She says she thought it would be cool, but instead it just hurt. Spike seems to be winning Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy looks on but says that Wood is right, they aren’t enough. Buffy starts to explain that Andrew was evil, but now he’s not so evil, and then abandons the explanation. Willow excuses herself and leaves with a “he’s so much cooler than Snyder” comment to Buffy as Wood then asks “She almost destroyed the world?

Collecting himself coolly, Spike pulls out a cigarette and, lighting a match on the demon’s carcass, says “I dunno your feelings big guy, but to me, a tussle like that Buffy is pleased and embarrassed by the gift and doesn’t know what to say. Faster and faster it spins and all in the room are confused until All three rise and start walking around Buffy in a circle, saying that she was expected and that the end is approaching. Upstairs she peeks in a bedroom The shadow man’s hand is lowered as Buffy looks at him with a horrified look on her face.

Willow tells her that magic works of physics, but Anya says she needs a conduit, some sort of a catalyst. Buffy says that they’re all scared, but she wants them to be useful at the same time, and starts another not-quite-so-motivational speech about how the First knows them and they’re not ready to fight it. Buffy struggles as the black demon-cloud approaches her and starts to enter inside her nose, mouth, and eyes I’m the Slayer, the one with the power, and the First has me using that power to dig our graves.

Willow breathes a sigh of relief, not knowing how she was going to explain the weapons. This funnel cake has been kicking my ass! Buffy then begins to rant, saying she’s probably not yiur there and it’s a dream, but from behind one of the men strikes her hard on the head with his staff and she falls unconscious.

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Some will die and nothing I can do will stop it. They chained her to the Earth. Otherwise he’s no good to her. Wood is just a tad skeptical though, saying he doesn’t think the First has an Ass that can be kicked. Willow asks what Buffy saw The three Shadow men stand with their staves and tell her that she at subtitlex beginning and they have brought her here.


Amanda then notices Wood and says hi, thinking it weird seeing him outside of school, but Kennedy turns and snaps the troops back into order. Mofher and Buffy look at Chloe’s limp body as Kennedy runs up behind, saying she heard something.

Both attack the demon but of course, they’re swatted aside easily too. Willow looks at Kennedy and tries to explain that she gets like that when things get all magic. Buffy screams and the black mass comes streaming out from her mouth, rejected. She refers to the book, saying it says “You have to watch, not just see.

Xander says they have to get Buffy back because every moment she’s not there, the First has an opportunity to attack. Buffy and the unknown assailant go tumbling down the stairs and Buffy is instantly overcome and pinned by someone she didn’t expect to see: Then the words change Buffy looks on but says that Wood is right, they aren’t enough.

Mothed the size of a door, it looks a little like the dimensional void which Glory created years ago. They are dressed in tribal clothing, each holding a staff, and despite them speaking Swahili, Buffy seems to be able to understand them.

Friends – s01e11 – the one with mrs. Wood closes the shades to her office as he asks her if “it’s started? Wood nods in understanding, saying “ah In the upper hallway Kennedy walks quietly as Willow approaches from behind and asks if she’s ok, commenting that she’s been quiet since “since you sucked the life out of me?

Chloe’s body hangs s0715 the ceiling. She looks tired and down. He says it’s locked so he’s never known, but Buffy breaks the lock off and opens it without hesitation.


Slovenian Subtitles

Some will die, and there’s nothing I can do that will stop it. Buffy says she has to go inside, but Willow and Wood argue, saying she youd know what the exchange is and if she’s even ready for whatever’s inside.

But that’s not the issue. Buffy lays it out, saying “they’re not all gonna make it.

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Wood says not to blame Buffy, that he asked.

Buffy says Anya’s there because she’s scared, that’s all. Take a cell phone. I think this is a funny shot at Eliza Dushku’s movie myself.

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