A year-old girl from the moon, Kozue expresses her emotions easily and with clarity as she is honest about them. Naomi Nagasawa Japanese ; Tabitha St. Bin Shimada as Lucson Houjou Radan. He is an average student, ranking 26th on the piloting exams compared to Yuki and Ikumi, who ranked first and second place respectively. He’s later discovered by Kouji, who helps him by smuggling food to Blue’s hiding place. The fact he owns the only firearm on the Ryvius, a needle-shooting pistol stolen from one of the saboteurs of the Liebe Delta, assists his coup significantly. Probably the only normal couple on board the Ryvius, these two are hopelessly in love.

This can be seen on the penultimate episode; when the soldiers have boarded the Ryvius and are firing at them, and Michelle starts screaming for Blue to help her. Yet for some reason Kouji cannot seem to get along with his own brother, Yuki, as fights, both verbal and physical seem to be inevitable whenever the brothers meet face-to-face. However her sanity must still be somewhat intact as Kouji, given the honour of deciding the Ryvius’ new first destination, chooses to visit the Uranus vicinity because he has some things he wishes to discuss with her. Houko Kuwashima as Aoi Housen. Have you seen this? In the flight attendant program, which she joined mostly because her friends were also enrolled in it, Kozue becomes good friends with Aoi , and by extension, Kouji and Ikumi. Kirby Morrow as Yuki Aiba.

Manga Answerman – How often do English manga publishers sell at a loss? Along with the rest of Team Blue except for Blue himself, Fuu ended up in the Ryvius’s brig when epusode coup was ironically overthrown in a revolt by the rest of the ship’s crew. Sean Campbell as Kevin Green. Andrew Toth as Radan’s Follower.


Not only does her beautycharisma and demure mannerisms hide an unstable madness, but following her personal creed as mentioned above, Fina infinige also guilty of murder. Kimitoshi Yamane Sound Director: Despite their elite status and being considered second only to the instructors, many of the Zwei are not that skilled.

Yousuke Kuroda epsYuichiro Takeda eps Over time Kozue’s spoiled behaviour led to several jealous girls, tired of Kozue’s selfishness, to attack her. He shows himself to be the most skilled operator on a number of occasions. Seemingly weak and spineless, Kouji is in fact very diplomatic and good at dealing with people. Rikako Aikawa as Nicks Chaiplapat. Very athletic, and with outstanding piloting skills, Yuki ranks at the top of the Level 2 piloting class. Bandai Entertainment Expired Sentai Filmworks Isshin Chiba as Stein Heigar.

His feelings for Juli are confirmed by Neya who speaks his thoughts aloud in which Blue mentions his desire for revenge and his hatred for his family is gone only to be replaced by thoughts of Juli Bahana. Houko Kuwashima as Erina Rigubii. Sanders Whiting as Rally.

Nicks likes racing utility robots and slacking off, and on the Ryvius is the roommate of Kouji and Ikumi. With all the adults onboard killed, the young astronauts will have to survive this long journey home in midst of the growing tension amongst each other. The Dive was sabotaged, and was ultimately a failure, with the instructors all dead and the Zwei, as the most advanced students in the Liebe Delta, forced to take control of the station and later, the Ryvius.


Neither Kouji nor Yuki appreciate her concerns; nor, it appears, do their respective girlfriends, Fina and Cullen. Cullen is one of the five main operators of the Vital Guarder, and the current girlfriend of fellow lone-wolf and VG pilot Yuki Aiba.

Infinite Ryvius (TV)

Hisashi Saito Masayuki Nakura. He was thwarted when the girl’s best friend head butted him in the chest. Naomi Nagasawa as Cliff Cay. Aaron Nordean Script Adaptation: He came to the Liebe Delta to visit his englksh while the ship was diving.

Michael Coleman as Chic Craate.

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Bill Switzer as Ikumi Oze. Criff warmed to Charlie during their stay together, and when Michelle offered her infihite chance to escape with her, she ended up remaining with Charlie, and the two went into hiding. Bandai Entertainment The Ocean Group.

He was the boy who made it a point of rubbing in Ikumi’s failure to retrieve a piece of debris in the first episode. Registering is freeeasyand private. Alexandra Carter as Aoi Housen. Cullen plays by her own rules, and only does what she wants, wandering around alone quite often.

Brad Swaile as Kouji Aiba. His father is a civil officer in the Defense Forces. Goro Taniguchi Series Composition: Germain as Criff Cay.

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