With Momona and the other Petit Ladies decided to use the Jewels based on their mentors, Luea took an opposite approach and told Lillian to use a Diamond for the task. Sapphie and Kiichi reported to Jasper that everything is ok from the inside. Now, the group need to gather all the Deco Stones and stop the Eternal Darkness from taking over the human world. As everyone were worried about the situation, so does Blue himself listening to the group arguing. In episode 31, Diana cursed her during the school festival, causing her to develop a streak of bad luck. It was first announced by Sanrio on their official Twitter page to coincide with the anime franchise’s 5th anniversary. Please try again later.

Opal and Io then decided to put the pamphlet online to further blackmail the white rabbit, on her dismay. As she stops crying and played with Sapphie, Kiichi arrived with the Sweetspet Eclair to cheer her up. Will Coarumi cheer up despite the sadness she feels? As Ruby counts how many decos she earned, Coarumi arrives at the shop and talked to Ruby about the Deco Stones, unknowingly that she had her eyes on them. Pink is even more surprised to see their the new guy which goes to the name Purple. Kohaku and Tour revealed themselves and talked about his failures, Coal was given one final chance to redeem himself.

Sakuran, a Sweetspet from the island nation of Sweetsland is coming to Jewel Town for a visit with one problem, her whole body is as hard as a rock, making her problems even worse on her visit for the Tanabata Festival. He then goes to space and starts to cause chaos vodtfr throwing meteorites back into Jewel Land.

Coal told him to steal Ruby’s Jewel Pod holding the stones, but this came with a price as he agreed. Ruby was mad too on how Pink reacted. Sapphie felt pity and concern on him until an unknown light inside Kiichi’s heart dispelled the Dark General’s magic.

Lady Jewelpet was first revealed in a series of tweets from the official Jewelpet vstfr anniversary Twitter account on February 12, Inside the mansion, Blue is doing his errand by waking up Garnet on her bed, looking at her nakedly as Garnet felt embarrassed on what he did.

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jewelet As Black Opal appears, she decides to hell him the truth about how deceiving women are and Blue decides to help her. Opal is reading a story about a dance between a princess and the prince, which is based a special event happening in Jewel Land several eras ago.


Remaining assets were highly damaged by the destruction during the war.

CS1 uses Japanese-language script ja CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Infobox television season articles that use the season name parameter Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor. However, trouble starts to brew as Sweetsland’s most prized treasure, the Mascaron Tiara has been mysteriously stolen.

jewelpet Twinkle. 35. Kohaku le fougueux

With no options left, everyone were stuck in a really tight situation as Sakuran endured her rocky state. Back at the tent, Pink and the others were getting scolded by Coal on what they’re showing, Sapphie and Kiichi needs to get to the tent in time to save them. This leaves him in charge on eradicating the group and getting Ruby’s Jewel Pod completely as he accepts the mission.

Midori decides to gather his courage and take on the course by himself, but will he win in the end and get the Deco stone at the goal? Back to Ruby, they all arrived at the Gorilla King’s place were trying to snap Blue out as he responded to Garnet’s calls. However, complete dissolution of the zaibatsu was never achieved, mostly because the U. Various formats from p to p HD or even p. And according to the prophecy, the mountain will turn white, and a God of Destruction will appear in Jewel Land.

But that also made Retsu overprotective to him on the things he do when he’s growing up, annoying him in any way possible. As the situation gets worse in the town square, the Jewelpets saw the one who’s responsible for stealing their items: Kenshiro emerges victorious in his rematch with Shin, only to find out from Shin that Yuria killed herself in despair, Shin, not wanting to die by Kenshiros hand, kills himself in the same manner.

Coal is again scolded by the Dark General from failing again in getting the Deco Stones as he’s given another chance to steal them from Ruby’s group. He then used all of the Yami Stones to summon the Saitama Ultra Arena make the Planet Earth appeared above the Jewel Planet, all covered in darkness and then summoned a black hole in the Ultra Arena, jewelpef in every living being on earth except for NEETs in his plans is tinklee create a world of darkness on which he reigns supreme.


A girl accidentally encountered the box and opened it, causing a light to shine.

Lady Jewelpet is not ‘the best anime’. At the Kira Kira Shop, love is in the air as Ruby and her friends look at the two lovebirds while talking discussing about Romance. The next day, Midori woke up early in a foggy day to follow the light where the Deco Stones is until he encounter a big giant sign and a huge athletic course on his way. She’s cursed by Diana in episode 6, vosttfr her incapable of studying and irresponsible.

At the Police Station, Midori is practicing himself as he tries to get stronger and wants to defeat Retsu.

She then looks around as she searches for both Midori and Labra but both of them are not around. Ruby then used her magic to Sakuran to soften her up once more, but failed as it backfired and turned Sakuran’s body into a more Glass-like state. Even though he brags sometimes, he has a secret crush on Rinko and hates Dian due to his influence on her.

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Your Love is the first opening theme song of Lady Jewelpet. The next day, the preparations for the dance is going smoothly in Garnet’s jewellpet and Blue Knight is making sure everything is well decorated.

jewflpet As they both move on and started their search, they both saw the tornado done by the Deco Stone, even worse, it’s about to wreak havoc in Jewel Town. She joined in late as a sixth generation member along with Miki Fujimoto, Sayumi Michishige and she graduated on December 15, in 322 Arena along with Junjun and Linlin.

Marunouchi Headquarters for the Mitsubishi zaibatsu, pre They then found out that Peridot is indeed DecoSanta and even worse, she never liked the job.

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