Prada wants to come back to the commune From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tuesday 26 February Episode Kimberly wants to move on but her heart is still breaking over Daniel. Relationships are severely strained in the commune with Len, Prada and Calvin in denial about the New Year’s Eve elephant in the room. This page was last edited on 20 January , at Retrieved from ” https: So Charlie kills her rapist, the man had it coming but Charlie will fall apart Olo i feel 4 him cos Barker cn be heartless times.

He makes me sick! I can quess who killed Quinton or had him killed More gay action again again.. MS 05 Feb MS 26 Feb Timone 26 Feb Prada is struggling to cope with his jealousy towards Len’s other lovers.

Xolisalife 08 Feb Just hope it’s not Charlie who suffers the most. MS 19 Dec Monday 25 February Episode The magazine interview exposes more than expected while Nikiwe has to deal with an unexplained health scare.

Only TVSA members can reply to this thread. Friday 22 February Episode Rajesh takes on the Sibekos at the internal inquiry. Goldi 01 Feb Helo guys hope u r all well.

Frank causes a scene at Sibeko Towers.

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Lerato starts her journey to self affirmation and power. Friday 11 Nanuary Episode Beth struggles to come to terms with the horror of her lover’s actions. Wednesday 13 February Episode Rajesh is faced with an ethical dilemma regarding his future.


Ntaksay 10 Jan It is difficult to tell the personal from the political in the Sibeko boardroom. Timone 26 Feb Dpisodes 28 Dec Charlie cutting her hair oh no.

Kimmi 20 Feb When is cherel and eddie going to get married cant wait, I love Cherel.

Isidingo 4 January 2019 Full Episode

Calvin strays into isidinvo territory. Good morning Yvette is irritating, demanding everything from Eddie and blaming him for everthing that Charlie is going through.

Lerato’s life takes a massive and unexpected turn for the good. Will wait and see.

Isidingo 2 January 2019 Full Episode

Kimberly and Ben spend time together despite their differences. Isidingo Teasers The first, the original, the one and only: These month is boring shame will wait 4 next month. Kimberley’s successful launch poses a dramatic and life-changing question for her. Goldi 18 Dec Ben uses his hi-tech skills to keep tabs on Charlie’s rapist. Prada plays hard-to-get isidinggo Len, but then gets exactly what he bargained for.

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Boring 4 ma liking!! Rajesh is tripped up by domestic chores while he plans his future success. Ntaksay 14 Jan Sakfirez 25 Jan Frank musttn’t play with Nikiwe’s feelings. Cherel keepz it interesting! I am totally getting fed up with Charlie she is so moody and wants everyone to be miserable.

Prada finds that New Year’s Eve with Len is not all isidingp easy to forget. As regards Cherel’s wedding Cherel continues her high-wire act between the shredded nerves of Charlie and her high-maintenance mother. Lerato’s ambitions meet with derision from the old school. Daniel’s Valentine surprise for Kimberly goes horribly wrong. Cherel does her best to be a nice stepmother and help Charlie off The Deep. Monring pees, Updates please, Charlie is trying to get her life on track, but there are challenges around every corner.


Could Nikiwe be pregnant? OlothandoD 15 Jan Len, please leave Kimberley and Daniel alone!!!!!!!!!

Prada an Len Sies man,are we being a episodds with generations now???????? Calvin discovers that Len and Prada spent the night together. Barker stole it he must deal with it.

Just when Charlie’s life looks rosier, a thorn appears that won’t go away. Ayanda and S’khumbuzo find that Valentine’s Day can be special. Hi everyone, m new here bt i blv Frank z definetely bettr off wth Beth than Nikiwe!

Wednesday 6 February Episode Jeff chooses an unsuspecting fall guy to sort out Nikiwe’s mess.

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