Go into edit mode on the control screen Select the control to re-link Click the link button Select the correct Vera device Planned Changes Controlling the iPhones music player from the AV control in HomeWave Wider sliding Home screen on iPads Location-based triggers Support for arbitrary plugins device wizard. Deleting a screen button from the home screen sometimes leaves the associated control screen in place, visible when swiping through screens. June 8, at 4: I have posted 2 five star reviews of this app in the App Store. Most popular Z-wave devices are supported. What I have just tried was add the Hikvision cameras to Vera as a generic camera device.

March 2, at 1: For more details, see here: I recall when I first entered setup there were about 25 boxes, but at some point I did something…. But when I have a sensor triggered, nothing happens. The settings in the old ipad 2 after generating a new camera control and canceling the vera device search were as follows: December 13, at 1: It seems to impact other apps also once its locked up.

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New versions of HomeWave will regularly add new features to the various device controls, or fix issues with these controls. This feature is crucial to keep my iphone and ipad config in sync. Turning this on will cause the app to connect directly to the camera, bypassing Vera. It works great while on the same wifi network as my vera. If you don;t know what URL your thermostat app responds to, try typing the following in address bar of Applr on your iPhone: But when I have a sensor triggered, nothing happens.


With Homebridge you can easily and cheap turn your entire home into a futuristic smart home. I have not yet got the Hikvision NVR to work. March 2, at 1: All has been working flawlessly until about 1PM yesterday afternoon.

Add the Vera device IDs for additional devices under the “Linked devices” property, separating multiple IDs with commas. I tried a couple of the others, trying to not pay a lot of money, but clearly got what I paid for.

Top 10 Apps like Remotie: Noticed some translation differences between Vera and Homewave. Make sure you are logged in to your Dropbox account do this from HomeWave’s Info screen and the Dropbox option will appear in the screen and control settings.

Thermostat issue resolved, I did not catch that a set control had to be assigned to cool setpoint OR heat setpoint.

February 9, at The default is off as it causes issues with certain cameras or home network topologies.

So my question is; Are there any plan for making the HomeWave available for android? Wacth 24, at Top 10 Apps like Wemo. For direct connection to cameras v5.

New control types allow you to control Sonos or generic AV devices: I wattch still able to add and delete pin codes from my computer which tells me the system is working. You can also connect to cameras that are not on your Vera.

Am I missing something? If there is one and it can be triggered from a scene, it can be triggered from HomeWave.


Home control made easy. Top 10 Apps like Decibel X: Wath 7, at 4: December 9, at September 29, at 1: December 30, at Keep this in mind when adding controls to your door locks.

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Same here, I need a pulse option for some devices. September 17, at 2: Aple 3, at 9: In answer tyo your question: No combiation of touches I have found will cause it to allow me to enter more than those five. February 4, at 1: You can now control 2 Vera’s at once support for additional Vera’s to be added in an upcoming release. April 22, at 6: October 15, at 3: Remotie is an elegant and functional remote control with keyboard and touchpad for your Samsung Smart TV.

It has adopted the slider screen with 5 boxes on it, all of which will load OK, but I cannot get any more than the five on that pull-down screen.

October 17, at 8: Browse the web securely and with ease of mind! I will send you another log where there is page with one working its on Vera and 4 are not. Looking at the contents I can see no error.

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