Several functions may not work. Posted 01 March – She’s definitely the most outstanding worker in the Wah household. Because there’s this new additional element, it gives people a different feeling. In this new drama, there’s such a scene too. Posted 28 February –

But if one finds out that the other party is actually the transformation of a sassy girlfriend, then how to deal with this situation? Thus it brought mortal peril to both Bak Fu and the Wah household. In the end, I could do a split-leg pose. It’s because they put our Hong Kong audience’s interest as top priority. Because in the previous drama, When Dogs Love Cats, she was being criticized by the netizens that she not only had bad acting skills, but her look was weird too as being difficult to differentiate if she’s crying or laughing. Sometimes, just by an eye expression, he can make me laugh already. Myolie and Moses seldom cooperate.

What Myolie didn’t expect most was that Moses’ comedic sense was very strong, thus often making her laugh. At this moment, it unexpectedly incurred Chau Heung’s jealousy.

The temperature can vary very differently too. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.

Moses Chan and Ha Yu are in the beholrer. Both were initially at loggerheads, but later, they turned into a bickering couple. Though I’m now busy with work and seldom practise kungfu, but if I’m free, I’ll continue to learn on. She tried to force us to eat a raw-food feast. Posted 17 March – I’ll also prepare for the filming of the new drama in April, and will once again meet with the Hong Kong audience.


You currently have javascript disabled. Posted 27 February – She said that she completely didn’t mind that she was being laughed at by others. Though Stephen Chow’s movie eys very popular and we’re prepared that this will be compared to his movie, this drama is still after all being acted by a different cast, thus there will be different chemistry sparks.

Thus his die-hard fan, Wat Gei, accompanied him to Hangzhou to hunt for the beauty.

This onlinr has been archived. Let’s not talk about the future ones. My version of Chau Heung is very gentle too at normal situations, but when protecting the people in the Wah household, I’ll be the first to stand out and defeat the enemy.

In the Eye of the Beholder Episode 1

The final effects were very stylish too, and I felt that the past hard work which I had put in was worthwhile. Myolie and Moses seldom cooperate.

Posted 03 March – She had transformed into a highly-skilled martial arts fighter, and became the security guard in the Wah household. His sense of comedy is very strong.

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lf There’s a scene talking about the princess, acted by Fala, trying to play tricks on Moses and I. Did everyone grab hold of this chance during the romance month to express your love for the other party? Ha, it’s rare that Myolie’s EQ is high.

In the end, I could do a split-leg pose. Thus it brought mortal peril to both Bak Fu and the Wah household.


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In the past, the feeling that Chau Heung gave people was that she’s gentle and meticulous, and the most doted upon maid in Wah household, making Tong Bak Fu fall in love with her at first sight. To be able to act in a comedy together this time, she then discovers that Moses has a comedic talent that will make people laugh to their death.

I practiced for 3 to 4 hours everyday. Actually, it’s quite fun having fighting scenes this time. This means that you cannot reply to this topic. Thus our reporter has a suggestion: Posted 18 March – I think that by wooing too passionately might scare away the girl instead.

Changing from weak to strong, Myolie acted a really different Chau Heung. Thus she didn’t get hurt during filming. Since the God of Wealth can’t bring any surprises to us, we can only pray for the best. I often think that if Chau Heung really meets Moses’ kind of funny Tong Bak Fu, before he manages to win her heart, she might probably laugh to death!

It’s because they put our Hong Kong audience’s interest as top priority.

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