07 september – Dit had er ook wel ingekund, toch? Another impressive cock joke by a Railing Staine. Fans can expect erama of dirt on his outlandish cocaine habit and the tense times in one of the biggest rock bands in the world, all told in his one-of-a-kind voice.

Take me by the tongue and I’ll know you. Yes, he has definitely got it going on!

This is Memo Costecho right?

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