In each of Ruby’s search and fantasies of fairy tales, how will this get her Jewel Eyes back? As he’s lost and got scared by a group of Tsuchinoko , Retsu finally found him but blamed him on leaving his place. However, 5 hours passed and Retsu didn’t come to pick him up making him scared on the surroundings at dark and wanders off. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As he reveals to now be working for Decoranian and is aiming at Ruby’s Jewel Pod, what would Pink and others do to revert him to his former self? Could the strange phenomenon of the Saury be connected to the Deco Stone that’s located in the village?

As the duo crossed it, Pink became scared as the bridge started to sway due to their weight while he confessed his love. While she’s eating, the group notice about the necklace she’s wearing called the Jewel of Fate and originally came from Rald. Each member did their best on trying to make everyone laugh however one by one they failed on doing so. As everyone admires her, Io is starting to have feelings for her. Episode 19 Jewelpet Kira Deco! Later on, everyone are inside the Decobus, discussing about the hiking. Back the mountains, the gang were looking at Sapphie on determining where they will go. Be the first to make a review here!

They were also disheartened on how the Decoranian were making progress on obtaining the Deco Stones from Pink and her friends. As the group started to get her delicious regenerating eclair ears and eats, Mako became curious and gets one and eats is as well. Episode 3 Jewelpet Kira Deco!

As Ruby herself thought the place had another Deco Stone, Coal and his lackeys appeared and went ahead, only falling to the moat after falling for the bridge trap. Ruby told her she is in Jewel Land and the kirs played with Ruby, much to the rabbit’s Jewelpet’s dismay when she poked her jewel eye.

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Embarrassed and also hurt, Coarumi came and started treating his wounds, not knowing that Io is having a lot of feelings to her, thought this makes Opal really jealous as later on break off jewelpett Io. As the two rest after the morning jogging, Retsu saw a strange light in the horizon, thinking it was a Deco Stone.

Could the strange phenomenon of the Saury be connected to the Deco Stone that’s located in the village? As Pink and Ruby agreed to search for the Ice Egg, will kura able to find the said item while saving Decoristmas this year?

But Kaiser then appears and told him it was a dummy to lure him inside their trap. As the time passes by each of the humans and the Jewelpets are ambushed by someone and they all ended up out cold and hanging upside down. But as she uses Garnet’s Jewel Pod to cast magic and fail, she started crying until they arrived at the Kira Kira Shop. Pink on the other hand is remembering herself of her bad days in the Human World about her failed attempts to friends with the guy hewelpet her dreams due to her size a Coal spies on her and casts a dark cloud onto Pink and puts her into a trance.


The Jewelpets in town knew that there was a kirs monster terrorizing the mountains. Sign Up Sign In. At the camp, Midori is still mad on how he’s been treated as he tells it to everyone. Who will obtain the Deco Stone in the end? King then got his eyes on then Deco Stones as she traded one for the crystal arm.

Ruby herself went to Topaz’s shop and consulted to her about Pink’s clothing problem but she said no. Back at the ground, the dark cloud lost and Retsu arrived with the Deco Stone. As the Jewelpets think they kjra lying due to their story, Angela, due to anger, sent 4 of the KiraDeco 5 to Jail using her Jewel Flash but also causing Pink to fall asleep. As Ruby and Pink heard a familiar voice, epidode then episodr Peridot frozen in Ice as Ruby used her jewel magic to free her.

Jewelpet Kira Deco! Episode 13 English Subbed at gogoanime

Will Coarumi cheer up despite the sadness she feels? As he’s recovered, he accidentally tripped and fell over Pink, making her blush until she got up and left. Sapphie and Kiichi reported to Jasper that everything is ok from the inside. Morning came and Ruby questioned about Pink’s dirty feet as she has no idea on what happened yesterday and Ruby and her friends are getting suspicious on what’s happening to her each night.

Later on, Pink were looking at Midori getting scolded back at the Dojo about the training 133 doing. But when the lightning destroyed part of the Chandelier’s foundation, Blue acted fast and shielded his friends using a table cloth as it crashed into the table.

They both get to work until the kitchen and sink are spotless and thanked them both for their hard work.

The whole jewelpett earth is covered in eternal darkness thanks to the Yami Stones jewwelpet also told him that the Kira Deco 5 had collected more Deco Stones and 3 of the Four Kita had fallen.

Will Pink free the others out of Jail when they were considered criminals? Ruby and Pink notices the commotion in the Police Station until Retsu arrived and gave them some Takoyaki. Sapphie felt pity and concern on him until an unknown light inside Kiichi’s heart dispelled the Dark General’s magic.


But after they left, the rock fell onto some fountain and awakened something big inside. Not knowing to them that he’s keeping them busy for Tour to capture Sapphie and Kiichi, along with the Deco Stone eplsode found.

At the fireworks display, Pink hosted the climax scene of the festival so Sakuran can offer her sweets to the stars. Midori wasn’t amused on his brother on this and Pink explained to Ruby that Midori is once mistaken as a girl when they were young and his Big Brother cares for him a lot back then, even today.

Pink is shocked on how the Human World is almost being covered up in darkness and threatened everyone on Earth. Episode 13 Jewelpet Kira Deco! Io then woke up in the infirmary after the strange dream as he is greeted by Ruby, Pink and Opal. Episode 47 Jewelpet Kira Deco!

In the middle of their search, the Deco Stone showed up in front of Pink’s group and found out it was corrupted with dark magic until Coal shows up. The fourth attempt involved both Midori and Io together in a gentleman act. Black ,ira decides to buy a sparkling black one as so does Yamimin, feeling happy with their bond together. She decides to help him and in return, dexo him who he is while seduces Pink until she started to fall in love with him.

At class, the group notices Coarumi being depressed with Pink not knowing what’s going on with her. Saitama Ultra Arena Deco! Dceo then took Luna away and everyone after him.

Everyone were all safe and trying to find their way back, but for Ruby, she is fortunate when she is paired with Retsu and decides to find the others. This gave Sapphie an idea and told him about the legendary athletic course that was once in the mountains.

Back at the Kira Kira Shop, Ruby discusses her problems about Pink with Garnet and Sapphie, with the three of them feeling sorry on whatever happened to her in the past.

After then, Chite told the class about rumors about the glowing bamboo thicket to everyone.

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