I’m not usually a grammar nazi but I made an exception for good non-grammar nazi reasons, like Ntom is a grammar nazi, so I don’t think i’m a grammar nazi. Al however stepped forward. Suddenly Demyx and his water clones came back! XGamerRichy, commentator, co-commentator, and lord of literature trivia. We would appreciate your support by buying us With our Patrons backing us, we’ll be able to bring you twice as much content as ever before while being held accountable by the people funding these endeavors. Then he shook his head.

Fearless, with her sexy cape, had an idea. Along with them, was Arceus. FTA the Sonic nerd is impaled, and dies. DXmagma began feeding Helldragon his Star Bits. But he is a spiky penis, which apparently some animals have, I don’t know! What happens when you try to get to London?

Hellfire Commentaries (Lets Play) – TV Tropes

When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that’s a moray. Oh no, here comes SEGA’s decline in the console market; run! One day, someone’s gonna watch this and think we’re actually being egotistical. Who we are, and what we do.

Get Known if you don’t have an account. There were so many shockwaves, it caused Tom to have a mental breakdown, somehow. Just then, the bird of freedom rose down from the heavens. BigAl2K6Blip pokemoj and commentator on various films.


But hellfirecokms they saw VitaminMint. SegaSky, who is a staff member of the Sonic Retro Forums. You’ll have to look for those yourself. He wore a leather jacket with “The Lost” on the back. Vlogger of the day: And they all landed safely, despite the fact they just jumped from ft.

Hellfire Commentaries / Trivia – TV Tropes

XGamerRichy, commentator, co-commentator, and lord of literature trivia. You’re fucking jo- please tell me you’re joking on that, please tell me, tell me heI, just, Yes, I’m actually drinking tea; I’m that much of a stereotype. Over the course of the movie the timer placed in the video itself not the yt player timer may become seconds behind whatever you’re using to play the movie. Scartillery clicked on “Trash Can,” and put the thread in it, never to be seen again.

Now it was time to go Labtop hunting! AxelRyman, speedrunner and stream asshole.

They’re not always one and the same, so don’t spaz out if yours ends up in here. If you’ve got a dollar to spare, then NTom’s got the deets. It’s been over 2 months, with obviously means he’s dead. What is that structure in the background, the one with pikemon big fuckin hole in it, what is that? Gentlemen and really girlie men, that was the ultimate mindfuck. Just then, a shady figure appeared out of nowhere. Well tons of things, but this is special!


Oh, there’s two of them?! Oh, god, not another tank!

DBZ Movie #3: The Tree of Might (AUDIO COMMENTARY)

FTA the Sonic nerd is impaled, and dies. TheHelldragon, co-founder and commentator on the Kingdom Hearts series, and various others. Your name in the credits of Patreon-funded videos. Upload dates are a thing of the past with this tier. James then saw a computer. So long as you sync correctly at the beginning, you’ll be all good! But before the battle could be finished, Scartillery got online. And then Helldragon ripped off his wings. Looks to be part of an oval officeif you will.

No seriously, I am not kidding. He then proceeded to create his reply. While we can’t explain why this happens, it’s not caused any desync issues thus far.

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