You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Their father must be planning something. He is on the point of rushing into the fire to save his sister when the woman walks out of the burning building. Was he going to make Joo-won a carbon copy of himself? Jungmyung managed to find out where Queen Inmok was staying after asking few people who were reluctant to talk about the matter. Also, I always find very interesting the different portrayals and the different things writers and pds stress in sageuks about the same time period. Oh, I love how she had started to wear the evil eyeliners and that her hanbok had gotten darker and more impressive.

I was only your political enemy. Just then, Princess Jeongmyeong wakes up from a terrible dream. What an impressive 1st ep! Thanks for this interesting perspective and historical information! Episode 4 by Regals. Their father must be planning something. One of them falls into a deep pit, but finds relief when he spies a figure with long white hair sitting amongst countless sheets of paper. I haven’t watched it yet but if you are going to recap it then I’m on board.

While some suspicious medicine gets taken by a high ranking court lady in preparation for the full moon feast that evening, the marketplace sees a game of capture the flag being played by a group of rowdy young boys.

By the end, after years of locking horns with Princess Jeong Myeong as the Loyal Opposition, he developed some saving graces, and I needed a box of tissues handy Please keep recapping this show. Initially I was put off by Injo’s arrival on the scene, but by his final curtain call, I had actually developed some sympathy for him.

Splendid Politics (Hwajung) : Episodes 9 & 10

draa That, or my memory is very shady. To Your Majesty, I was not your child. The dramaa is touched by the profound meaning. Gwanghae and Joo-won continued their passive-aggressive interaction. I like what I’ve seen so far, but I know if they get the ratings, this will go another 15 eps.

Because seriously, who does? Yet a ray of hope shall still remain, the destined one who wields fire and possesses the purest of the bloodline will come to rule srama land. Having spent his entire life caring for Seonjo, he knows already that this is the end and even dares to suggest that he just accept his impending death. Hwa-yi put her faith in Joo-won, because she still remembered his promise to protect her. Download the latest version here.


The ministers know this is a test of their loyalty, so King Seonjo can see where they side on the matter of his jorean successor. Notify me of new posts via email. Might let it slide for a few weeks, and feast on a build of unseen episodes?

It’s really well done. I got derailed from watching for almost 3 weeks after ep. Your ‘defenses’ Heads lols.

I haven’t watched it yet but if you are going to recap it then I’m on board. He adds before leaving the prison, “Your son has never blamed you at ywajung. It was nice to know that Ja-kyung believed that she was indeed a princess, and he promised to follow after her to Joseon. The palace is thrown into uproar as everyone mobilizes to fetch the royal doctor, leaving Gwanghae to tend to his father while they wait.

Gwanghae was only using him as sinopsiz bait for Minister Kang, and sulfur was just his excuse to lure Minister Kang out of his hiding place. Well…it was just a matter of seconds for In-woo to give a dirty eye at Joo-won, because his upright friend was hiding a lady in his house while pointing at Hwa-yi! This is another truth I know. Episodes by odilettante.

I’m a sageuk fan.

JCW April 17, at 5: There is the only way we can go. Sometimes you just can’t escape your fate.

But Imhae still tries to get through to him, affectionately calling him Honhis given name. Which is what we commoners really care most about. Not a Korean speaker. That led to him being installed as crown prince, though still not out of respect—Seonjo only gave him that title during the war because it was too dangerous to give to any of his favorite sons. Or not, who knows. Would that have served Your Majesty and the people?! I find the geopolitical history of that period interesting, and know sinopsiz enough about it to get into trouble.

Hard, but not impossible.


She went to catch a glimpse of her mother but found the place heavily hwajug. Episode 6 by Helcat. He has been criticized for building too many palaces but for most of the common citizens of any country, such things as palaces and other large public works serve more than just personal aggrandizement. Thanks for the intro, Heads!

Enjoy Korea with Hui: ‘Splendid Politics’ Episode 50 Recap (The End)

He is on the point of rushing into the fire to save his sister when the woman walks out of the burning building. Court Lady Kim acts as the royal taste tester for King Seonjo and his only defense against being poisoned. Awwww that would be the best compliment for him! Hwa-yi was too late when she reached the port as the ship had sailed, and her hope was shattered at that moment…but her hope returned with the return of Joo-won on a small boat to fetch her.

Splendid Politics – Wikipedia

Hwajeong or Splendid Politicsdepending on your tolerance level premiered earlier this week on MBC, and hits the ground running—no small feat considering that it comparatively has all the time in the world to tell the story of Gwanghae, the man who became king, and presumably a whole bunch of other things.

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She left him a big scroll written ‘Splendid Politics’ hoping him to be a wise king who will never succumb to authority and reign over people. Yes, I had a serious case of Cast-of-Thousands-itis, but that goes with the territory.

Hawi comes back to the Hawgidogam and informs Heo Gyun’s tactic to the chief of the organization. Joo-won seized the chance to tease her but he was still protective of xinopsis, telling Hwa-yi to stay home instead of wandering around the city since she did not have any identification plate with her.

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