The trilogy is a satirical, apparently postmodern , science fiction-influenced adventure story; a drug-, sex- and magic-laden trek through a number of conspiracy theories, both historical and imaginary, which hinge around the authors’ version of The Illuminati. Madam Miaow 3 June at So minor, in fact, that I find it difficult to take seriously any claim that the lack of such breaks somehow ruined the story. My friend, you have acquired yet another new follower. The authors invite comparison between moments, events, and characters which, in most other books, would be separated by the strict delineation of the page break. Galt doesn’t see the fnords, that will read like you’re cheering him on. It would be easy to laugh at the bizarre and extraordinary events presented in The Illuminatus!

Please see the supplementary resources provided below for other helpful content related to this book. It is ostensibly about a detective investigating a bombing, but it is actually about everything and I’m not being hyperbolic. The reader quickly learns not to be surprised when any given perspective on the story begins to break down, so there is little room for these shifts to have anything like the impact of ordinary “plot twists. Both were largely ignored by the literary and educational establishments, due to their unmistakable whiff of madness This fear of insanity is, of course, why the literary and educational establishments always miss out on all the good stuff. Apr 21, J. The tale of Hagbard Celine and all the contradictory theories of just what the hell is really going on, and what a ride it is. Archived from the original on February 26,

The plot is foiled when, with the help of a foot-tall incarnation of the goddess Eristhe four members of the AMA are killed: Wilson and Shea dish up “explanations” of the JFK assassination and other seminal 20th century events that border on the hallucinogenic.

Available at Disinformation website Archived at the Wayback Machine. Hmm I do wonder how it would play o Hail Eris! I do not join or endorse any political group or movement. Some play it safe by joining multiple secret groups —one character in this book even operates as a quintuple agent in the employ of five separate organizations. That explains so illuminqtus. Wilson claims his book was already complete by the time he and Shea read Pynchon’s novel which went on to win several awardsbut they then went back and made some modifications to the text before its final publication to allude to Pynchon’s work.


Return to Book Page. I cannot reiterate enough the late Dan O’Bannon’s insistence that the secret to writing women was writing men and then leaving out the penis. Jun 04, Elf M.

The Illuminatus! Trilogy

Portrays powerful men as utterly pivotal due to their influence on world history. Jan 30, Ron rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is drenched in relativism.

John 4 June at So, I read this little comparison yesterday and for the past 24 hours I’ve been giggling about it. This book demands a lot of you, it moves fast, and not always in the way you expect, and you just have to keep up.

I get the feeling that Shea and Wilson would agree with me that their characters are cliches. Honestly, the bury-the-needle rating on this is primarly from nostalgia and gratitude. One of the aliases of anarchic British band The KLF was named after a secret society from the trilogy.

When forced to specify the goals of the dominant conspirators, they offer this wish list: It blew my mind so hard. This thread is filled with pretentious narcissism and the haughty superiority that I associate with people who triogy not achieved happiness, but in their frustration mock and belittle others who still strive for illuminahus.

Trilogy is steeped with references to the s popular music scene at one point a list of fictional bands performing at the Walpurgisnacht rock festival is reeled off including a handful of actual bands of the 60sand there are numerous references to the famous rock and roll song, ” Rock Around the Clock “and has influenced many bands and musicians.

In the long, rich history of paranoia literature, from Kafka’s The Trial to Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulumno work of fiction has made a bolder attempt to find conspiracies within conspiracies and masks behind masks. Completely unfilmable see the film Atlas Shrugged: Apr 30, Jack Waters rated it it was amazing.


I first read this masterwork about 10 years after it was released, just as I left college and turned that magical number age of A more minor concern is that there is so much bad German since the “Illuminati” were Bavarian, of course. But pages worth of conspiracy surfing is quite a lot. There are 23 comments; you should delete mine and lock the comments in place.

I have no idea what this says about me.

The Illuminatus! Trilogy Summary and Analysis (like SparkNotes) | Free Book Notes

But he was late to the event: What part of “Communism is bad! Retrieved 21 February If one doesn’t try too hard to keep track of the storyline sone can enjoy the book as a font of fun thought experiments and interesting conjectures.

Wilson also published a large number of non-fiction works expanding on the novel’s themes such as the Cosmic Trigger trilogy. Shea went on to write several action novels based in exotic historical settings.

You’ve got yourself a new blog follower! Much of the trilogy synopeis written with a deliberate sense of artifice, as if the authors want their characters to feel like they are outgrowths of ideas — cliches, conspiracy theories, ideologies — rather than organic, independent beings.

It seems such an obvious candidate, with all the quirky, intriguing people in it. If you’ve ever done that for fun and I haveyou may find it entertaining.

Portrays the proletariat in ways utterly removed from how the proletariat actual act. I’m re-reading this now, and felt I should clarify my position on this book, as I often list it as one of my favorites.

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