I know they are supposed to mean something compassion, caring, understanding, meh but I’m not feeling anything. View my complete profile. This, “there is a promising premise developing aswell, with the concept of inheritance and what it means to different people,” I like, and I agree with. I saw Gossip Girl and Blair was a very strong, complex and with a lot of depth character. I think that everyone is entitle to their opinions but those 2 that you mention are the same old characters worst than the classical Cinderella. LoveIt October 12, at 2: I mean, does the Candy really need to be digging in the literal trash to feel like trash?

Log in with Email. No subtitles needed here. I have only replied to those who have mentioned that they are not impressed with LMH because I agree with them. There’s still plenty of time for us to end up loving the show but it should come organically. I know I have done that talking back to the computer screen during a scene , and it didn’t always have to be about a love scene I don’t mean it sexually or a scene about love. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images.

Choi Jin Hyuk Main Cast. Madam Jung puts her in her place: Park Joon Geum Supporting Cast. I love a GOOD romance, but the dramas that exclude heaven and earth to focus on romance She sits outside dramwcrazy a park with her bag, with nowhere to go.

Looking back now it was a creepy thing to do but I didn’t care back then.

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My other roommate was all excited about the food, so then I HAD to really do it she looked like a puppy, thinking and talking about trying these dishes she had never had, and she was sooo cute. Meahri October 13, at 1: Yes, Kdramas use live shooting, unfortunately.

I don’t mind it being added into drama’s, because it is a useful tool for building up the relationships between characters, I just don’t want it to become the be all and end all.


I don’t know if the professor referred to a specfic homework or homeworks in general because I don’t understand Korean but I thought he was talking about this one since he knew Tan had done the homework.

Ther is a subtle change in his face that makes him look more standard that’s why you think an actor with a standard looks could make the role, too. I really like Lee Min Ho but he is not all there in this one If stuff like this was removed forever and replaced with properly written and delivered romantic dialogue then the romance genre will have come a long way. LoveIt October 12, at 3: It make me wants more Just off the top of my head.

Episode 4 Full Episode S 1: Unfortunately it puts her right in Rachel’s line of fire, who’s not happy to see another woman in Tan’s home. Eun-sang races to the trash bins, and Tan tells Rachel to butt out.

Apart from vivid eyes it was definitely his jaw and mouth.

Lee Min Ho does not look like he is enjoying himself. Oh I see, PPasun. I say let’s all have fun by praising -or not- the show. He might show up for school, but heids isn’t turning in his work, so that says a lot without having to say a word.

He is supposed to be lazy, not feeling much, and not caring much, as instructed by his hyung. It doesn’t indicate that he doesn’t normally turns things in. My husband works so I am home all day hanging out in forums, there’s not much you can do while on bed rest. For the first time in many years, I am not fast forwarding past romance-related scenes. I want to point out to her that deleting that would just give Eun-sang more reason to lean on Tan for help, but I think self-foot-shooting is her style.

I see him playing the type of character he was assigned, and doing it very well. The most important question is, did I reply to your post? I’ve my next crack drama! episove


Won catches her red-handed, which is clearly a normal sight around here. Episode 8 Full Episode S 1: Do they have choices, episofe do they have some freedom? Kim Sung Ryung Supporting Cast. She tells him it wards off bad dreams and only pretty dreams are supposed to come through the holes.

I totally agree with that!! Not in terms of becoming ashamed, but the face as a part of his body.

ECS is heir to poverty, yet she is rebelling at the beginning of the drama, trying to change her fate. I simply loved it. Either way I am in love with a song I cannot find. Try not to get to excited for episodes and keep my hopes kind of low but get really really happy when they succeed. It is a really very ordinary show.

What in the what? Krystal Jung Main Cast. LoveIt Haha I just realized that scene is actually in English. He was much better with pale lips. What I mean is, I don’t think it has anything to do with Rachel.

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I find that I have more luck with Shazam. Therefore he has had years of keeping his emotions locked down with very little expression. Haha, we do that at my house too. He drops her off at home with his keys while he takes the cab back to pick up his car, and on the way he starts snooping into her online life because she left the account open on his phone.

I actually think that he is portraying the character with so much emotion and intensity that I can truly feel it!

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