Yes, beautiful she was, but no so beautiful that her acting skills were ignored? He appears towards the end when Hema Malini is forced to steal the jewelery, if you have seen the film you will know. It saddens me to read mean comments regarding Vimmi. Rajesh Khanna, Nanda, Sujit Kumar. Start your free trial. First of all, let me say you have crafted this review beautifully without the slightest spoiler. He leaves, but Mr Verma takes Meena home, assuring her of his forgiveness and telling her that once Rajesh is back, Mr Verma will have them married with much fanfare, not in this surreptitious fashion. Someone like Sharmila Tagore, perhaps?

Who was that who said something against Raj Kumar, wanting him to go away etc? All those lovely flimsy pastel chiffons. Radheshyam movie Intezar Are Ja Re Hat Natkhat under. Also being a married woman with children in a conservative society she must have been petrified to show too much provocative exuberance. But who really killed Meena? Chopra wastes no time in coming to business as far as the screenplay is concerned.

The long and the short of it is that a suspicious Kumar pretends to go off to Poona for a few days, but instead dons onlie beard and trails his wife…. Advocate Jagmohan Kumar Jeevan Vimmi of course is a great put off.

Sagai with Reshma mera bhai mera dushman with another beauty Shyama And yu know I am in awe, he was married to another sooni kudi: Hkmraaz to the movie itself. You are commenting using your WordPress. The entire indian population is a testimony to the influence of hindi films as far as fecundity is concerned…. I like his hats. This humraz had the super duo Shankar Jaikishan with the magic baton with ably assisted by Dattaram Bhau and Sebastian, the SJ loyalists!

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For me he over took all the bad manenrisms of Mohd. Oh, and Omline was always when not on stage in black and white. While on a trip to scenic Darjeeling, he meets with and falls in love with, Meena, the only daughter of wealthy military contractor, Verma. Kumar and Meena are celebrating too, when suddenly Meena spots someone wearing two-toned shoes: I just love the movie and the music. Email required Address never made public. Pageviews for each item are divided by the aggregate number of pageviews generated by the items displayed.


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Shantaram bhau in his earlier films had Mahendra Paajee singing regularly. Here folks Alas dug the superb duet by Paajee and Sumanben, it is here as MP3, pls excuse a few milliseconds are missing from it: Oh, I have very unhappy memories of Biwi aur Makaan — because I managed to see only the first half of the humrsaz. And the songs are sooooo fabulous: Her baby daughter was not born dead; Mr Verma gave her away to an orphanage.

The unravelling of the crime. Or a porcelain doll—with all the accompanying animation! Simply on the basis of her looks? Sagaai — under We dont such songs anymore: Pls give me some time I will dig out Dekho dekh humraza tha papiha from one of my discs, I got this quite some time back and with g8 difficulty, I have not been able to see it anywhere on the net. They find a large mansion whose butler is expecting them.

I had not expected to like the lead pair — Rajkumar and Kamini Kaushal — because neither is a favourite of mine.

But who really killed Meena? Yes I could have asked his colleagues from the industry, it sort of never crossed my mind. My personal opinion is that Babita was bald too, because you never ever see even a glimpse of her hairline. A Sadhana would have done magic.


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Oh, and that round bed? D So I bought a hat like his for my game character. The camera shots were awesome, especially when Sunil Dutt is in the hotel room and he has his hands on his face and the white lighting hits his face. The return of a star-studded dramedya space epicand the Michael Jackson doc that shocked Sundance are our picks of the week. I mostly remember him in dhoti. I had seen this a few years ago but had forgotten a lot of the second half of the movie.

I know what he looks like and if possible will try to find a picture and give a link. Anyway, Mr Verma tells Meena that her baby was born dead.

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And anyway I am a big fan of both Sunil Dutt. Nobody from the colony was ready to adopt them. R Chopra that — Jaan aaj kal tum hamare jutae is khate ho.

So glad you liked this one, Sasha! To add to that list of men suspecting their wives: Since when have Hindi films been so realistic? I can say with certainty that it is Radheshyam in Johny Mera Naam, saw this movie many months ago.

jumraaz The pace and the suspense. Then a year later, Kumar notices that Meena does not accompany him to the stage anymore, and excuses herself on the pretext of being ill.

So I watched it and was wondering if Sahir wrote the lyrics with wooden Vimi in mind, since they fit her to the T. She was a recluse.

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