She had recently quit and set off on her own. When a second schoolgirl, Kelly Stevens, also goes missing the police fear they have a predator on their hands. OK, I want to introduce this next topic with a simple demonstration, so I’ll need a volunteer. As they continue the investigation, there is growing doubt as to just who is the most dangerous. The wife, what exactly did he do to her? I’ll put it out on the radio. I want in until we know where she is, all right?

The investigation reveals that Nicola worked for Martin Reeve, the owner of an escort agency. Waring was separated from his wife, Jeannie, and had recently given her divorce papers. Havers works on gaining the wife’s trust, while Lynley learns more about the husband’s troubled background. They are trying to find him and make him talk to his son. You think you’ll scare her? Is there anything they didn’t deem video-worthy? As they continue the investigation, there is growing doubt as to just who is the most dangerous.

Television The Inspector Lynley Mysteries. Why did she have to The post-mortem reveals that he was drugged and the suspicious death is soon a murder investigation.

Know Thine Enemy

There is also much tension in the community owing to what some claim was a previous incident where the police supposedly covered up the murder of a year old Asian boy.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hold on a minute. She was later portrayed by Lesley Vickerage from series one through three from series three she and Lynley had married and she was thus known as Helen Lynley and by Catherine Russell in series five.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. She in return accuses him of leaving her to it all and that she needed to show who the boss is. Meine Filme – Now the detective game is on again. But they are also re-running series 4 or 5, where Sharon was shot, and then returned.


When the daughter of a Cambridge professor is brutally killed while out jogging, Lynley and Havers are assigned to the case. Some years earlier, he had a weekend tryst with a left-wing politician, Eve Bowen, now a government Minister, and by mutual agreement his paternity has never been publicly acknowledged.

The wife, what exactly did he do to her? Josh Tyler Robin Kermode Please do not upload any content to your own website, club, group or community photo album. Sundays, 9pm ET Cast: Director Robert Bierman matches the somber story with a chilly, washed-out palette, and a command of framing and camera movement, especially once he dispenses with the early touristy shots of Rome and London. Lynley also finds a large amount of cash in the flat, so he rules out robbery as a motive. You know what the the cancellation of the series means, Barbara?

The conservative editor of a major newspaper, Dennis Luxford, receives a ransom demand: She had recently obtained a first in law and was a pupil in the Chambers of well-known barrister Tony Wainwright.

George’s protagonist, imbued with a romantic noblesse obligeoften seems less reflective of contemporary Britain and much more reflective of an American author’s mythic vision of social class.

And the Kids’ When This Life is Over contributes to the annals of popular culture representing lynkey while situating the band alongside the likes of Sylvia Plath, Lynlye Smith, Tennessee Williams, and a cadre of other artists and musicians hectored by dejection.

We use cookies on our website. Browse content similar to Know Thine Enemy. I agree that Nat’s and Sharon’s characters took on a life of their own. Inspector Thomas Lynley Sharon Small Edit Storyline Inspector Lynley and Sgt. You need to login to do this.


They also find a page from a Koran that proves to be extremely valuable. Please Log in to join the conversation. As they continue the investigation, there is growing doubt as to just who is the most dangerous. We had no choice.

They haven’t turned their back. In “Know Thine Enemy” our hero came back to life and work. My humble opinion is that the BBC didn’t want to go on having to follow the writer’s wishes for the characters and her limitations.

Inspector Lynley S 06 E 02 Know Thine Enemy / Recap – TV Tropes

Can’t you get a woman your own age? Hi again, I just read Pitzel’s comments and other comments. Nat, you’re wonderful, and I will be watching everything of yours I can.

She takes over and tries to convince Tania in a milder way to start talking. He confronts him with the fact that it was actually his devoted Tania who betrayed ,now trust by telling them where Kelly was.

I think it was quite “fair” endingleaving us with a very “normal life”. They made a terrific team. There was the last episode of Inspector Lynley Mysteries this week on german tv again. But our killer is all about control, 0: Tania Thompson Mark Bonnar Havers illegally collects Serues fingerprints, and Lynley attempt to track down Guy and detain him on the pretext of domestic abuse.

Unfortunately cases like this from the movie, happen every day anywhere in the world.

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