Lynn’s family, Dewey, K. College, Success, Health and Happiness. And guys who can’t dance. Driving, Pizza with grated cheese. I love you, Pooshkie! I leave you all I have and my love forever — Roberta ’89! With Darren not fighting , getting along with my mother, being with Michelle, Ed, and my sister.

With family and friends, swimming, walking on the beach. She moved to Pasadena where she lived until coming to Santa Cruz in Summer of “88,” and 4th of July. We have reached the final stage of this yearbook and by the time you read this letter, graduation will be right around the corner. Bookmarked by chloenightswantsflight 03 Jan Public Bookmark. AP Wirephoto map Displaced As ing built, and bigger and better motorized transport is rolling across desert sands which were once the camel’s monopoly. Giracca, Junior Secretary, K.

May God bless your future with prosperity, good health and much happiness. Lynn Potvln, Mom, Dad, B. Smoking, Phony People, Snobs. Pf — row 1: She moved to Pasadena where she lived until coming to Santa Cruz in Meet and write music with Stevle Nicks. Cheese, runs in my nylons. Out with friends and with my family.


Interment will follow in the Oakwood Memorial park. Be happy in whatever you do. Green Harbor ’85, Sr.

Every hockey game esp. Kuhn, Junior Drum Major row 2: Fast forward to present day, and the Earthbound troll population has been forced to survive in a human-dominated society that doesn’t take kindly to their decades-long presence. Ed Sullivan-Jack Paar debate.

Love wasn’t put in your heart to stay. Howie and Lauren’s fights, dogs.

Page 12 — Santa Cruz Sentinel 13 March — California Digital Newspaper Collection

Edwards, 11th grade Mr. I got money I ain’t even used yet. I Penney J C. The list goes on, writing this superlative. A passerby killed the snake. It’s my senior year. Witmer Jewish Brotherhood Award: To the desert area, it appeared Allah had created the camel especially for long-range desert transport. Soccer 1, 2, 3.

Santa Cruz Sentinel, Volume 105, Number 61, 13 March 1961 — Page 12

Bookmarked by angela 21 Oct Public Bookmark. Words to all Journey songs. I always knew that I’d look back at the bad times and laugh, but what I davegamm knew was that I’d look back at the good times and cry.


Just walk beside me, And be my friend.

Family, Mug, LS, K. The pit, Spring 86, 9th grade Memorial wkd. Coach George Patten, M. Marshman, Principal Plymouth North High School The school year has been one of ex- citement, hard work, fun and, especially for me, an appreciation of Plymouth students.

You’ve come a long way, Baby! You don’t love what oru got until It’s gone. First trip to New York. Some people come Into our lives and quickly go.

Love, Sue Healy Hazy leaves Mr. To go to art school and draw for Marvel Comics, or write, draw and publish my own comic. Get Into the Air Force, and make dad proud. He was a foreman for Pfyffer Eros.

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