Wondering what the theme will be: Lee Ji Hyun Supporting Cast. Soon it turns into an argument of Who Did the Least Evil, and Se-kwang is the one to put a stop to it. Is the amnesia still present some fifteen years later or is our hero coming to grips with some of the consequences as more of his past peeks through? If the character is obese in the first episodes then yeah the actress would have to gain that much weight to act. Money is a dangerous thing. So traitagon better stay on their toes. Does this have to happen?

Seeing the bond between Se Kwang and Kang Seok and seeing that they’re only victims of other person’s wrongdoing, I hope they can forgive each other and break the vicious circle. Oh and one last thing, yes obesity is not funny and as a medical student and as a person who has experienced eating disorders herself I assure you that it is an illness both physicolagical and psychological. Then why didn’t Kang-seok go there and retrieve the money? Thank you Drama Beans for make it organized the story of the show. Daebak acting from Su Ae and this boy playing her little brother. Mom gives the go-ahead. Kang-seok asks the prosecutor what happened and Prosecutor Kwon lies, telling him that Se-kwang confessed to the crime. Lee Ki Young Supporting Cast.

Choi Yeo Jin Main Cast. Gathered together by one misdeed and greed? Mom puts a hand to the glass and breaks down crying. Kang-seok undergoes surgery and Boss Bok waits anxiously and scolds her daughter again for eating. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Well you can’t expect hwang Jung eum to put on 60something pounds for at most two episodes and and lose them all back can you?

Incarnwtion someone had known about it then probably the money would have been spent but it wasn’t. And I’m kinda hoping it sticks to its theme or at least doesn’t stray too far from it. But back to Kang-seok, who runs into the street and is hit by the oncoming car. His eyes widen at the photo of Se-kwang and Incarnaion. Can’t wait till next week. Fleeing from one nightmare to the next, betrayed by 3 people at once.


Seo Shin Ae Supporting Cast. I am enjoying the drama so far and I love the kid too.

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If new and different charges related to the same crime are filed, they can be tried again. Incarnation Of Money – Episode 5. Even in the US, “it depends”.

I both welcome and groan when it comes to classic drama tropes, especially amnesia. Wow, this is why I don’t do traditional melos.

He was sooo tiny then, Boy is growing up so fast! In contrast I have no problems in believing that all relatives would abandon the child, can totally see that happening after spending a year in SK and getting in touch with the culture.

However, she names him incarnatoin Lawyer Hwang, convinced that the two worked together to amend the will. Mom is against the idea, since it means she has to plead guilty to a crime she never committed.

In America actors put weight on or dramatically lose it ie Christian bale for a movie which will take months to film not days.

Toto Nee-chan Episode Will even our hero be tempted toward evil because of money? Oh and incaarnation last thing, yes obesity is not funny and as a medical student and as a person who has experienced eating disorders herself I assure you that it is an illness both physicolagical and psychological. Boy, please don’t grow up too fast!

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Lee Ki Young Supporting Cast. In common law countries, a defendant may enter a peremptory plea of autrefois acquit or autrefois convict autrefois means “previously” in Frenchmeaning the defendant has been acquitted or convicted of the same offence.


I’ve noticed that these writers always tend to do that with their dramas.

I actually expect something better than amnesia. His name is Park Ji Bin: People with sharp minds are always dangerous. I didn’t say that you would think obesity is funny, I just stated I don’t think it’s funny so I don’t see the reason why you are getting angry here KANGly Epiaode 7, at 7: Not sure if he’s forgotten everything, though. TS February 6, at 7: Article 13 of the South Korean constitution provides that no citizen shall be placed in double jeopardy. However the drama tends to be bit too”noir” for my taste.

The little girl with braces and the pizza craving is so cute.

She is not just fat she has an eating disorder those two are separate things. This makes Cha-don more of a mystery in the present. I can have this opinion if I want to, no?

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He then happens to be locked up in a psychiatric hospital on a remote island I’m not sure if incarnatiln legal or illegal to disinherit your kid, but I’m surprised that the Chairman didn’t make better provisions for Kang-seok or did the turncoat Lawyer remove Kang-seok from the will and I just missed it? I don’t know much about Korean law, but I know that a lot of countries have one.

Duq February 7, at But incxrnation, it sucks to be Kang Seok.

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