The next Norwegian program scheduled is: Christian Ringnes and Harald Eia. Riksscenen , Oslo season , Folketeatret , Oslo season Black female love interests are a whole other non-existent ball game. Setting up a tent in a moving room Elevator Prank Radio Taxi Prank I’m assuming since you’re old enough to go on exchange that you can handle a little swearing here and there, but as a heads-up I’ll let you know that language isn’t censored on IKMY. Ask any random person, and the most they may be able to name is two off the top of their head – Storm, Vixen. Bare Egil and Live Nelvik.

Verdens Gang in Norwegian. So much respect and admiration for this man. She was a black girl. A more-than-average comic lover might be able to name Bumblebee, Spectrum or Rocket. Second – Calle was just so freaking adorable sitting up there singing. During season 2 Calle was replaced by David Batra due to obligations he had made with his comedy group Raske Menn and their show on the rival channel TV2. I will mention that some of the themes are of an adult nature involving murder and crime and some programs can be dark with creepy criminals.

Though there’s always crying involved when one needs to go back home of course. Hans Olav Brenner and Jenny Skavlan. Atle Antonsen and Katzenjammer.

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Will he make the ultimate sacrifice? Hopefully I can help: Trond-Viggo Torgersen and Agnes Kittelsen. Lars Vaular and Charter-Svein. Top 7 SFN songs you would want to hear live Keep reading. I’ll find that video on youtube, it’s too funny not to watch!


You’re so lucky you get to go to Norway!

CS1 Norwegian-language sources no. Yoghurt One of the best videos in the Ylvis catalog. A clean seaosn job turns into a true hell for Terje.

All those girls who daydream about their heroes but never see themselves as a possible object of their affection. Det Kan Du Vel: Ask any random person, and the most they may be able to name is two off the top of their head – Storm, Vixen.

The video was such a treat when it came out, because it was so much fun watching it over and over to find all the jokes in it. Calle, you are just as funny, if not funnier, with short hair.

IKMY Season 5, Episode 4

I can really recommend checking out a video of that song, if only for the hilarious dance moves which Yeltsin clearly stole haha: Torpedo Day 1 Tuesday, August 18, Magnus Devold is also a permanent part of the show and often contributes with several segments per show.

Languages Deutsch Norsk Suomi Edit links. Tone Damli and Aleksander Schau. Pia Tjelta and Aslak Nore. Special guest in the band: Top 7 favourite songs in the series 4.


Ylvis in English — IKMY season 3 – partial subtitles

Fabian Stang and Christina Vukicevic. Top 7 funny moments Petter Schjerven and Leo Ajkic. Calle Hellevang Larsen returned as the brothers’ sidekick. Reblogging because this is still i,my need, but WOW how things have changed in 2 years.

Top 7 hottest moments from the brothers 9. What is this name, McBurgleson, in Ylvis’ “Push the button”?

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There’s been 5 seasons so far, and I believe the 6th season is coming this fall. Hope you have fun and learn a lot! Posts Ask me anything Archive.

I’m leaving for Norway in January as an exchange student and I need to learn as much as possible before then: View Additional Airings Broadcast In: Directed by Trygve Allister Diesen, So put down your extremely long ladder, and join Meredith and me as we talk about our favourite and funniest moments, the characters, the storytelling and more. Second – Calle was just so freaking adorable sitting up there singing.

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