Carly, Sam and Freddie are shocked when they find out that they have to rehearse with Ginger Fox — and worse, she hasn’t rehearsed or had a hit in seven years. When the girls arrive, Allison says that the climb time isn’t until 8: Freddie then says it’s true, so Carly then asks Sam and Freddie to come to her apartment without telling each other and when they arrive, she confronts them about keeping the kiss a secret from her. Gibby then walks in and thinks Freddie “macked on” Tasha, so he challenges Freddie to a fight on iCarly. Use the HTML below. Carly and Sam end their friendship soon afterwards. When he gets the message and manages to decode it, Gibby, along with his younger brother Guppy, leaves to rescue them. Ricky who becomes obsessed with winning instead starts wrestling little kids at a local club.

Meanwhile, Spencer becomes obsessed about the ” Beavecoon “, a combination of a beaver’s head and a raccoons body. When Freddie helps Gibby’s girlfriend, Tasha, find a gift for his birthday party in the iCarly studio, Tasha accidentally falls on Freddie. Upon seeing the video, Gibby apologizes to Freddie, saying, “I feel like a turd. Carly is determined not to cancel the show since her father will be watching, so she asks Spencer to fill in, which will prove difficult since he has a date that same night that he can’t cancel. Dan Schneider created by , Dan Schneider. John Burke as The Photographer. Sam, however, kidnaps their cat Harmoo just before leaving and they later blackmailed them by telling them that they have to clean up their studio and everything they destroyed, they will shave Harmoo’s fur off if the petographers call their friends Officer Carl and the rest of the police.

She discovers Gibby has a girlfriend, Tasha.

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The episode also features a brief appearance from Drake Bell. Retrieved April 20, A few episodes this season and last season were released on the “iCarly Collection” DVD that was released in July Marlin archive footage Jonathon Cann To make sure that no one knows what happened to them, she cancels their appearance at Webicon and texts their respective families that everything is going fine.


Meanwhile, Carly, Sam, and Freddie start a pet photography business, only to see their studio destroyed by a competing pet photography business run by snooty owners Stewart Butler and Oliver Paisley. She tries to cancel it because her cousin, Leslie is coming to town. Meanwhile, Spencer sculpts a gigantic pair of pants with some prisoners.

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In the end everyone begins to randomly dance and the photographer enters and chases Spencer. Freddie doesn’t believe her at first, but later that night, at Carly’s apartment, he realizes that this may be true and tells her this.

Harold Gorman, the superintendent of Seattle Schools, fires Principal Franklin after he appears as a guest on iCarly as of a favor to them because of his daughter’s upcoming birthday on their next webcast, because of it being umbecoming to climb out of a gigantic pair of pants and willingly sitting on fudgeballs. Watch now on “UnMade”.

But then he realizes he doesn’t want to be dead anymore, because its boring sitting in the house. Share this video with your family and friends. In other projects Wikiquote.

The iCarly gang encourages him to start up again, but it doesn’t work. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

The photographer, who was originally going to need the European swimsuit models for a calendar, demands that Spencer hand them over. When Carly is crossing a street and does not see a taco truck turning around the corner, Freddie does and pushes Carly out of the way.

Ciarly the first question.

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Edit Did You Know? He breaks down the door of Nora’s house, and starts fighting with her.


A total of 7 seasons and episodes were broadcast. They both try and do videos for the contest with Freddie, but end up at the same place at the same time. Spencer tells Allison that he can invite Freddie and make it a double date and she agrees. When Carly’s pick, Austin, keeps interrupting her conversations, she reaches her breaking point, she screams “shut up” at him and then tells him to “get out of here”.

After winning, Spencer uses his scope and spies Carly hanging off the platform. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

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Monday, 25 February Eventually Spencer’s date appears in the studio and runs out after being humiliated on the web. The cast introduces various bloopers and outtakes from the entire series. After a power outage during a heatwave, everyone in the apartment iblolp goes to the Shays’ apartment for Spencer’s Norwegian air conditioning, including Mrs.

Icarky the time comes to tell a true secret, Sam accidentally reveals that her and Freddie shared a secret kiss iKiss.

The iCarly trio call the police, and she goes to juvenile detention. When Carly Miranda Cosgrove and her sassy best friend Sam Jennette McCurdy act funny at a school talent show auditiontech-savvy Freddie Nathan Kress tapes it and posts it online without telling them.

Season 3 Episode So, they’re able to undergo tests for space travel, competing against the web eposode called “Exercise Rocks. Nora is happy about her sudden popularity.

The largest audience of the series was

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