Drew tells Sam he needs ten new designs for a magazine called Star Lights that his company is starting. Cass tells Nelson he’s seen Nora but Nelson says she is dead and to leave it alone. Lucas meets Vanessa Mac yells at the DA and asks if he’s being charged with Drew’s murder. Felicia thinks Nora’s story would make a great novel. Street crossing was the most difficult.

I didn’t anticipate the very real positive impact that this fictional man has had, and will continue to have. Rachel isn’t happy when Josie gets a call from Matt. Jamie Clarke reappears Scott asks Cheryl to go with him to Washington. When Cass tells her she’s wrong, she screams and disappears. Kyle Canning departs

Sharlene comes in while John is wearing nothing but a towel. Marley tells Donna she can’t have kids but rejects Donna’s sympathy. Michael Martin returns; Doug Willis has an operation Xanthe’s mum Brooke arrives in Erinsborough Paul is sentenced to 18 years for the murder of Josh and Doug Sway Episode Season 24 – Episode 3.

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Donna tells Michael that she and Mikey are finally getting along. Matt beats himself up for not realizing Kevin was in guie and Josie comforts him. Evan gives Caroline the art dealer a tour of Brava and introduces her to Rachel. Chris admits to John that she was recently hurt by a man and John promises not to press her.

Paul Robinson and Gail Lewis’ wedding Janelle Timmins finds out that Anne Baxter is her daughter aeay Amanda tells Mac that she’s worried Sam was involved in Drew’s disappearance. Mac burns the pictures of Drew and Amanda. Jim and Mary were eppisode when Tom stopped by briefly to speak to their daughter Pat. John learns that his platoon buddy Tony was Chris’s half-brother. Lisa tells Jamie she wants to set a wedding date. David, Liljana and Serena Bishop’s memorial service Tad meets his birth mother, Rachel Bailey Stingray Timmins’ death This especially interests me because, for many years, I was a university professor who taught the adapted “skills of blindness” course at Salus University.


Susan Kennedy’s birthday Sindi Watts and Stu Parker’s wedding Michael is paged at the airport on his way to the Persian Gulf.

Lou and Bailey leave for Queensland I hope that, by portraying a disabled veteran as a strong, smart, capable, even sexy! Nicole wants to know why Cass is acting so strangely but he avoids answering.

An Interview with Christopher Gorham, Covert Affairs Star – American Foundation for the Blind

Arnie tells Cass he has seen Drew but needs a couple of days to figure out what Drew’s up to in Atlantic City. Susan and Karl reunite again! He takes to heart that she wants him to leave.

Kevin sneaks into the Cory house and makes a phone call to someone saying he’ll have the homd soon.

Mac wakes up and Rachel asks if Drew hit him. Father Max explains he isn’t the Max Cass is looking for. Felicia tells Drew that her relationship with Mitch is over. Sharlene is very suspicious about what aqay on between Josie and Matt. Harold Bishop finds Tad Reeves unconscious.


An Interview with Christopher Gorham, Covert Affairs Star

qnd Tyler and Piper fight their feelings for each other Jamie is concerned by the fear evident on her face. Jamie arrives to examine Vicky and says she is fine.

Philip Martin and Julie Robinson’s first date Episoxe – Hilary Robinson reveals that Matt Robinson is her son Paul’s 50th birthday flashbacks Dylan and Stingray Timmins are sent to jail Mark Brennan goes into witness protection Vicky meets with Jamie but Lisa interrupts them. Kyle kisses Kate Ned Willis returns Jack Scully leaves for Los Angeles They make plans to meet at the Mill.

Jamie promises to be there for her and comforts a “distraught” Vicky.

Vicky and Jake make love after polishing off the wine. Jamie and Lisa get passionate when he says he refuses to give up on them. Donna and Michael decide to go to Washington to get help in adopting Mikey. Donna is upset and hurt that Bridget knew about Vicky’s pregnancy before she did. Sam goes to the police station where Amanda is being questioned.

Harold Bishop has a heart attack

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